MBA after BDS

MBA after BDS

When you decide to pursue an MBA, you have already taken a huge step forward in the business and management world. By accomplishing a postgraduate degree in Management, you will be equipped with leadership and communication skills as well as managerial abilities to tackle the business world. If you have a graduate degree in Science but have an inherent passion towards the field of Management, opting for MBA after BDS can be an ideal career choice to discover the vast stream of Management. Here is a blog that will give you all the information about MBA after BDS, the career prospects available after the course.

Why Pursue MBA after BDS? 

Due to the need for better Healthcare Management, more BDS graduates prefer to do an MBA after BDS.  Most of the Dental graduates nowadays prefer exploring the MBA domain after their graduation and in particular MBA in Hospital Administration or Management. It is considered one of the most searched options by dental graduates as it is easier and cheaper compared to an MDS after graduation. With the health sector booming in terms of profits and development, an MBA after BDS proves to be an excellent opportunity post-graduation.

Importance of Healthcare Management

‘Healing is an art, medicine is a profession and health care is business.’ 

Healthcare is an essential sector of every economy and needs professionals possessing knowledge of both the medical fields and business strategies to handle managerial responsibilities. Going for an MBA after BDS can give you the necessary knowledge in the field of Business, Finance and Management. You can further aspire for wide-ranging career opportunities in Healthcare Management and explore the healthcare sector in a more inquisitive manner.

Top Global Colleges Offering MBA after BDS in Hospital Management 

There are numerous colleges that offer MBA after BDS in different streams such as MBA in Hospital Management/ Administration. Some of these colleges include:

  • Leeds Beckett University 
  • University of Gloucestershire
  • Auckland University of Technology 
  • The University of Sydney
  • University of Glasgow
  • The University of Adelaide
  • Curtin University 
  • University of Wollongong 
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Technology, Sydney
  • Coventry University 
  • University College Dublin

Career Prospects

There are immense career opportunities for those pursuing an MBA after BDS. There are numerous prospects in the healthcare sector constituting of local companies to international organisations that require professionals with both Medical and Management backgrounds. Students who graduate with an MBA after BDS are a preferred choice for numerous job profiles in Physician Group Practices, Home Health Agencies, Integrated Health Systems, Corporate Health Systems, Public Health Agencies, etc. For students with a considerable amount of experience, they can apply for higher administrative responsibilities and managerial roles in the health sector. They can also take up leadership positions such as hospital CEO’s, partners in different consulting firms, higher officials in major healthcare companies and Managed Care Executives in established healthcare companies or hospitals. 

Exploring an array of career prospects in Hospital and Healthcare Management, you will be handling wide-ranging responsibilities such as handling human resources, analyzing the business aspects, taking care of medical well being of patients, tackling managerial roles, addressing the needs of doctors working and dealing with different external vendors in a medical organisation. Other roles will also involve taking care of the medicinal and drug requirements of a hospital and overseeing the daily medical and operational activities, setting budgets, optimising medical resources, etc. Pursuing an MBA after BDS will prepare you for these job roles.

Thus, if you have got the qualities of a leader as well as the skill set of a healthcare professional, MBA after BDS can assist you in exploring your interests in the integrated fields of Medical Science and Management through this course. If you are searching for the right university for pursuing an MBA, Leverage Edu mentors can guide you throughout the process of finding an ideal university, filling out applications and getting shortlisted.

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