Types of Advertising

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Types of Advertising

“Take a break, have a Kit-Kat!” You must have heard of this catchy tagline that comes during the Kitkat advertisement on TV. A majority of popular brands use certain advertising strategies ranging from phrases, taglines, or music that can pave their way into the listener’s mind and keep the brand fresh in their memory. From Airtel’s instrumental ringtone to jingles by Amul, Close Up and Nirma, a visually and aurally appealing advertisement coupled with a unique tagline can leave a powerful impact on viewers! Strategic promotion incorporates various forms and types of advertising through different media platforms. Over the past decade, we have seen a massive change of digitalization in advertising making it more relatable and spreadable. So, let’s explore the diverse types of advertising, from traditional to the newly emerging ones, and understand how the art of advertising actually works!                                 

What is Advertising?

Before getting familiar with common types of advertising, let’s first know the actual meaning and purpose of advertising. In simpler words, advertising is a part of a business’s marketing strategy. Advertising is used by businesses to provide information about their products or services via different media. With the advancement of technology, the advertising landscape has shifted, with print and broadcast advertising acting as the conventional formats and digital advertising serving as a more modern choice. Companies benefit from new means of targeting customers and measuring the efficacy of their advertising efforts as a result of technological advancements.

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Advertising Tips for Small Business

Even with a small ad budget, you can still have a strong impact on your advertising. Here are five tips to achieve success:

Target the Right Audience

You need to know who you are reaching and only pay for impressions that are relevant to your business. This might mean focusing on an age group or gender or even targeting a specific persona. If you don’t target your audience, you’ll be throwing money away.

If your customers are online, then advertise online. If they’re in print magazines, then advertise in print magazines. You get the idea; don’t waste time and money trying to reach people who aren’t interested in your product or service.

Track And Measure Success

Before you spend any money on advertising, figure out how you will track how many people see your advertisements and what actions those people take afterward. This way, you’ll know if the ad is worth running again in the future or not.

Try Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing strategies show ads to visitors who have already visited your website but haven’t converted into customers yet. For example, if someone has browsed through all the pages of your website but hasn’t added any items to their shopping

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Types of Advertising 

Companies can employ a variety of advertising to reach out to their target customers or to enlighten the general public. The following are some of the most prevalent types of advertising, as explained below.

Display ADs

As a revised version of the newspaper Ads, Display Ads are those digital adverts that you can promote on the website(s) of your choice by buying the ad space to target the demographic as per your SEO requirements. It is one of the popular types of advertising in the digital age and offers a global reach. Its common formats include Text Ads, Banners, Floating Ads, etc. Majorly these ADs run on Pay Per Click and you can promote your ads on search engines as well. 

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Print Media Advertising

Amongst the conventional types of advertising wherein, you can opt for national, state-level or local print media to promote your campaign. Through this option, you can aim at the audience who still start their day with a cup of tea and a newspaper or read magazines in their pastime. Moreover, through digitalization, a variety of print media companies have started releasing their virtual copies, hence, you can hit both platforms in just one shot. 

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This type of advertising may help your company reach a large spectrum of clients. Display advertising is distributed throughout the publication, whereas classified listings are located under subject headings in a specific area. You may discover that a mix of advertisements in your state/metropolitan newspaper and your local paper yields the greatest results.


Advertising in a specialized magazine allows you to contact your target audience fast and easily. Readers (possible consumers) read magazines at their leisure and retain them for extended periods of time, providing your advertisement more opportunities to catch their attention. Magazines primarily serve consumers (by interest group, for example, ladies) and trade (industry/business type, for example, hospitality).

Social Media ADs

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. have now become a hub of paid or unpaid advertising. Out of all types of advertising, this one offers immense scope for catching the right audience. Organic or unpaid media Ads are the ones you post through your business social media handles whereas the paid Ads are the sponsored ones that aim to target the required audience by pushing ads while they scroll down their timeline.

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Outdoor Advertising 

While driving on a highway or travelling in the metro, you might have come across a variety of banners and hoardings promoting different brands. Billboard advertising has now undergone a new transformation by becoming digitalized and thus more impactful. This type of advertising can also be seen on Buses, Metros, Taxis, etc. and can significantly help you reach people on a local level. 

Personal Sales and Direct Mails 

Direct mails are one of the best types of advertising and is widely used by small businesses. It involves sending catchy pamphlets through snail mails to your preferable audience. The ideal step to begin such advertisements is to identify your audience and then mail them the enticing offers, further you can also check the type of responding audience. This form of advertising is quite fading away and generally works for local businesses at most. In personal sales, a persuasive salesman can sell the product through convincing customers whether through calls or by going door-to-door which has rather become obsolete. In the digital world, direct mails have been largely replaced by e-mails and newsletters while personal sales have progressed towards telecalling and chatbots. 

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Radio and Podcasts Advertising

Vocal promotions can be categorized amongst highly influential types of advertising. You can use trendy and catchy phrases to include in your radio, podcast shows as well as music apps. Such ADs can also be sponsored by companies to promote their campaigns. You must keep a track of which station the audience is more likely to listen to or the type of podcasts they subscribe to often, hence, your promotion will reach the right place. 

Video ADs 

You must have seen short promotional videos or GIFs at the start of a video on YouTube or streaming platforms. Video advertisements are another prominent gift of the digital era. You can create or get a video designed by the experts for your product or service and can use it on renowned platforms like Youtube, Hulu, Instagram etc. The key feature of video ads is that online video platforms are extremely popular amongst people of all ages and possess the massive potential to reach a global audience as well.

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Email Marketing 

Through Email marketing, you can reach out to your existing customers making them sign up for promotional sales or a newsletter. This is an effective way to propagate your campaign by providing exclusive product details to your loyal customers. Out of all the types of advertising, this one will help you foster a better relationship with your customers. 


Radio advertising is one of the oldest types of advertising that is still widely used today and is an excellent method to contact your target demographic. If your target market listens to a specific station, consistent advertising might bring in new consumers. Sound, on the other hand, has its restrictions. Listeners may struggle to recall what they have heard, and the effect of radio advertisements may be diminished. The easiest method to counter this is to repeat your message on a frequent basis, which considerably raises your prices. If you cannot afford to play your commercial on a regular basis, you may discover that radio advertising does not provide significant effects.

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Television Commercials

Another one of the most commonly used types of advertising that is still prevalent today is television commercials. Television has a wide reach, making it perfect for advertising if you serve a broad market in a vast area. Television ads use sight, sound, movement, and colour to encourage customers to buy from you. They’re especially handy if you need to show how your product or service operates. The cost of creating a television commercial and then purchasing an advertising time is typically too expensive. Advertising is sold in units (e.g., 20, 30, 60 seconds), with prices varying depending on:

  • Ad length
  • Time of the day
  • The television show
  • Frequency of airing
  • Local/National/International reach
  • The number of networks
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Businesses are listed in directories by name or category (e.g. Yellow Pages phone directories). Customers who use directories have frequently made up their minds to purchase; all they need to do now is pick who to buy from. The main advantage of online directories over print directories is that if your company’s name, address, or phone number changes, you can quickly update it in the directory. You might also include new services or information about your company. If your target market utilises both print and internet directories, this type of advertising may be beneficial.

Mobile Advertising

It is one of the most commonly used types of advertising today that is sent to customers via any mobile device with internet access, such as a cellphone or tablet. Consumers may see these advertisements on social media, websites, or within applications. A client playing a mobile game, for example, may see advertising for comparable games in between gaming rounds. The advantage is that these advertisements may reach customers regardless of where they are. Companies may be able to target people based on their geographic location if they activate location settings. Companies may also combine mobile advertising with print adverts by utilising QR codes. When readers come across a QR code in a magazine, they may scan it with their mobile device. It might then direct them to the brand’s website or provide them with a voucher.

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Paid search is a type of online advertising that is also known as pay-per-click (PPC). Businesses that utilise PPC advertising only pay when consumers click on their ad. They bid on particular keywords relating to their business, as well as the positioning of their ad on the search engine. A firm that sells folding bicycles, for example, includes the keyword “foldable bikes” in its offer. When consumers enter that term into a search engine, the company’s items show as an ad inside the search results—typically at the top of the page.

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Guerrilla Advertising

Guerrilla advertising refers to less traditional means of attracting attention that is typically low-cost and utilises innovative approaches. Ambient advertising is a popular approach in this area, in which a firm displays advertisements in public spaces in an unusual way. Instead of advertising on a bus stop, a firm might paint a mural on the sidewalk advertising its services. This form of advertising occasionally encourages public engagement or participation. For example, the advertising may urge people to snap a photo with the ad and share it on social media with hashtags. That is why firms that use guerrilla advertising strive for eye-catching advertisements in order to attract customers to connect with their content. Word-of-mouth advertising may be an effective and low-cost strategy for businesses to develop brand recognition.

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Example of Guerrilla Advertising

Success of Advertising Campaign

The success of your advertising campaign depends on choosing the right audience, advertising in the right places, and tracking your performance.

If you run an online business, it’s easy to find out who is visiting your site by using a service like Google Analytics. You can see where people are coming from and what search terms they used to arrive at your site. You can also find out which pages they are reading and how long they stay at your site.

You can target ads to specific groups of people. If you sell new baby clothes, for example, you could target ads to parents with babies between 6 and 12 months old.

You should advertise where your audience is. For example, if you own a pet store, don’t just put up posters on lampposts in the park — put them up at vet offices, dog groomers and pet supply stores. If you want to target teenagers or college students, don’t just stick posters in local laundromats — put them up on campus bulletin boards or near movie theaters that show teen-oriented films.

Books on Advertising

 Given below are some of the best books that you can read to learn more about advertising:

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Hopefully, this blog has helped you understand the different types of advertising you must know about. Advertising and Marketing are amongst the best and in-demand careers in contemporary times. Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in choosing the right course and university that can equip you with the essential skills, knowledge, and exposure to build a thriving career in the field of Advertising! Sign up for an e-meeting today!

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