Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at HBS Announces 2020-2021 Rock Accelerator

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Rock Center for Entrepreneurship 

A 2010 initiative made by HBS, the rock Centre accelerator is a fascinating program crafted for Harvard Business school Student founders of early-age startups. They aim to build a “minimum viable product (MVP) for the teams to introduce in the market with a strong emphasis on validating and plans for testing the MVP. The chosen teams will explore and experience deep-dive coaching sessions and check-ins, receive feedback on their product pitches, and opportunities to pitch for seed funding. The major objective is to build a strong foundation and expand the market-ready products by the teams. 

A recent participant JUNO (earlier LeverEdge), uses group buying power to negotiate student loan rates with lenders. They deal with technical workforce solution company – OnRamp and Stride Funding, which offers Income Share Agreements (ISAs) for financial support for students, education funds, and paying for universities. 

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Selection and Funding

During each spring, the teams are provided with financial grants from a pool of $250,000. The selection of teams and funding decisions are made by closely consulting the Rock Venture Partners Program, which includes MBA students interested in the venture capital industry.

The Rock accelerator program is conducted during two terms in the academic year and is open to second-year Harvard MBA students and their teams, condition being- at least one member of each team must be a candidate of the Harvard MBA programs. On account of the pandemic, this year the Accelerator transitioned to virtual delivery. 

Noteworthy Entrepreneurship Program at HBS

Harvard Business School MBA program has always kept the study of entrepreneurship at the forefront since 1947. It has been an important part that includes a necessary course in the first-year curriculum, various electives in the second-year curriculum, and a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem that includes the annual New Venture Competition, the Rock Accelerator Program, Rock Summer Fellows, Rock Loan Reduction, and the Rock 100.

The Rock Center for Entrepreneurship supports faculty and their research in the field of entrepreneurial management which has gained prestige over the years as the top program for entrepreneurial and the HBS community. It promotes the energy and spirit needed for new ideas and innovations to thrive and grow. The Rock Center helps students and alumni create successful ventures that revolutionize in profit and social enterprise sectors. The community extends its support, provides access to content and entrepreneurial ecosystems everywhere.

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The Rock Center is led by the director Jodi Gernon and the Rock Accelerator by the associate director- Chuck Collins,. The Rock Accelerator coaches for this year are Julia Austin, Marty Blue, Tom Clay, Anne Dwane, Ralph Folz, Alex Iskold, Adrien Nussenbaum, Javier Segovia, Shereen Shermak, Satish Tadikonda, and Wendy Tsu.

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