How to Become a PR Manager?

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How to Become a PR Manager?

Ever wondered who manages the image of a company, celebrities and even top entrepreneurs? The team of public relations makes sure that the world receives the image of these enterprises as they want. This is what Public Relation Managers do! PR Managers are found in every domain of work including Businesses, Fashion, Health, Economics, and so on. Being a PR Manager comes with the responsibility to take care of public relations of organizations, individuals or any other firm. They develop strategies and implement them for effective media coverage. Keep reading to closely understand this job role and how to become a PR Manager!

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What do PR Managers do?

It is difficult to define a single day job role of PR Managers. They are required to work proactively on PR strategies drafted by the marketing and communications department. As the spokesperson of the organization, communication with media is the core responsibility of PR Managers. Organizing promotional events and holding press conferences are additional responsibilities for the organization.

PR Managers regularly update on the media coverage enabled in building cordial relationships with powerful media houses, digital and broadcast journalists. They work on the approval of media releases about the organisation. This is regarding the approval of all media content- digital, social media, posts, blogs, or any other form of news for public viewing.

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Top Universities Abroad

The global universities also offer a range of courses to become a PR Manager. Some of the best universities are mentioned below: 

Eastern New Mexico University, USABA/BScCommunication, emphasis in public relations
Centennial College, CanadaBPRMPublic Relations Management
RMIT University, AustraliaBCommPublic Relations 
Massey University, New ZealandBCPublic Relations
London Metropolitan University, UKBA HonsAdvertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relations 
Manhattan College, USABAPublic Relations
California State University, Sacramento, USABAPublic Relations
Texas State University, USAB.ScPublic Relations and Mass Communication (Sports Media) 
University of the West of England – UWE Bristol, UKBA HonsJournalism and Public Relations
Auckland University of Technology, New ZealandBCSPublic Relations

Top Universities in India

Becoming a PR Manager may sound daunting but it is actually not! Here is a list of the best Indian universities that provide a range of degrees to become a PR Manager:

Stella Maris College, ChennaiMAPublic Relations
Hinduja College – KPB Hinduja College of Commerce, MumbaiMA Public Relations
Asian Academy of Film and Television, NoidaDiplomaPublic Relations
Prestige Institute of Management and Research, IndoreMBAAdvertising and Public Relations 
Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Arts Science and Commerce, MumbaiMAPublic Relations
Polytechnic for Women, New DelhiDiplomaMarketing Advertising and Public Relations 
Derozio Memorial College, KolkataB.Voc Public Relations
JLU School of Media and Communication, BhopalBA HonsAdvertising and Public Relations 
Center for Research in Art of Film and Television, New DelhiDiplomaPublic Relations
Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, New DelhiPGDAdvertising and Public Relations

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The following criteria must be fulfilled by a candidate to become a successful PR Manager in a reputed firm:

  • A 10+2 passing certificate in with at least 55% score or equivalent
  • English Proficiency Test: IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE
  • Recommendation letters, SOP, Resume
  • A Bachelor’s degree with a minimum score of 60% to pursue higher studies
  • Visa, Passport, insurance, and other travelling documents

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Course Details

The PR Managers job position requires at least a relevant degree in the field along with a training certificate. The course details for bachelors and masters degree are mentioned below:


The duration of the bachelor’s degree course is around 3-4 years maximum. The master’s degree is a 1-2 years course.


The fee usually ranges between INR 20,000- 2,00,000 in Indian Universities. The course fee abroad is approximately around $15,000- $ 50,000 depending upon the university.

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The most commonly studied modules in a PR program are mentioned below

  • Business strategy
  • Internal corporate communication
  • Social media or public relations
  • Work and organisational change
  • Human behaviour
  • Management in context
  • Transition to work
  • Business fundamentals
  • Design in marketing
  • Managing the brand

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PR Manager’s jobs are primarily dependent on their interpersonal skills. A very strong personality with great communication skills is the foremost requirement. Some of the commonly sought skills include the following:

  • Extensive research skills
  • Strong verbal skills
  • Knowledge of right words and vocabulary
  • Ability to take quick decisions
  • Ability to come up with strategies
  • Relationship building abilities
  • Understanding of diplomacy
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to take pressure
  • Paying attention to details 
  • Taking note of minute changes
  • Social media skills
  • International approach 

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Career Prospect

Since the business opportunities are expanding at a normal speed, the demand for Public Relation managers has also expanded significantly. Freshers can start their career with any PR agency at the position of an executive. The salary at the beginning is solely based on educational qualifications. With increasing experience, a salary raise might be expected.

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Initially, a fresher might be designated as an accounts executive, event manager, communication executive, and mood. The initial package can be around INR 8000-10,000 per month. With the increasing experience, the package can reach up to INR 50,000 to 80,000 per month.

According to payscale.com, the public relations manager average salary in India is INR 510881. According to indeed.com, the average salary of a PR manager in the US is $54,267 per year. It may vary from organisation to organisation. The salary is also observed around $80,461 in addition to other compensations. 

Future & Scope

PR managers are demanded in every business sector, specifically those businesses that remain in the showbiz or news headlines. Almost every organisation is available on social media platforms. They promote the organisation’s products and motives on these platforms with business strategies in mind. They communicate with the public and convey their opinions on their business ideas. If you really wish to become a PR manager then focusing on interpersonal skills and earning a relevant degree is essential. Only rigorous training and practice can make you experienced and pay off well.

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