B Com Accounting and Finance

B Com Accounting and Finance

B Com Accounting and Finance is a commonly opted undergraduate degree which attracts many commerce stream students wanting to explore the intricacies of Financial Management and Accounting. With an essential focus on practical and application-based thinking, it imparts students with the knowledge of the finance industry as well as accounting processes in a business organisation. If you are a student attracted by the glittering corporate world with its shrouded smooth functioning, look no further for this is the course for you. This blog brings you a detailed guide on B Com Accounting and Finance, its eligibility, course structure, top universities and career scope.

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Course Overview

B Com Accounting and Finance generally encompasses the duration of 3-4 years and focuses on the two most important branches of the commerce stream. Accounting and Finance are a quintessential part of every business enterprise and studying these subjects, you will get to know about the business world, organisational processes, how they affect the economy as an existing system, amongst others. Accounting and financing which form the foundation of the course are two areas focus on regulating the different operations of a business and this undergraduate degree helps students in learning the efficient management of financial data and resources to meet organizational goals.

Eligibility Criteria for B Com Accounting and Finance

It is a constructive and popular undergraduate course and has some standard eligibility criteria that the students who wish to pursue this course have to fulfil. Though the actual course admission criteria are bound to differ as per the university and program, here are the general eligibility requirements you must keep in mind while applying for B Com in Accounting and Finance:

  • The student must have completed their 10+2 from a recognized board with the minimum percentage required by the academic institution they are aspiring for.
  • Some academic institutions might also require applicants to have an entrance exam which the prospective student would have to qualify for. 
  • For those aspiring to study abroad for their B Com Accounting and Finance degree, there are additional requirements such as English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Along with this, you will also have to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LORs), amongst other admission essays.

Course Structure and Subjects Covered

B Com Accounting and Finance is mainly divided into semesters which vary as per the duration of the course. Further, many universities also offer a wide range of electives under this program to help students customise the course accordingly. The combination of core and elective subjects focusses on assisting learns in exploring areas they are more intrigued by and would like to probe into later in your professional lives and further educational endeavours. Looking at the major course offerings can help prospective students gain an insight into the field of Accounting and Finance. The scope of the program is extensive but some vital areas covered in the course are as follows:

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Various universities across the world offer this sought-after undergraduate course under different variants. But the exigency of the competitive world is to pick a university which can offer you immense exposure and equip you with the necessary skills to make you a desirable candidate in your field. Mentioned below are some of the major universities offering B Com Accounting and Finance and related programs:

University Country
Institute of Finance and Management Switzerland
University of Almeria Spain
University of Kent UK
University College Birmingham UK
Lewis University USA
Rey Juan Carlos University Spain
Kwantlen Polytechnic University Canada
Southern Utah University  USA
Concordia University Canada
McGill University Canada

Career Prospects

Being a B Com Accounting and finance graduate, you can explore many beneficial prospects as it opens up a host of possibilities for students. An Accounting and Finance graduate has a lot of options and can seek to pursue further educational qualification as well. The path you choose depends on your fascination for the chosen aspect and your innate ability to deal with the challenges it brings. The private sector provides an array of opportunities to individuals seeking to establish their career in. If you wish to jump right into the arduous professional world, there are various alternatives to pick from as listed below:

Job Profile Description
Business Analyst Role of a business analyst is wide-ranging and involves analyzing company performance  and devising strategies to improve them 
Finance Manager Strategize about the distribution of the financial resources of the company to ensure a larger turn-over and planning of the budget
Accountant Keeps a record of the transactions of the organisation with accuracy, efficiency and analyzes it to prepare reports 
Risk Analyst Makes inferences from the company’s investment, overseas connections and uses it to draw a report of the potential risks the company might face and recommends ways to reduce the chances of loss
Auditor Review accounts of a corporation to keep a track of the various transactions taking place in the company and to ensure the validity of these transactions
Marketing Manager Responsible for gauging the position of the market  and devising ways to promote the sales of the products of a company

Moreover, if you want to study further, there are many short-term courses after Bcom that you can choose from. Many graduates also opt to pursue an MBA in Accounting, MBA in Finance, CA course, etc. to enhance their expertise and knowledge and aim for better career opportunities in the corporate industry. 

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1) What is BCom Accounting and Finance all about?

It is a full-term undergraduate program that emphasizes on the intricacies of accounting and every nuance of finance to provide a holistic idea about these two important fields of the world of business. It attempts to develop the critical and analytical thinking skills of its undertakers and imbibes an application-oriented approach of problem-solving in its students.

2) What are the possible courses to pursue after a degree in BCom Accounting and Finance?

For a student completing an undergraduate degree in BCom Accounting and Finance, there are a large number of options to choose from. Mentioned below are some of the popular courses that a student can opt for their future educational pursuits:

– Masters of Commerce(MCom)
– Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA)
– Chartered Accountant(CA)
– Certified Management Accountant(CMA)
– Masters of Business Administration in Finance(MBA in Finance)

3) Is maths a compulsory subject in BCom Accounting and Finance?

Maths is not a compulsory requirement of pursuing BCom in Accounting and Finance. Concepts of maths form an important part of the course but having a formal qualification in the subject is not a necessary prerequisite. 

4) Is BCA better than BCom?

BCA and BCom are both vastly different courses and come with their own challenges and opportunities. While deciding which course to pursue, one should keep in mind one’s aptitude, interest and passion and then decide which course to pursue. BCA and BCom both offer different employment possibilities.

5) What is the difference between BCom general and BCom Accounting and Finance?

BCom general is a broader course and encompasses a large number of subjects in its folds while BCom Accounting and Finance is a specialized course and focuses on the principles of these two subjects. 

The love to know how a corporation functions and the urge to deal with the basic accounting and financial processes can be realized through a course like BCom Accounting and Finance. If you find the underlying mechanisms of a company’s smooth functioning engrossing, this is the course that can guide you towards a rewarding career in Accounting and Finance. But, the need is to gather the right information to make your dream a reality. Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we will guide you in selecting the right course and university that fits your interests and preferences and equips you with the requisite skills and knowledge to steer towards your dream career! Sign up for an e-meeting with us today!

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