Impact of US Presidential Elections Results on Higher Education

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US Presidential Elections

The recent victory of Joe Biden and Kamal Harris in the US Presidential elections has brought a wave of happiness for the US citizens. It most certainly has created history as Kamala Harris is the first ever female vice-president of the country. But what does this election mean for India? As we all know, India has always maintained a great relationship with the US and hope to continue this.

Changes Expected in the Education System After  US Presidential Elections 

Considering the academic qualifications of the President elect and Madam Vice-President elect, one thing is for sure, the education system is going to witness many reforms which could be good news for all Indian students who wish to study in the US. Here are some of the changes that are expected in the system: 

  • The Trump administration policy on Title XI of Education Amendments of 1972 which discouraged sexual assault victims from coming forward on campus would be abolished.
  • There might be good news for all the students who were brought to the US illegally, they may finally be able to breathe in peace.
  • For-profit colleges will have to undergo tough scrutiny as Obama administration regulations may be back.
  • Community colleges will be provided with extra-funding and be made free as promised by Jill Biden, wife of Joe Biden.
  • President-elect Joe Biden has decided that human capital investment is an integral part of his agenda which will have extensive consequences for the higher education system.
  • As per Biden’s campaign, he aims to provide relief to colleges and universities amidst the pandemic by enhancing direct aid as well as federal help.
  • A lot of the reforms in the education sector will depend on who is chosen as the Education minister; however, people are positive that there will be a definite improvement

What’s there for Indian Students?

The new administration brings good news not only for the citizens of the US but also the Indian citizens : 

  • As per a policy document in the Biden campaign, we can expect some reforms in the policies for American citizenship.
  • He also plans to remove the ban on H-1B which will increase employment-based visas and positively affect many Indian IT firms and techies.
  • It is a possibility that visa and immigration rules might be relaxed which is great news for all Indian students.
  • The steps taken by America to shift supply from China can heavily benefit the Indian industry and employment market.

All in all, we can hope for some positive reforms under the Biden administration. For more such news updates and blogs, visit Leverage Edu!

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