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With more and more TV dramas, reality shows and awards going on air every other day as well as theatre dramas showing up in every nook and corner of the streets, there is an increased demand for diligent professionals who can creatively design the sets and props used in the TV programs or plays. If you want to carve your career aligned with the aforementioned industry, the most suitable career option is Scenography. In simple terms, Scenography is an artistic field involving the designing of sets and scenarios for television shows, fashion shows, plays etc. After all, we can not deny how mesmerizing the sets of award ceremonies are! This blog brings you a comprehensive career guide which can walk you through the essentials of how to start a career in Scenography.

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What is Scenography?

As explained above, scenography is the art of creating striking set designs and performance environments including arrangements and supervision for proper lighting, sounds, and the structure of the props and space, amongst others. Scenographers ensure that all the visual elements associated with the telecast or performance are top-notch and fit the requirements of the scene that is depicted.

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Eligibility Criteria 

For all the young minds aspiring to pursue a degree in scenography or its related fields, there are certain requisites which you must fulfil before applying for a course. Since scenography is a trending field, a plethora of programs are offered at both bachelor’s and master’s levels along with short-term courses. Following are some of the essential prerequisites you need to keep in mind while applying for a program in this field.

  • For admission into bachelor’s courses, you must have the formal schooling of 10+2 from a recognized institution with a Science, Arts or Commerce Stream. The candidate must possess the minimum aggregate demanded by the university. 
  • While seeking a master’s degree, you must have completed your graduation in any related field to scenography. Along with this work experience of 1-2 years is also demanded by some universities, however, this is not a mandatory requirement.
  • To attain overseas education in this field, applicants need to prove their English proficiency by providing scores of IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Along with this, LORs (Letters of  Recommendation) and SOP (Statement of Purpose) will also be required to sail smoothly through the application process

List of Courses in Scenography 

Catering to the need of vast inclination of aspirants towards getting a professional degree in this field, a multitude of courses are offered by universities around the globe. By getting enrolled in such courses you can furnish your passion for set designing or scenography into a full-time profession. Various bachelor’s and master’s level courses will walk you through an array of insights into the domain. Here is a list of some leading programs in Scenography you can choose from:

  • BA in Theatre
  • BA Film and Set Design with Foundation Year 
  • BA (Hons) Film TV and Stage Design
  • BA (Hons) Television and Film Set Design 
  • BA (Hons) Scenography and Theatre Design/ Film and Television Studies 
  • BFA in Production and Design for Stage and Screen 
  • MFA in Theatre Scenography 
  • MFA in Scenography
  • MA Theatre Practice: Performance and Scenography 
  • MA Scenography 
  • MA Performance Design and Practice
  • MFA in Stage Design 
  • BA (Hons) Design for Performance: Theatre, Film and Live Events

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Top Universities Offering Courses in Scenography

The institution from where you attain a degree plays an important role in creating a sound foundation for your career. Thus, aiming for quality education you must strive to choose a university which avails the course that best matches your niche. Following are some of the leading institutions offering various programs in Scenography. 

Career Prospects  

After getting the requisite knowledge and training in Scenography, you can explore a wide range of opportunities in the event and entertainment industry. As you begin to work as a full-time scenographer, you would be expected to design layouts for the drawings and models of the set for a particular event while also ensuring minimal expenditure. As a part of your job, you will also have to visit the outside broadcast sites and hold a meeting with the commissions of the set construction. Below mentioned are some of the major employment areas under scenography:

  • Theatres 
  • Video and Film Production Companies 
  • Music Video Production companies 
  • Advertising Agencies 
  • Digital and Independent Television Companies


What is scenography used for?

The term “scenography” refers to all of the components that contribute to the ambience and mood of a theatrical performance, including lighting, sound, set, and costume design.

What are the 5 elements of scenography?

Elements of scenography include scenic environment, objects, costumes, light and sound.

What is the meaning of scenography design?

Scenic design (also known as scenography, stage design, or set design) is the process of creating scenery for theatre, film, or television. Scenic designers come from a range of artistic backgrounds, although in recent years, they have primarily been trained professionals with B.F.A. or M.F.A. degrees.

Thus, we hope that this blog has familiarized you with the essentials of building a career in Scenography. If you need assistance with finding a suitable program and university to study Scenography, sign up for a free 30-minute career counselling session with our Leverage Edu experts and we will provide the necessary guidance to help you take an informed step towards a rewarding career.

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