Study Architecture at Harvard University

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Study Architecture at Harvard University

Harvard University has reclaimed its position as the United States#2 Ivy-League institution for 2022, according to the US News Rankings rankings chart. It is one of the most selective institutes for students seeking to study in the United States, with an admittance rate of only 4.7%. Despite the high level of competition, Harvard receives a large number of applications every year. This is significant since the university is well-known for its global reputation, influence, and intellectual pedigree. We have given you all of the necessary information for aspirants regarding Harvard University Architecture.

University Type  Private
Location Massachusetts, Cambridge
Year of Establishment 1817
Acceptance Rate 4.7%
Academic Calendar Semester
Campus Accommodation Available
Financial Aid and Scholarships Available

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Harvard University Rankings

The university is a distinguished institution that has been ranked in several rankings surveys at the following positions. The following are some of the Harvard Rankings:

Source  Ranks Years
Times Higher Education #2 2020
QS Global World Rankings #5  2021
US News Rankings #2  2021

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Harvard University Architecture Masters Programs

The Harvard Graduate School of Design  (GSD) is a master’s and doctoral school in architecture, landscape architecture, and design studies located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The GSD boasts over 13,000 graduates, including several well-known architects, urban planners, and landscape architects. In the discipline of design, the institution is regarded as a global academic leader. The following is a complete list of Harvard University Architecture programs.

Masters in Design Studies

The MDes program is looking for creative and ambitious people from all walks of life and academic disciplines who have a strong interest in current urban, aesthetic, political, and technical culture, as well as a preference for intervention, exhibition, and public work. Practising architects, artists, filmmakers, and cultural producers who want to ‘switch gears’ and develop art-related work with an emphasis on sophisticated thinking, advanced fabrication procedures and techniques, and aesthetic and social engagement are also encouraged to apply.

Unconventional study proposals that address new topics in technology, science, performance, industrial design, typography, and other facets of the changing social and cultural environment are warmly welcomed by the program. The programs under Harvard University Architecture Master in Design Studies are as follows:

  1. Master in Design Studies (MDes) in Art, Design, and the Public Domain
  2. Master in Design Studies (MDes) in Critical Conservation
  3. Master in Design Studies (MDes) in Energy and Environment
  4. Master in Design Studies (MDes) in History and Philosophy of Design and Media
  5. Master in Design Studies (MDes) in Real State and the Built Environment
  6. Master in Design Studies (MDes) in Risk and Resilience
  7. Master in Design Studies (MDes) in Technology
  8. Master in Design Studies (MDes) in Urbanism, Landscape, Ecology
Credits: Harvard GSD

Master in Landscape Architecture

The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) program is an authorized professional degree for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree in a field other than one of the design professions. The three-year MLA curriculum is rigorous and comprehensive, preparing students for a wide range of professional landscape architectural tasks. A four-semester core curriculum in design, history, theory, technology, ecology, representation, and professional practice provides a firm intellectual foundation Across all GSD departments, advanced studios, and optional courses are available in the remaining two semesters. Each of the six studios places a strong emphasis on achieving design proficiency. The programs under Harvard University’s  Master in Landscape Architecture are as follows: 

  1. Master in Landscape Architecture I
  2. Master in Landscape Architecture I AP
  3. Master in Landscape Architecture II

Master in Architecture 

Individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree with a major other than one of the design professions or a pre-professional undergraduate major in one of the design professions are eligible for the Harvard University Master in Architecture program or (MArch), which is an approved professional degree.

The program is rigorous and thorough, preparing students for a wide range of professional roles in the area of architecture. It gives a strong intellectual foundation in history, theory, technology, social issues, and professional practice. Through a rigorous sequence of design studio courses, a strong emphasis is placed on establishing design proficiency. Students are obliged to create a design thesis as a transition from graduate school to professional practice, with the goal of fostering independent thinking and resolving design difficulties. The programs under Master in Architecture at Harvard University are as follows:

  1. Master of Architecture I
  2. Master of Architecture II
  3. Master of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD)

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Harvard University Entry Requirements

The following are some of the basic Harvard University Architecture requirements for both graduate and undergraduate programs: 

Harvard University Entry Requirements for UG

  • Two Teacher Evaluation forms
  • Letters of recommendation (optional)
  • Final School Report and Transcripts
  • Scores on Standardized Tests (ACT or SAT if applicable to an international student)
  • Interview
  • Supplementary materials such as artwork, music recordings, etc (optional)
  • Language requirements in English (no minimum score for most undergraduate courses)

Harvard University Entry Requirements for PG

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • GRE or GMAT (if applicable)
  • Financial proof
  • Resume
  • Specific graduate school or program requirements.
  • International applicants are not required to submit English proficiency test scores but may submit if they wish to do so.
  • If English is not their first language or they do not have a bachelor’s degree from an institution where English is the main language of instruction.
  • Certain graduate applicants may be asked to present TOEFL or IELTS (80 or 7.5, respectively) test scores.

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Harvard University Architecture Fees

The average tuition expense for Harvard University’s architecture programs is approximately  53,513 USD (40,09,705 INR) for each academic year. Given below is the breakdown given by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design: 

Harvard University Architecture Fees Breakdown 2021-2022
Tuition  $53,420 (3,934,249 INR)
Student Activity Fee $170 (12,520 INR)
Health Services $1,242 (91,470 INR)
Health Insurance $4,040 (297,535 INR)

Harvard University Architecture Faculty 

Some of the names and titles of professors and lecturer directors at Harvard University’s Architecture Faculty are shown below:

Name  Designation 
Alan Altshuler Ruth and Frank Stanton Professor in Urban Policy and Planning, Emeritus
Frank Apeseche Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design
Steven Apfelbaum Lecturer in Landscape Architecture
Sierra Bainbridge Design Critic in Landscape Architecture
Sandra Barclay Design Critic in Urban Planning and Design
Martin Bechthold Director of the Master in Design Engineering Program & Kumagai Professor of Architectural Technology
Lorena Bello Gómez Design Critic in Landscape Architecture
Francesca Benedetto Design Critic in Landscape Architecture
Silvia Benedito Design Critic in Landscape Architecture
Anita Berrizbeitia Professor of Landscape Architecture & Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture

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Following are the employment prospects and average salaries that a person might expect after graduating from the Harvard University Architecture programs:

Jobs Designation  Average Salary (Per Annum)
Architect 93,528 USD (70,07,917 INR)
Architectural Technologist 93,553 USD (70,09,790 INR)
Interior and Spatial Designer 59,107 USD (44,28,801 INR)
Building Surveyor 68,702 USD (51,47,741 INR)
Town Planner 65,988 USD (49,44,385 INR)
Production Designer 50,143 USD (37,57,142 INR)

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