How to Pursue MS in USA?

ms in usa

With time, USA has emerged as one of the top destinations to pursue higher education from, as it is the home to many of the top universities of the world. USA being one of the most diverse countries of the world, the students find themselves in a world full of opportunities, both in terms of growth and experience. So, if you are planning on pursuing your MS from abroad, then USA might be the right destination for you.


MS Masters in Science
Duration2 years
Average cost$44,000-$58,000 or INR 32,47,750 – 42,92,000
(including all expenses)
Average salary after MS$71,663 – $67,891(INR 52,89,481- 50,11,068)
Degree typeProfessional, masters degree

Why Study MS in USA?

When you are deciding where to pursue your higher education from, the most important thing is to find a University where all your requirements in terms of the course and campus experience could get fulfilled. And USA is that one location where all your expectations can come to fruition. So, to help you make the right decision, we would like to familiarise you with some reasons why USA is the right place to pursue your MS from. 

  1. As the Universities of USA have a strong international presence, the degree holders of these Universities also receive an international reputation. 
  2. The academic environment is one which promotes interactive and interdisciplinary learning, giving you the opportunity to learn and grow. 
  3. The Universities of USA offer a number of MS courses with diverse specialisations from which you can choose one matching your interests and skillsets. 
  4. The US government invests a lot into the research and development sector. So, if you study MS in USA, you will have a better chance of conducting research and getting the required funding for it. 

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Top MS Specialisations in USA?

The key highlight of pursuing your MS in USA is the number of diverse specialisations that they offer to the students. From these, you can definitely find the ideal courses for yourself as it covers almost every field or discipline. To make it easier for you, we have come up with a list of the key MS Specialisations offered by the Universities of USA. 

  1. MS in Computer Science
  2. MS in Cybersecurity
  3. MS in Data Science
  4. MS in Psychology
  5. MS in Power Engineering
  6. MS in Wireless Communications
  7. MS in Game Design and Development
  8. MS in Pharmacy
  9. MS in Biotechnology
  10. MS in Life Sciences
  11. MS in Petroleum Engineering

MS in Computer Science

If you are looking for a masters programme which will enhance your knowledge of computers and related systems then MS in computer science might be the right academic choice for you. Under MS in computer science, a wide array of topics are covered including Human-Computer Interaction, High-Performance Computing, Fundamental Data Structure, Operating Systems and Networks, Algorithms, Theory of Computing, Design and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence, etc., aiming to give you a full-fledged understanding of everything related to computers. 

MS in Biotechnology

As USA is a significant contributor towards research and Innovation in fields related to biotechnology, the Universities of USA have become the most apt choice for doing MS in biotechnology. As a course, MS in biotechnology, enables the students to combine biosciences with technology in order to come up with innovative solutions. It’s an interdisciplinary program which combines various theories related to biomedicine, bioscience and biology to produce new Chemical compounds. 

MS in Psychology

MS in psychology is one of the most sought after courses for doing MS in USA. Under this course, the students will be dedicated towards deciphering the workings of the human mind in a Scientific manner.  It’s a two year professional course which lets the students not only understand the functioning of the human mind but also the factors which impact and shape this functioning. 

MS in Cybersecurity

An MS in cybersecurity deals with that branch of science which works towards reducing cybercrimes and enhancing the level of data security.  The curriculum of MS in cybersecurity deals with fields like computer security management, security threat assessment, all of which together teaches you the technique on how to protect or secure online data from being hacked or misused. 

Top Universities for MS in USA

Given below is a list of the top Universities in USA from where you can pursue an MS degree. 

UniversityCourses offered
The university of TampaMS in Cybersecurity
MS in Entrepreneurship
MS in Instructional Design and Technology
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaster of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology
MS in Chemistry
MS in Cybersecurity
Harvard universityMS in Data Science
Stanford universityMS in Computer Science
MS in Electrical Engineering
MS in Mechanical Engineering
MS in Statistics
Arizona state universityMS in Biomedical Engineering
MS in Computer Science
MS in Material Science and Engineering
California state universityMS in Computer Science
MS in Electrical Engineering
MS in Information Systems
University of PittsburghMS in Psychology
Northwestern universityMS in Game Science and Design

Eligibility Criteria for studying MS in USA

The eligibility requirements to study MS in USA might vary depending on the University and course that you wish to take. But given below are the general requirements that you need to qualify in order to pursue your MS in USA:

  1. The candidates must have done their masters with a minimum average GPA of 3.5 in a related field from a reputed institution. 
  2. Must have cleared the GRE exam with a score of 330 or above. 
  3. International students must have cleared any of the English language proficiency exams. IELTS and TOEFL are preferred. 
  4. Must have gained professional experience in the field during the undergraduate years. Internships in the field are counted as experience. 

This is all you need to know about doing MS in USA. The investment towards studying MS in USA is quite high but the returns that a masters degree holder receives compensates for the cost. So, in case you have made your decision to pursue you MS from USA and wish to know more about it, contact our Leverage Edu experts who are always there to help you out. So, sign up for a free session now. 

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