King’s College London Accommodation

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Student Accomodation at Kings College London

From participating in unique societies and exploring the campus at odd hours with friends, living on campus can be a unique part of study in UK. King’s College London houses over 6,000 undergraduate and postgraduate international students every year in their residences. The university also provides a wide range of accommodation options in London to ensure that every student starts their dream of studying abroad on a calmer note. Read everything you need to know about King’s College accommodation, costs and off-campus options. 

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King’s College London 

King’s College London is a public research university in London, United Kingdom. One of the best universities in UK, KCL is also one of the oldest universities in England, set up in 1829. It first started as a medical school in 1561 but was given the recognition of a university in 1829. Students from all across the world choose King’s College London to pursue a career in law, economics, medical and arts. King’s is reputed for its global research, 84% of which is declared internationally excellent. QS World Universities Ranking 2022 has ranked KCL at 35th position across all universities in the world. Apart from key research strengths and royal support from the Crown’s family, it is King College London’s 194,000 alumni network that makes it a global phenomenon. Out of which, 57,000 are international alumni proving how welcoming the administration is to international students.

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On-Campus Accommodation at King’s College London

King’s College London houses over 6,000 undergraduate and postgraduate international students every year in their residences. King’s College accommodation services allow you to choose from various residence options along with your eligibility. Of course, the minimum eligibility is that you have to be a student accepted by any of the courses in King’s College London. Check out the King’s College London Acceptance Rate Whether you are a new student or old, KCL aims to make the residences a home away from home for every student. 

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Top Accommodation Locations at King’s College London

Angel Lane

Angel Lane Residence is just 25 minutes out of Central London and provides two types of room- ensuite (11 sq.m) and studio (22 sq.m). Angel Lane is a perfect choice for students who believe in balanced learning with calm residences and the lively campus of King’s College. Facilities provided are wifi, common room, laundry, study areas, vending machine, 24*7 assistance. The cost of residence includes all the bills. 


Atlas accommodation for King’s College students is located 5 minutes away from all public transport in the Vauxhall area of London. Atlas is one of the newest, modern and high-rise student accommodation with a roof garden terrace. Accommodation rooms range from 8 sq.m to 28 sq.m. A few of their essential facilities include gym, wifi, laundry, shared kitchen space, 24*7 assistance and study areas.

City-Vine Street 

This residence of King’s College London is only available for postgraduate students. They offer multiple bed residencies, therefore, allowing students to stay in shared spaces. Some of their essential facilities include wifi, common room, laundry room, luxury shower room, 24/7 reception, kitchen, outdoor social space and study areas.

Great Dover Street 

Another residence provided by King’s College London in the heart of London is the Great Dover Street. They offer ensuites of either 10 sq.m or 16 sq.m. It is a little old-school but gives you facilities of laundry, 24*7 reception, shared kitchen, gym, wifi, study area, music room and common room. 

Julian Markham

This residential building is centrally located to all King’s College London campuses. A modern looking accommodation like this attracts a lot of international students. Here, living spaces of 13 sq.m to 20 sq.m are available. Basic facilities of wifi, laundry, social space, kitchen, study areas and 24*7 assistance are provided.

Moonraker Point 

Moonraker Point residence has a modern and clean interior. It is one of the expensive accommodation options for students at King’s College London. You can find an ensuite of 12 sq.m to a large studio of 23 sq.m. here. It provides all the basic facilities like other residences but the location in central London is often found to be noisy for students. 

King’s College London offers more options in accommodations but through student rankings and opinions, we’ve derived these top 6 residences. The Residence Manager promises a secure, homely and clean environment in all residence halls to international students.

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Cost of Kings College London Accommodation

Residences Average accommodation cost
Angel Lane₹24,645 per week
Atlas₹28,358 per week
City- Vine Street₹23,717 per week
Great Dover Street ₹21,026 per week
Julian Markham ₹30,833 per week
Moonraker Point₹34,545 per week

Note: Rent per week for all the residences of King’s College London includes the utility bills. 

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Application Process for Kings College London Accommodation

Applying for student accommodation before you enter UK is highly recommended. King’s College London is located in the heart of London and the residences fill up really swiftly. At King’s College London, you are guaranteed accommodation if you are:

  • First-year undergraduate or international postgraduate 
  • Holder of Firm Offer of Study
  • In government care or estranged from your family

King’s College London has streamlined the accommodation process so that international students who travel to the new country all alone aren’t welcomed by any trouble in their new homes. Here’s the step by step guide on how to apply for student accommodation to ease the process for you:

  • Register your interest in King’s College accommodation after 48 hours of receiving the firm offer of study
  • Receive an invitation within two weeks to the accommodation portal to book your room.
  • Book your room at this portal with the credentials provided. You can select accommodation that suits your budget and preferences. 
  • Sign the accommodation contract after reading it carefully. 
  • Make the prepayment of 46,404 to secure your room. This amount will be offset from your rent in the first month of accommodation.  

Off-Campus Accommodation near King’s College London

Don’t want to stay in residence halls full of young students? You can find the perfect student accommodation for yourself via Commonplace. King’s College London provides advisory services to international students looking for private residences via KCL Advice and Guidance. They connect you to major agencies that can help you find an affordable housing service. In case you have a friend studying in King’s College London or any other closeby university in London, we recommend you to rent a 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartment whichever suits your budget. 

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Is staying on campus more expensive than off-campus?

On-campus accommodation is considered less expensive as it includes all the utility bills and provides other facilities as well. 

What if I want to cancel my King’s College accommodation?

You can either talk to your residence manager or contact student services if you want to cancel your King’s College accommodation. 

Will I have a separate kitchen in my residence?

If you choose to live in studio apartments, the kitchen is included but in ensuites, you have to use shared kitchens. 

Do I have to find a roommate for my accommodation?

No, most of the residences at King’s College London provide singular living spaces so the need for sharing space won’t arise.

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