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ISB Hyderabad

Are you applying to ISB for PGP in Management in the coming year? Confused about the two campuses of ISB- ISB Hyderabad vs ISB Mohali? Do you even know the difference between ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali? Which are better ISB Hyderabad placements or ISB Mohali placements? If you’ve had any of the above questions, here’s all you need to know before you send your application for PGP in Management at ISB.

The ultimate comparison between ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali has been going on forever. While some say, they follow a “One School, Two Campuses” vision, a good number of people contradict this statement. Established in 2001 by Rajat Kumar and Anil Kumar, the senior executives of Mckinsey & Company, the Indian School of Business (ISB) is amongst the most sought-after B-schools in the country. ISB has two campuses, one in Hyderabad and the other in Mohali with 600 and 288 seats respectively. The curriculum runs parallel across both campuses and undergoes up-gradation annually to be at par with the global B-schools. Also, both campuses have some of the best professors in the teaching fraternity. However, if any student wishes to switch campuses, they can, given they find an elective from the other campus.

ISB Hyderabad vs ISB Mohali

The thought of choosing which of the two campuses is secondary as soon as you decide to pursue a management course at ISB. As both campuses have made their mark in all the main fields like Placement, Rankings, Faculty and much more; deciding one over the other is not a piece of cake. But in this blog we have distinguished upon all the necessary parameters such as Placement, Rankings and Basic Expenses; reading through which you will be able to make the right choice between the two. Let us begin which a quick analysis of them-

Categories ISB Hyderabad ISB Mohali
Ownership  Private  Private 
Establishment Year 2001 2012
Total Number of Courses  8 5
Campus Size 260 Acres 70 Acres
Mode of Teaching Part Time and Classroom Part Time and Classroom
Popular Electives  -Entrepreneurship Finance IT and Tech Management
-Operations Management 
-Strategy and Leadership
-Entrepreneurship Finance IT and Tech Management
-Operations Management Marketing
-Strategy and Leadership
-Healthcare Management
-Manufacturing Management

About ISB Mohali

Beginning its first admission in April 2012, the ISB Mohali has also launched its four Research Centres and Institutes (RCIs), namely Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Max Institute of Healthcare Management, Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management and Munjal Institute for Global Manufacturing. These institutes offer separate courses in infrastructure, public policy, healthcare management and manufacturing. Spanning 70 acres, the Mohali campus of the Indian School of Business was established under the leadership of the Punjab Government and is located in the Knowledge City equipped with state-of-the-art facilities as well as professional and experienced faculty. Its architectural design was constructed by blending a traditional Indian design with a contemporary touch, to reflect ISB’s belief in being an Indian as well as an international institution.

Beautifully designed by Perkins Eastman, one of the best designers in New York, the campus is constructed to meet the LEEDS Gold sustainability criteria with rainwater harvesting and many more facilities. It has lecture theatres, a 500-seater auditorium, an HD video conferencing room, digital and online library resources with cashless digital payments, and fully-serviced apartments for students and faculty.

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Life at ISB Mohali

Courtesy: Rajat Gupta

About ISB Hyderabad

Talking more about ISB Hyderabad, the campus is spread over 260 acres of land. It’s a beautiful site with large boulders, open fields, landscaped areas, and lush greenery which is breathtaking. Also, the campus has all the amenities that one can ask for during the course. The heart of this campus is the Academic Centre, which houses lecture theatres, classrooms, faculty offices, a learning Resources centre, and a 500-seat auditorium. Apart from this, ISB Hyderabad also has lecture theatres, an atrium, a student village, and a recreation centre.

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Life at ISB Hyderabad

Courtesy: Madhuri Varma

A showdown between Mohali and Hyderabad.

Courtesy: Neo91 Domestic Higher Education

ISB Admission Criteria

To talk about the differences between the two campuses, ISB has no separate parameters basis on which they judge their candidates and allot campuses. So ideally, it is very tough to draw a differentiating line between the two campuses. All the selected candidates are given a rank from 1-888 based on their performance in the admission process. Now, these students are divided into groups of seven each, 1-7, 8-14 and so on, and from this group, the first five students are sent to ISB Hyderabad while the remaining two are sent to ISB Mohali. Moreover, a lot of other parameters like the average GMAT score, work experience, gender ratio etc are also considered to attain a similar crowd quality.

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ISB PGP: Cutoffs & Statistics

The following table elucidates the statistics from ISB’s official website regarding the cutoffs and admissions carried out at ISB Mohali and Hyderabad for the class of 2020 under the PGP program.

Particulars ISB Mohali ISB Hyderabad Overall
Total Enrolled 603 293 896
Gender Female: 38%
Male: 62%
Female: 39%
Male: 61%
Female: 39%
Male: 61%
Age Range: 22-43
Average: 26.63
Range: 22-46
Average: 26.7
Range: 22-46
Average: 26.6
GMAT Range: 600-770
Average: 710
Range: 600-770
Average: 708
Range: 600-770
Average: 710
GRE Range: 311-334
Average: 325
Range: 322-331
Average: 327
Range: 311-334
Average: 325
Work Experience
(in years)
Range: 2-20
Average: 4.3
Range: 2-20
Average: 4.3
Range: 2-20
Average: 4.3
Engineers: 67%
Non Engineers: 33%
Engineers: 68%
Non Engineers: 32%
Engineers: 68%
Non Engineers: 32%
International: 8 International: 6 International: 14

ISB Hyderabad Ranking vs ISB Mohali: Final Showdown

Let us now take into detailed consideration the major points of comparison for both campuses-

ISB Hyderabad vs ISB Mohali: Ranking

Financial Times ranks ISB at 24th in its Global MBA Ranking 2019. With a Global Ranking of 24th, ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali rank as the best Management Schools in India. After ISB, the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore is the second Business School to rank in the Top 50 MBA Ranking at 33rd position. The 3-year rank of ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali ranking is 26 as per Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2019.

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ISB Hyderabad vs ISB Mohali: Placements

When it comes to ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali placements, the school ensures that all the on-campus placements (irrespective of the fact whether it’s ISB Hyderabad placements or ISB Mohali placements) are entirely based on students’ merit. For the same, these placements are conducted at one campus and all the students of the other campus fly down for the interviews. They are clearly instructed not to disclose their campus to the recruiters to make sure nothing other than a student’s profile influence the decision-making.

By now, you might have already anticipated that ISB follows a much-unbiased approach to make sure there are no differences between the two campuses. The professors travel from one campus to the other to maintain the same quality of education which is delivered to students. Even the visiting faculty from reputed global B-schools such as MIT, Wharton, Kellogg School of Management, etc remain the same for both locations, compromising in no way with the quality of education at ISB.

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ISB Hyderabad vs ISB Mohali: Expenses

When it comes to the major portion of expenses of your study at ISB plan, it will go into your tuition fee. Since both campuses offer the same set of courses, the tuition fee is the same for all the programs in ISB Mohali as well as ISB Hyderabad. The significant distinction in your estimated costs will be regarding the cost of living in that particular city. both ISB Mohali and Hyderabad campuses are self-contained townships, meaning the living arrangement will be on campus only. Students can easily find a plethora of essential items on both campuses. Apart from residence, a significant cost is incurred when it comes to food and basic amenities. Mohali lies in the north of the country whereas Hyderabad is in the south, thus, students can get to experience the cuisine of two extreme sides of the country. For some, it may be a boon but it takes one a while to adjust to the food that is commonly available in Mohali and Hyderabad. To sum this up, your estimated expenses for Mohali and Hyderabad can vary as per your own choices made regarding living. 

ISB Hyderabad vs ISB Mohali: Fees

The following table shows the average fees for various programs at ISB Mohali.

Course Total Fees
PGPM ₹33.1 Lakhs 
PG Program ₹42.18 Lakhs 
Certification ₹10.2 Lakhs 
PG Program ₹30.46 Lakhs 
Executive ₹47.6 Lakhs 
PG Program ₹39.63 Lakhs 

The following table shows the average fees for various programs at ISB Hyderabad.

Course Total Fees
PGPM ₹37.49 Lakhs 
PG Program ₹30.46 Lakhs 
PG Program ₹41.98 Lakhs 
Certification ₹10.2 Lakhs 
Executive ₹47 Lakhs 
PG Program ₹39.63 Lakhs 


Q1. Which is better ISB Hyderabad or ISB Mohali?

Ans. ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali are India’s best management schools, with a global ranking of 24th. The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, which ranks 33rd in the Top 50 MBA Ranking, is the second Business School after ISB.

Q2. Which ISB is best in India?

Ans. The Indian School of Business (ISB) Post Graduate Programme (PGP) was named the best in India in the Financial Times (FT) World MBA Ranking 2023, which was issued today. It is the only Indian business school in the top 50 worldwide, ranking 39th overall and sixth in Asia.

Q3. Is ISB Mohali private or government?

Ans. The Indian School of Business (ISB) is a private business school founded in 2001 in India. It has two campuses in India, one in Hyderabad (Telangana) and one in Mohali (Punjab). It provides credentials in a variety of postgraduate management programmes.

Hundreds of students from Leverage Edu have been to ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali for their PGP in Management and have found the learning experience almost identical. If you need any assistance regarding your study abroad plans or general information on colleges and courses in India, our Leverage Edu experts are here to provide end-to-end consulting with helpful insights and guide you throughout the admission procedure thus, ensuring that you get successfully shortlisted into your dream business school.

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