Extra curricular activities: Importance and tips

Extra curricular activities: Importance and tips for writing about them- Leverage Edu
Extra curricular activities: Importance and tips for writing about them- Leverage Edu

While preparing for your college applications, one of the most important essays that you write is about your extracurricular activities. This is where you speak about the things you are passionate about. This is when you realize the extra curricular activities importance. Here are some of this tips that could help you to ace these essays.

  1. Pick an activity you’re truly passionate about
  • Don’t pick an activity that makes your resume shine. Rather, write about something that you have a passion for and you can talk about in length when asked about.
  • If you are sitting and trying to write about the activity from a really long time, and you haven’t been able to think about anything, then probably you have picked the wrong activity.


  1. Explain with Strong Examples
  • A college wants to know about your accomplishments in the fields that you mention, apart from your keen interest for it. So, it becomes extremely important that you showcase your achievements to the college. Also, quote strong examples on how you used the learnings from that skill in your personal and professional life.
  • Admissions team wants to see that the person has focused upon 2-3 skills and devoted a quality amount of time in developing them. They always prefer quality over quantity.


  1. Build A Story
  • A research says that, students who make it to a top college are not better score holders but better storytellers.
  • It is extremely important that you build a story that showcase your skillset in a very strong way.
  • The story must be complimented with personal & professional accomplishments, appreciation awards and learnings from your experiences.


  1. Proofread
  • Ask your friend, teacher, relative, as many people as you can to read the essay and find out how content could be improved.
  • The Admissions Team go through a thousand of essays during the hiring process. Make sure that your essay outshines your competitors.
  • Always have in mind that you might not get the chance to apply in that college again, so while preparing for your essays, write it believing that you have to give your best shot.


No matter what activity you pick, but you should be sure the activity has helped you grow as an individual. One should must remember that there is no right or wrong answer while writing this essay, but that one skill written and presented strongly could open all your doors to the admission in your dream college.


-Team Leverage

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