Masters in Computer Science

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Masters in Computer Science

If you have recently completed your bachelor’s degree in CS, we are sure you must have been exploring the best career options to pursue after graduation. The most sought-after path after completing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science is to opt for a master’s degree in a specialisation in this vast domain. By studying for a master’s in Computer Science, you can furnish your expertise in a specialisation of your choice and further look forward to exploring higher-level jobs and a thriving career in research. This blog brings you the best and most popular degrees and universities for Masters in Computer Science and the career scope this pathway entails.

Why Get a Master’s in Computer Science Degree?

Earning a master’s degree in computer science takes time, effort, and money, but skilled graduates can qualify for jobs paying above-average wages. Finally, whether a master’s degree is worthwhile depends on the goals of the individual.

A master’s degree in computer science may provide a better return on investment as well as a more comprehensive, rigorous education than a typical coding boot camp. We’ll go over some of the advantages of getting a master’s degree in computer science below.

  • Important Skills: Computer science master’s programmes train students in in-demand technical skills. Because few people have this advanced knowledge, computer science professionals with advanced credentials can qualify for a variety of jobs that pay above-average salaries.
  • Growing Field: As more organisations digitise their operations, nearly every industry can benefit from the skills of computer science professionals. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts faster-than-average growth in computer and information technology occupations from 2021 to 2031.
  • Salaries that are higher than the average: Graduates of computer science master’s programmes frequently earn salaries that are higher than the national average for all occupations. According to the BLS, computer and information research scientists earned a median annual salary of $131,490 in May 2021.

Skills Required

Students who want to pursue an MS in computer science from abroad will need certain skills and abilities to make the most of the programme. Here are some of the skills that international students must have in order to pursue an MS in CS programme.

Masters in Computer Science Courses

A plethora of postgraduate courses is available in the vast field of Computer Science. Amongst all, the most popular of degree courses are MTech, MS, or MSc. These varying degree courses have various fundamental approaches for the field, thus, you must opt for the course which matches your requirements the best. Tabulated below are the leading masters in computer science courses:

Master of Science or MS in Computer ScienceMaster of Computer Science 
Master of Digital Science MSc Advanced Computer Science
MBA in Computer ScienceMaster of Science in CS (Non-Thesis Option)
MTech in Computer Science Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Science
MSc Computer Science MSc Computer System Management
MS in Information Systems and Technology Management Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology

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Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Computer Science 

With a plethora of specialised masters in Computer Science, graduates have a wide range of options to choose from. Despite multiple courses, the entry requisites for them usually remain the same. Enlisted below are some of the entry requirements which are mandatory for a master’s in CS:

  • Usual formal schooling of 10+2 with Science stream subjects from a recognised institution
  • An undergraduate degree in Computer Science such as BE degree in CS or BTech in CS with minimum marks required 
  • Qualifying for GMAT or GRE score
  • A good score in English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL etc
  • Candidates must have SOP and LORs in the mentioned formats 

Note: The aforementioned requirements are generic in nature. Students are advised to consult Leverage Edu experts for specific details.

Admission Process

There are numerous categories in computer science that advance the technological system, resulting in new inventions for the world. So, in order to gain admission to top universities abroad, students must take the following steps to ensure a smooth admission to the best colleges for a master’s in computer science.

  • Discover the best educational institutions in the world that offer master’s degrees in computer science.
  • Examine the universities’ official websites for information on master’s degrees in computer science requirements, eligibility, and so on.
  • Submit all required documents, including entrance exam results, certificates, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.
  • Fill out the application form completely and pay the application fee.
  • As part of the admissions process, you will be asked to attend an interview with the authorities once your application has been processed.
  • If you pass the personal interview, the university will issue you an offer letter.
  • You can now reserve your seat at the university, pay your term fees, and begin the programme.

Major Subjects Covered

There are a plethora of universities across the globe offering various degrees in this field. A postgraduate program in CS is usually around 2 years in duration. As the approach of every course is different, hence, you will get to study a combination of theoretical as well as practical subjects. Mentioned below are some important subjects of Mtech/MS/MSc in Computer Science- 

Artificial Intelligence Financial Information SystemAdvanced Software Engineering Data Warehouse and Data Mining
Mobile ComputingDistributed Database System VSLI Design Computational Number Theory
Software Testing Operating Systems and System ProgrammingPrinciples of Programming Language  Parallel Computing 
Machine LearningDesign and Analysis of Algorithms Cryptography and Network SecurityInternet Technology 

Top Specializations

International students wishing to pursue an MS in computer science from abroad can select from a number of specialisation options. Among these specialisations are:

  1. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  2. Big Data
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Computer Architecture
  5. Computer Networks
  6. Cyber-Physical Systems
  7. Internet of Things
  8. Cybersecurity
  9. Mobile Computing
  10. Computational Geometry
  11. Data Structures

Best Universities for Masters in Computer Science 

While choosing the best course for pursuing a master’s in Computer Science, you must meticulously select the ideal academic institution for it. For this, you must consider various factors like the course content, faculty and research facilities of the top universities in the world offering your chosen program. Mentioned below are the popular universities offering postgraduate courses in CS:

  • Stanford University
  • McGill University
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Calgary
  • Oxford University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Technical University of Munich

Cost of MSc in Computer Science

The cost of a master’s degree in computer science varies depending on the country and university. If you plan to pursue an MS in the United States, you should budget INR 30 L (approx) for the first year, which includes tuition and living expenses. Similarly, if you want to pursue a Master’s degree in computer science in Canada, you should budget around INR 17 L, which includes tuition and living expenses for the first year. Other factors that influence the cost include whether you are taking an online course or in-person classes, as well as the type of school, whether private or public.

Top Scholarships

Scholarships are the best way for international students living and studying abroad to fund their studies. Scholarships for international students are available at the best colleges for MS in computer science abroad. These are some of the scholarships available.

ScholarshipsAmount Covered
Narotam Sekhsaria’s ScholarshipsCover tuition fees of the student and can vary accordingly
Global Study AwardsUSD 11,500.
Hani Zeini ScholarshipUSD 1,000

Career Scope

Once you earn a master’s degree in CS, you can choose from numerous career opportunities in different sectors. The majority of candidates opt to work in popular IT companies across the globe. If you are willing to opt for courses like MS or MSc and want to establish a career in research, then you can further pursue a PhD in Computer Science. Here are some of the job profiles which are usually available for those completing a master’s in computer science:

  • Computer Software Designer 
  • Computer Operator 
  • Computer System Specialist Supervisor
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Database Manager, etc

Jobs and Salaries

The job roles and annual salary ranges for computer science graduates are listed below.

Job RolesAverage Annual Pay
Web DeveloperUSD 73,760 (INR 5862374.29)
Software Development EngineerUSD 109,000 (INR 8676154.75)
Computer Network ArchitectUSD 112,690 (INR 8969870.45)
Information Security AnalystsUSD 99,730 (INR 7938283.61)
Database AdministratorsUSD 89,750 (INR 7143898.06)


Is a master’s in computer science worth IT?

Earning a master’s degree in computer science can be an excellent way to advance your career or if you already know how to programme but did not formally study computer science at the bachelor’s level, gain a valuable education to change careers.

Which is better MBA or an MSc in computer science?

While an MS programme focuses on in-depth knowledge in one field, an MBA programme is for students who want to work in management or start their own businesses. It is not a good idea to pursue an MS degree after earning an MBA.

Which is best MSc CS or MCA?

The MCA course structure includes more advanced coding and networking concepts, as well as an introduction to machine learning. MCA students get more hands-on experience, whereas M.Sc students get more research opportunities. MCA electives are tailored to meet current IT industry demands.

Hopefully, through this blog, you are familiarized with the top courses and universities for masters in computer science. If you are confused about picking the right program, our Leverage Edu experts can guide you in selecting the best course and university which can equip you with the requisite skills, knowledge and exposure to build a rewarding career in this field! Sign up for an e-meeting with us today!

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