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MDS is a Master’s of Dental Surgery, a specialization degree in the field of medical sciences. It is a 2 to 3 years-long degree program concerned with the oral, jaw, dental section, and other facial. USA is the topmost choice for students all over the world to pursue an MS in Dental course because it provides in-depth theoretical knowledge, hands-on practice, and a vast range of employment opportunities. The USA offers many options to choose from including Dental Public Health, Dental Sciences, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Periodontics, etc. Let’s read about it in detail.

Know More About MDS

Master’s of Dental Surgery is a program that trains students in various disciplines of dentistry intending to prepare them to become registered dentists in the future. The program encourages students to develop skills like critical analysis, research skills, and advanced clinical skills necessary to become proficient professionals in the field. With rising concerns related to oral and dental problems, MDS is a promising career path. 


Given below is the list of topics included in the syllabus of MDS:

Why MDS in the USA?

The USA is a popular choice for international students from around the world for the following reasons:

  • The top 25 dentistry universities in the QS World Ranking include eight US universities.
  • You will get to practice with the premium equipment available which will provide the best learning experience
  • Dentistry is among the top-paying professions in the USA. It offers abundant opportunities for growth 
  • There are many areas of employment: Dental Colleges and Research Institute, Hospitals, Military Services, Dental Laboratories, Private Clinics & Hospitals

Top Universities for MDS

8 US universities are among the top 25 dentistry universities in the QS World Ranking. These are the following universities in the USA to pursue MDS:

Universities QS World Ranking 2023

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of California, San Francisco
Harvard University12
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill19

New York University (NYU)
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)21
University of Pennsylvania22
University of Washington23


The following are the scholarships offered to international students to pursue MDS in the USA:

Leifur Eiríksson Foundation FellowshipPartial Funding
Baer Reintegration Scholarship 2023-24Only Tuition Fees
BeArt Presets Academic Scholarships 2022-23Partial Funding
Express Medical Supply Scholarship Program 2022Partial Funding

Eligibility Criteria 

Students must meet all the requirements of eligibility criteria to pursue their degree program:

Application Process

The following are the steps of the application process to pursue MDS in the USA:

  • Qualify for the entrance exam conducted by your preferred university
  • Provide your graduation transcripts 
  • Submit your updated CV or resume
  • Meet the eligibility requirements

Fee and Cost of Living

The average tuition fee for studying MDS in the USA varies depending on the university. Public universities cost around $15,000 -$35,000  or INR 12.35 Lacs – INR 28.82 Lacs per year. While private universities cost approximately $60,000 or INR 49.40 Lacs per year.

The average cost of living in the USA ranges from $10,000 to $18,000 or INR 8.23 Lacs – 14.82  Lacs per year. Given below is the list of items and their cost in the USA:

CategoryCostIn INR
Accommodation$9,330 – $13,620/yr7.68 Lacs – 11.21 Lacs
Rent$36,000 – $96,000/month29.64 Lacs – 79.05 Lacs
Electricity$1500/yr1.23 Lacs
Food and Beverages$810 – $2,449/yr66,699 – 2.01 Lacs
Travel $1,060 – $1,840/yr87,285 – 1.51 Lacs
Personal Expenses$1,810 – $2,4001.49 Lacs – 1.97 Lacs

Career Prospect

Pursuing MDS in the USA opens the door to multiple opportunities. Given below is the list of some job profiles and their average salary package. 

Job ProfilesAverage Salary in USDIn INR
Dentist238,000/yr1.95 Cr
Periodontics257,000/yr1.95 Cr
Dental Assistant 57,300/yr47.18 Lacs
Dental Technician59,100/yr48.66 Lacs
Orthodontist279,000/yr2.29 Cr
Endodontist284,000/yr2.3 Cr
Dental Therapist92,300/yr76 Lacs
Prosthodontist284,000/yr2.3 Cr


Which are the top universities to pursue MDS in the USA?

Harvard University, the University of Michigan, and Columbia University are some of the top universities to pursue MDS in the USA.

What is the average tuition fee to study MDS in the USA?

The average tuition fees to study MDS in USA range from $11,400 – $84,630 or INR 9.38 Lacs – 69.68 Lacs.

Is MDS a good career choice?

MDS is a good career choice that garners one of the most paying jobs such as Dental Surgeon, Endodontist, Prosthodontist, etc.

Well, we hope this blog has provided you with the desired information regarding MDS in the USA. If you are looking for more such blogs or planning to study abroad, consult Leverage Edu for total assistance. 

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