Highest Paying Careers in the Entertainment Industry

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Highest Paying Careers in the Entertainment Industry

Did you know that India’s Entertainment industry was valued at over 1.7 trillion Indian rupees in the financial year 2020? The Entertainment industry is one of the major contributors to the country’s economy. It is a common notion that the Entertainment industry is all about actors, producers, and directors which is not true. Experts from different fields come together to make a project successful. The Entertainment industry offers employment opportunities in Advertising, Digital Media, Printing Media, Animation, Film, Television and Radio. This blog collates the highest-paying careers in the Entertainment industry

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Competitive entertainment offers a wide range of careers in an exciting and diversified industry. Many of the most sought-after occupations in entertainment demand a lot of talent and education. To run successfully, the entertainment industry needs a wide range of abilities and skills from many kinds of workers, not just those in the spotlight.

Top Highest Paying Careers in Entertainment Industry 

If you want to work in the Entertainment industry then you already know the perks of being a part of a multi-billion dollar. Because of passion and dedication, you can reach a great height in a short span of time. The following employment ideas are designed to provide guidance for those seeking a career in the Entertainment industry:

Film Actor 

An actor is a link between the director’s vision, the script and the audience. They need to be aware of movements and expressions, which may require years of formal training. However, the most successful actors do this seamlessly! Almost every day we see and hear actors playing various roles in films, TV, radio, or theatre productions. This is the ultimate dream of anyone who pursues a career in acting. 

Entertainment Lawyer

The lawyers in the Entertainment industry are responsible for dealing with legal issues like drafting contracts, negotiating, drafting agreements, and sorting out copyrights, trademarks, endorsements and sponsorships. Entertainment lawyers also file suits on behalf of celebrities to protect their rights.

Film Producer

Producers can be writers, investors, idea generators, managers, or all of the above. In the film, the Chief Producer is called the Executive Producer and is responsible for every stage of film production: pre-production, production, and post-production. In pre-production, the Producer reads the script and listens to the ideas of the screenwriter, director, and agent. After choosing an idea, the Producer must raise funds to fund the project. One possibility is to get the support of major film studios. The other is to be independent and seek funding from individual investors.


The Animator creates a wide range of images that make up the animations that appear in movies, commercials, TV shows, and video games. They usually focus on one of these media and can continue to focus on specific areas, such as characters, landscape/scenery, or background design. Animators usually use computer software to complete their work. They are part of a team of other animators and artists who work together on the project. 

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The Cinematographer plays an important role in film creation. A Cinematographer is also known as a Director of Photography because he is the crew chief that is responsible for the camera and lighting crews on set and also selects the cameras, lenses, and filters to be used on a shoot. The job of a Cinematographer requires a good understanding of technology. If you have coordination skills, photographic energy and a lot of creativity, then this job is for you. 

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Top Careers in Entertainment Management

The Entertainment Manager is responsible for booking and managing events for the company. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to being an Entertainment Manager. Following are the highest paying careers in the Entertainment Management field with an average salary structure. 

Job ProfilesAverage Salary Structure 
Tour Manager$40,000 (INR 29.5 lakhs)
Publicity Manager$70,000 (INR 51.7 lakhs)
Entertainment Manager$53,000 (INR 39.1 lakhs)
Artist Manager$77,000 (INR 56.8 lakhs)
Talent Agent$73,000 (INR 53.9 lakhs)
Gallery Manager$42,000 (INR 31 lakhs)

Top Careers in Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment marketers are optimized for entertainment-specific media and environments. Below mentioned are the highest-paying careers in the Entertainment marketing field with the average salary structure. 

Job ProfilesAverage Salary Structure 
Social Media Manager$78,000 (INR 57.6 lakhs)
Copywriter$53,000 (INR 39.1 lakhs)
Game Analyst$76,000 (INR 56.1 lakhs)
Talent Publicist$50,000 (INR 36.9 lakhs)
Project Publicist $55,000 (INR 40.6 lakhs)

Top Careers in Entertainment Production

Entertainment production is a large creative industry, including music, movies, television, and video games. You might work as an assistant in a TV game show or as a designer in a movie set in this industry. Let’s take a look at the various careers in the Entertainment production field and the average salary structure in this sector: 

Job ProfilesAverage Salary Structure
Film Producer$72,800 (INR 53.7 lakhs)
Production Coordinator $45,500 (INR 33.6 lakhs)
Event Production Freelancer$52,700 (INR 38.9 lakhs)
Virtual Production Assistant$41,100 (INR 30.3 lakhs)
Video Grapher$81,300 (INR 60 lakhs)
Creative Producer$73,600 (INR 54.3 lakhs)

Top Careers in Entertainment Law

The roles of entertainment lawyers are diverse; entertainment lawyers have sufficient qualifications to protect clients’ intellectual property rights, handle disputes and negotiate contracts on their behalf in court. Following are the highest-paying careers in Entertainment law with the average salary structure. 

Job ProfilesAverage Salary Structure
Cyber Lawyer$1,64,155 (INR 1.21 crore)
Litigation Lawyer$1,22,960 (INR 90.8 lakhs)
Intellectual Property Lawyer$1,29,500 (INR 95.6 lakhs)
Human Rights Lawyer$1,31,000 (INR 96.7 lakhs)
Digital Forensics$92,600 (INR 68.4 lakhs)
Legal Advisor$1,18,000 (INR 87.1 lakhs)

Top Careers in Entertainment Business

An Entertainment Entrepreneur is a professional who creates a business either passion or industry-related. Learning entertainment business can find a variety of jobs, so we have collected a list of jobs where you can work as an entertainment actor, makeup artist, etc. 

Job ProfilesAverage Salary Structure
Actor$90,000 (INR 66.4 lakhs)
Caterer $63,200 (INR 46.6 lakhs)
Animal Trainer$71,500 (INR 52.8 lakhs) 
Choreographer$74,800 (INR 55.2 lakhs)
Cinematographer$64,500 (INR 47.6 lakhs)
Makeup Artist$34,600 (INR 25.5 lakhs)

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Top Careers in Entertainment Technology 

As the Entertainment industry continues to effectively integrate with modern production and technical methods whether in the production of feature films or on the stage of live production, the industry continues to develop into a viable option for creatives with technical skills to pursue a beneficial career path.  

Job ProfilesAverage Salary Structure
Sound Designer$50,300 (INR 37.1 lakhs)
Lighting Designer$53,700 (INR 39.6 lakhs)
Stage Manager$68,400 (INR 50.5 lakhs)
Costume Technician$32,000 (INR 23.6 lakhs)
Stage Automation Engineer $72,700 (INR 53.7 lakhs)
Functional Game Tester$55,000 (INR 40.6 lakhs)

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Top Careers in Entertainment Sports

Sports Entertainment is a type of spectacle that presents competitive events with highly dramatic and luxurious performances to keep the audience entertained.

Job ProfilesAverage Salary Structure
Athletic Director$61,200 (INR 45.2 lakhs)
Sports Club Manager $35,800 (INR 26.4 lakhs)
Sports Information Director$43,900 (INR 32.4 lakhs)
College Bowl Chairperson$59,900 (INR 39.8 lakhs)
Sports Event Planner$45,300 (INR 33.4 lakhs)
Sports Medicine Physician$1,27,000 (INR 93.8 lakhs)

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Q.1. What jobs make the most money in the film industry?

Ans: Executive Producer, Screenwriter, Director, and Event Manager are some of the highest-paying jobs in the film industry.

Q.2. Which is the hardest job in the film?

Ans: Script supervisor, casting director, and art director are some of the most challenging jobs in the film industry.

Q.3. Which film industry earns more in India?

Ans: Hindi films make up the majority of the highest-grossing Indian films. In terms of net box office receipts in India as of 2014, Hindi films account for 43%, Tamil and Telugu films for 36%, and other sectors for 21%.

These were the highest-paying careers in the Entertainment industry. Are you interested in any job profiles mentioned above? Get in touch with Leverage Edu experts at 1800 57 2000 and they will help you find a suitable course, university, and country to make a successful career!

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