MBA Acceptance Rates at Top US Business Schools

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MBA Acceptance Rates at Top US Business Schools

The educational sphere has rapidly adapted to the new normal with many universities offering virtual study experiences online courses and curricula to international students. The admission process into top business schools around the world has also been made online with many universities offering online MBA programs so that the pandemic can no longer become an obstacle in achieving one’s dream education. If you are aiming to apply for an MBA at a top business school in the US, you need to be familiarised with the prerequisites and admission essentials of your chosen course. Read this blog to know all about the MBA acceptance rates at top US business schools!

What is an Acceptance Rate?

A college’s acceptance rate is a numeric representation that represents the number of applicants that are admitted into the respective college’s MBA program. This numeric figure is a great indicator of how competitive it really is to get admission to your preferred college or university to pursue an MBA. The acceptance rate is calculated by dividing the number of accepted students by the number of total applicants in a college.

Top 10 B-Schools in the US and Their Acceptance Rates

Now that you know what an acceptance rate means, let’s take a look at the MBA Acceptance rates of top US business schools:

Top US Business SchoolsQS Global MBA
Rankings [USA] 2023
MBA Acceptance Rate (%)
Harvard Business School112
Stanford University25.2
Massachusettes Institute of Technology56.7
Institute of Pennsylvania 911.5
University of California, Berkely17.516.4
Northwestern University 169.3
New York University1821.1
University of Chicago197.3
Columbia University 226.7
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor2726.1

Note: These figures for acceptance rates for the above-listed universities are just an estimation or approximate figures and are not precise.

The Least & Most Competitive Business Schools in the US for MBA

As per the acceptance rates given in the above table, Stanford Graduate School of Business stands at the top as the most competitive business school in the US and offers a 2-year MBA program to train students with the requisite management skills and competencies to thrive as future business leaders and changemakers. On the other hand, Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business is at the bottom of our list of the top 20 US Business schools and their MBA acceptance rates. The Tuck MBA is amongst the most rigorous MBA degrees in the country and the school boasts of an intimate student community. Further, the Tuck School of Business also offers an exclusive double degree, i.e. Dartmouth MBA and an MPA (Masters in Public Administration) from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government or a Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Policy at Vermont Law School.


What is the acceptance rate for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has an acceptance rate of 6.7%.

What is the acceptance rate of Harvard Business School?

Harvard Business School has an acceptance rate of 12%.

What is the acceptance rate of Stanford University?

Stanford University has an acceptance rate of 5.2%.

Hence, we hope that this blog cleared up all your doubts regarding the MBA acceptance rates of top US business schools. Want to pursue your MBA in the US? Reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you throughout the admission process of your dream business school! Sign up for a free session with us now!

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