UK vs Australia: Top Universities, Popular Courses, Eligibility Criteria etc.

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UK vs Australia

For many students who wish to study abroad, the UK and Australia are two of the top popular choices. Both countries have prestigious education systems and high quality of life. Both countries are welcoming to international students, have policies that help make the student experience seamless and both offer visa options that allow students to settle after they have completed their studies. Australia is currently the fifth most popular destination for international students whilst the UK is the second after the USA. Want to get a detailed understanding of studying in the UK vs Australia? Well, that’s exactly what you will find in this article. So, keep reading to find out whether the UK or Australia is a better fit for your higher studies.

Benefits of Studying in UK

Students around the world have long been drawn to study in the UK. And, it’s for a good reason. The UK is known for its world-class education, diversity, and bustling student cities – making it a great place to study abroad. So, what are the benefits of studying in UK? 

  • UK is home to top universities UK universities are among the most respected in the world. In fact, according to QS World University Rankings 2021, eight UK universities are ranked among the top 50 universities globally. Universities in the UK are well-known for their R&D capabilities, medicine, and arts and humanities courses – and there are more than 100 universities to choose from.
  • An incredibly diverse community – Fourteen per cent of the population in the UK was born abroad, about 9.5 million people. This means international students who move overseas to the UK could have the opportunity to learn about numerous different cultures and make friends with people from around the world.
  • There is 24/7 support for international students – Each university has an office set up to address international students’ needs, and answer questions about tuition, housing, and academic support. The UK Council for International Student Affairs, which is an advisory body for international students, has an informative website for international students, with information regarding resources on mental health support, housing, working, and immigration. 
  • Studying in the UK will improve your English skills – What better place to practice your English than England, where the language originated from? Since the UK is so diverse, you’ll also be exposed to different English accents from around the globe, giving you a real-world listening experience you might not get at home.
  • Lucrative job opportunities after graduation – There are also lots of career opportunities, especially if you work in a job on the UK’s Shortage Occupation List. In the UK, there is a shortage of nurses, pharmacists, teachers, engineers – and more – and the government actively recruits professionals for these positions from abroad.  
  • It’s a fun place to be for youngsters – From London to Glasgow, to Manchester, to Nottingham, the UK is home to a whole range of great student cities for international students to explore. Explore UK’s pub culture through university student nights or visit your new city’s world-class art galleries and museums. Most of all, you’ll get to meet friends from around the world – and with them, enjoy all the UK has to offer. 

Benefits of Studying in Australia

There’s almost nothing that Australia does not have…some of the best universities in the world with affordable education, an enviable lifestyle and beautiful scenic locales with golden beaches and stunning rainforests. These are some of the biggest benefits of studying abroad in Australia.

  • Fabulous weather – Most parts of Australia enjoy great weather which is an added bonus for students. Beaches are sun-drenched and attract tourists by the thousands. Top universities that are located in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne have temperatures that are usually above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Diverse activities for students – For students who enjoy exploring the outdoors, there is an endless number of memorable activities waiting for you. You can experience gorgeous scuba diving and snorkelling, and swim with the fishes under the Great Barrier Reef! Australia is also home to world-class museums and art centres, and the Sydney Opera house hosts over 40 shows per week.
  • Diversity of students – You need never worry about finding people from your own country here! Australia is third behind only the United States and the United Kingdom in terms of numbers of international students and has seen at least 200,000 foreign students attend its universities for the past several years.
  • Global Academic Recognition – Despite being such a small nation, Australia is well known as being home to some of the best research institutions on Earth. As the educational degrees obtained here are recognised all over the world, this makes a study abroad program in Australia a valuable addition to every student’s professional resume.
  • Work while you study – International students can work part-time while on a student visa, which will further help them to knock down the price of studying abroad in Australia. Students are allowed to work up to 40 hours every two weeks in jobs that require only basic skills. This is something that can really help drive down the cost of education and living expenses.
  • Work hard and play hard! – Australians are well known for their laid back lifestyles, and the student culture of the country is no different. Australian students do work hard and definitely take their schooling very seriously, but they have an excellent life balance with plenty of leisure activities too.

Top Universities in the UK vs Australia

Both Australia and the UK houses some of the most notable academic institutions in the world. Universities in both these countries are known not only for their exceptional education, but also for their cutting edge facilities, research opportunities, scholarships and job prospects. That being said, it can be a tough decision to choose between the two nations based solely on their universities. This is why we have curated and shortlisted the best universities of both countries to help you make an informed decision.

Top Universities in UK

Refer to the following table to go through the list of the top UK universities in 2023-2024.

University NamesQS Global Ranking 2024
University of Oxford #3
University of Cambridge #2
Imperial College London #6
University College London #9
University of Edinburgh #22
The University of Manchester #32
King’s College London #40
London School of Economics and Political Science #45
University of Bristol #55
The University of Warwick #67

Top Universities in Australia

Read on for a closer look at Australia’s top 10 universities, as well as a brief overview of how they have performed globally.

University Names QS Global Rank 2024
Australian National University #34
University of Sydney #19
University of Melbourne #14
University of New South Wales #19
University of Queensland #43
Monash University #42
University of Western Australia #72
University of Adelaide #89
University of Technology, Sydney #90
University of Wollongong #162

Which Country is Better?

Going by the ranks of the universities, the UK seems to have more number of higher-ranked institutions than Australia. So, +2 points will be given to the UK in this round of UK vs Australia.

Both UK and Australia are home to a world-class education system offering advanced courses. You can find a renowned faculty or alumni community in every top college in UK and Australia. The courses taught by the experts is another reason these countries are highly sought by many students. While courses offered in both the UK and Australia aim to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of their chosen fields, deciding between the two can be challenging. To help you make an informed decision based on your specific interests, we’ve compiled lists of popular courses in each country. Go through these lists to determine which country better aligns with your desired subject of study.

Here we have mentioned the best courses in the UK that are selected by the majority of international students: 

Some of the most popular courses in Australia are listed below:

UK vs Australia: Eligibility Criteria

There are a number of basic requirements that aspirants must meet in order to get an offer from a university in Australia and UK. Let’s compare the eligibility criteria for both Australia and UK.

UK Eligibility Criteria

International students must be aware of the following essential requirements to study in the UK: 

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Australian Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements and admission procedures for international students may differ from one higher education to another. Mentioned below are a few basic ones.

  • Admission to diploma level courses requires applicants to have scored 60% marks in the Class XII examination. 
  • For bachelor’s degree admission, students must have scored at least 65% and above marks in class XII. 
  • Almost all Australian Universities accept the 3-year graduation system for entry into most postgraduate courses. For instance, an Indian bachelor’s degree like B.A., B.Com. or B.Sc. (ordinary) is equivalent to an Australian Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree with a total education of 12 years.
  • GMAT/GRE or any other entrance exams for masters programs
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendations (LOR)
  • Portfolio (for specific courses)
  • A CV/Resume (if applicable)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

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UK vs Australia: Which is More Affordable to Study and Live-In?

An important aspect that every student should consider before applying to Universities is the significant difference in cost of studying between UK and Australia. The UK tuition fees are generally considered the highest in the world for educational institutions abroad. The average tuition fees for a UG programme in the UK range from £11,400 to £38,000 per year, while a PG programme in the UK costs around £9,000 to £30,000 per year. The average cost of living in the UK is approximately around £4,609 per month.

On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree in Australia can cost somewhere around AUD 20,000- AUD 45,000, Postgraduate programmes cost somewhere between AUD 22,000 to AUD 50,000 per year and Doctoral courses costs around AUD 20,000-AUD 42,000 per year. The average cost of living in Australia is approximately around AUD 6,249 per month. From the above information, it’s evident that the cost of studying in UK and Australia is more or less the same, with UK on the higher end.

Which Country is Better?

Australia seems to be the more affordable option out of the two, therefore, +2 points will be given to Australia in this round of UK vs Australia.

Given below is the data regarding the major intakes in both Australia and the UK. Have a look.

Major Intakes in UK

IntakesStarting MonthsApplication Deadline
Fall/Primary IntakeSeptemberJune – July
Winter/Secondary IntakeJanuary/FebruaryAugust – September
Summer/Least IntakeApril/MayOctober – January

Major Intakes in Australia

IntakesStarting MonthsApplication Deadline
Primary IntakesFebruaryOctober – November
Secondary IntakesJulyApril – May
Other IntakesSeptember/NovemberJuly

Post Study Work Opportunities: UK vs Australia

One of the primary reasons to study abroad is the plethora of job opportunities you come across after your graduation. With over 27,700 recruiting agencies, the UK sits at a high record number. Students pursuing their higher education in the UK are often sought out by top employers in the country. With an entry-level job role with these top recruiters, you can make as much as 80,000-300,000 GBP in a year. While in Australia, there continues to be a high demand for foreign workers, and students that have earned a degree in Australia have a special work visa category. There are also several other visa categories open to international students, and Australia has a very straightforward path to permanent residency using a points system.

Employment Opportunities in UK

Discussed below are some of the top recruiters that offer high-paying jobs to international students in the UK :

CompaniesSalary Per Year 
ABBGBP 115,000
OpenGammaGBP 210,000
Rothschild & Co.GBP 121,000
AccentureGBP 83,000
Pheonix GroupGBP 77,000
MarlboroughGBP 75,000
WatesGBP 72,000
Park Square CapitalGBP 200,000
CapegeminiGBP 73,000
Mercia Asset Management GBP 68,000

Employment Opportunities in Australia

The top companies in Australia hiring international students are listed below:

CompanyAverage Salary Range
AECOMAUD 89,329 – AUD 101,346
AllenAUD 82,482 – AUD 101,406
EYAUD 52,425 – AUD 62,327
Goldman SachsAUD 55,000 – AUD 1,71,000
Google AustraliaAUD 52,000 – AUD 1,78,000
Herbert Smith FreehillsAUD 57,000 – AUD 1,82,000
KPMGAUD 77,170 – AUD 1,20,000
PwCAUD 53,217 – AUD 78,652
ResMedAUD 69,000 – AUD 1,20,000

Which Country is Better?

In terms of job opportunities and reimbursements, the UK is the better option of the two. That being said, we will give +2 points to the UK in this round of UK vs Australia.

In conclusion, both these countries are equally good with their own pros and cons. There is no objective answer to which is the better country, as it totally depends on your requirements and preferences. With this comprehensive comparison in hand, we encourage you to confidently take the next step towards your study abroad aspirations.

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Which is more affordable for international students, Australia, or the UK?

The cost of studying in Australia is comparatively more cost effective than the UK.

Out of Australia and the UK, which country is more expensive to live in?

The UK is undoubtedly more expensive to reside in comparison to Australia.

Which country has better ranked universities, the UK, or Australia?

The UK has better ranked universities and colleges than Australia, implying a better quality of education in the place.

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