Study Abroad in USA: Bicycles for International Students at the University of Arkansas

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bicycles for international students
Bicycles for International students would be a great benefit to reduce their travel costs and also help them keep fit.

The University of Arkansas came up with the scheme to provide bicycles for International students. International students tend to have a lot of travel for campus rides and necessary travel around the city. Without bicycles for international students, they tend to take public transportation or sometimes private vehicles which not only increases their costs but also makes them unfit. Their schedules are mostly very tight because of classes and projects at the University. Also, most international students take external part-time occupations and sometimes language classes or classes of similar types. The time crunch for exercising is hence understandable. 

Bicycles for International students by U of A

The University tweeted on the 31st of January that the Office of International Students and Scholars partnered with local organizations. The goal was to provide international students with bicycles so that they could find a comfortable travel option. Students with a crunch in their pockets can take this as a cost-saving option. While students who feel the need to have a combined option of fitness can use this as a daily opportunity to save time. The University of Arkansas features Richard Nyarko from Ghana who takes this as a ‘wonderful gift’.

Pedal It Forward

Pedal It forward is the local organization that has arranged for refurbished bicycles for international students of the University of Arkansas. Nyarko, a student of Master’s in Agricultural Economics, has been provided with a refurbished bicycle, helmet, and bike lock. Almost 70 international students have received this bike package from Pedal It Forward. “A bike is a cost-effective high-impact gift that really makes a difference in the experience of an international student in Northwest Arkansas,” says Sara Parrott, Assistant Director of International Retention. The partnership lent out 27 bicycles in September, 11 in December, and 30 in January. More bicycles for international students will be given away this upcoming year. Prachi Bhutada, a graduate student from India, felt welcome into the USA with this gift.

bicycles for international students

Thus, international students are gradually getting great opportunities in Universities abroad that are making their study abroad dreams larger. This is an example of the very many opportunities. Thus, students should not think of just better educational facilities while prepping to study abroad.

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