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List of BBA Sholarships for Indian Students

The majority of Indian students seek to pursue higher education overseas. It is a popular concept among students who wish to study abroad to get global experience and a higher level of education for degrees such as BBA, BBM, BMS, MBA, MIM, and other management-related programmes. However, pursuing this goal is not simple, as one of the most significant obstacles is the high expense of studying at international universities. Students should not be concerned because there are several undergraduate and BBA scholarships available for Indian students to study abroad after completing their secondary education in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and others. This blog will cover some of the popular scholarships accessible to Indian students who want to study for a BBA degree abroad.

Top BBA Scholarships to Study in UK

BBA Scholarships

International students can apply for merit-based, need-based, student-specific, or course-specific scholarships in the United Kingdom. Aside from scholarships, most UK universities provide tuition cost reductions if initial deposits are made by a certain time. The BBA scholarships in the United Kingdom are extremely competitive, and applicants must submit a focused application with a compelling statement of purpose. Let’s know about some of the highly popular scholarships to study UG programmes like BBA in the UK:

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British Council Great Scholarships for Indian Students

Every academic year, the British Council Great Scholarships programme releases roughly 198 scholarships with a total budget of £2.6 million, in collaboration with 40 UK universities. There are around 169 postgraduate and 29 undergraduate scholarships available, ranging from art and design to engineering, law, and business and management.

Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship 

Coventry University is one of the esteemed universities in the UK offering courses in different areas and invites applicants from all over the world. To provide financial support to students, Coventry University awards various scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship awarded to a few students that have performed marvellously in previous academic years. 

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University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships

The University of West London is another one of the popular universities to offer BBA scholarships and other scholarships to 100 applicants worth £5,000 (INR 5.17 Lakh) for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Being an ambassador for the University of West London, students have to indulge in various promotional activities. The scholarship covers the tuition fee cost.

CastleSmart Scholarship 

The Castle Smart Estate grant is another excellent undergraduate or BBA scholarship for international students wishing to study in the United Kingdom. This £6,000 (INR 6.21 Lakh) scholarship is available to students pursuing an undergraduate degree at a UK university. This scholarship, unlike the others, has an intriguing unusual entrance requirement. To be considered, you must create a YouTube video on your schooling and future goals. Students from all countries are eligible to apply for this grant.

Other UK University-Specific BBA Scholarships 

Here is a detailed list of popular UK universities that are providing international or Indian students with undergraduate or BBA scholarships on a merit basis and/or entry-level: 

  1. Aberystwyth University International Scholarships.
  2. Bristol University International Scholarships.
  3. University of Birmingham International Scholarships. 
  4. Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships.
  5. University of Edinburgh Global Scholarships. 
  6. Kingston University International Scholarships.
  7. Queen’s University Belfast International Scholarships.
  8. University of Nottingham International Scholarships. 
  9. Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships for International and European Union (non-UK) Students.
  10. University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships.

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Top BBA Scholarships to Study in the USA 

BBA Scholarships

For foreign students, the United States is one of the most desirable study-abroad locations. Many students hope and dream of receiving numerous scholarships to help fund their studies overseas. In general, students in the United States choosing graduate study rather than undergraduate courses have more financial assistance possibilities. Here are some of the highly renowned UG and BBA scholarships for international students to study in the USA:

#YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship

It’s a scholarship and social media campaign intended to entice international students, regardless of their subject of study, to the US higher education system. You must submit an essay or a video exhibiting your initiative and excitement for supporting activities that promote intercultural dialogue. The participating institution and college will provide you with two-yearly and renewable scholarships that will cover at least half of your tuition costs for one of your preferred abroad undergraduate programmes (such as BBA). Your essay or multimedia presentation should focus on the leadership qualities you want to demonstrate on campus to get this one of the most prestigious BBA scholarships.

Tata Scholarship for Cornell University

The Tata Education and Development Trust and Cornell University have established a $25 million endowment to support deserving Indian undergraduate students. The Tata-Cornell Scholarship supports around 20 learners each year. To be qualified for this undergraduate or BBA scholarship, the applicants: 

  • Must be a resident of India and have finished secondary school there.
  • Must have been accepted into one of Cornell’s undergraduate programmes.
  • Should be qualified for a scholarship based on financial need.

It is given every year till the student graduates. The lone exception is architecture major students, who are eligible for assistance for eight semesters. Students enrolling in the colleges of architecture, arts & planning, and engineering are given priority for scholarships. Preference is also given to those majoring in applied economics and management, biological sciences, and physical sciences.

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

This is another one of the most popular undergraduate or BBA scholarships for international students. The American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (AU EGL) is designed to assist high-achieving students in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the United States. Civic and social participation is required of students. This grant is for students who intend to help underserved and impoverished areas in their native country. The American University in Washington, DC, offers this scholarship to any undergraduate student pursuing a degree in any discipline at the university.

Other Undergraduate or BBA Scholarships

Let’s walk you through some other undergraduate or BBA scholarships for international students who are interested in studying in the United States:

Possible Undergraduate/BBA Scholarships Reward
SelfScore International Student ScholarshipUSD 5000 (INR 4.10 Lakh)
Chevron ScholarshipUSD 2000 (INR 1.64 Lakh)
Western Union Foundations Global Scholarship ProgramUSD 2500 (INR 2.05 Lakh)
Global Students Scholarship1000 (INR 82,000)
Asian Women in BusinessUSD 25000 (INR 20.51 Lakh)
Ivy Parker Memorial ScholarshipUSD 2000 (INR 1.64 Lakh)
RD Sethna Loan ScholarshipUSD 135 (INR 11,000)

Top BBA Scholarships to Study in Canada

Scholarships, bursaries, and scholarships continue to astound youngsters! Using the appropriate scholarships, one can pursue a high-quality education in Canada. International students who desire to pursue higher education or undergraduate studies in Canada can take advantage of a variety of scholarships provided by the Canadian government. As a result, it is easier to discover some of the greatest and most well-known BBA scholarships in Canada than in other nations. The table below will guide you through some of the most prestigious BBA scholarships available in Canada for Indian students.

Top BBA Scholarships in Canada University Offering the Scholarship Reward in CAD
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship ProgramUniversity of TorontoVariable
Seymour Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance ScholarshipYork University6,776 (INR 5.55 Lakh)
Tanna H. Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance ScholarshipYork University6,776 (INR 5.55 Lakh)
Lloyd-Carr Harris Foundation Entrance Scholarship in Business AdministrationSimon Fraser University20,000 (INR 16.40 Lakh)
Bachelor’s Degree Entrance ScholarshipSheridan College2,000 (INR 1.64 Lakh)
Hani Zeini ScholarshipAll Canadian Universities1000 (INR 82,000)
QS Undergraduate ScholarshipAll Canadian Universities1000 (INR 82,000)
Go Clean ScholarshipAll Canadian Universities3,500 (INR 2.87 Lakh)
Innovation in Education ScholarshipAll Canadian Universities500 (INR 41,000)

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Top BBA Scholarships to Study in Australia 

One of the key reasons for Australia’s attractiveness is its generous financial assistance to overseas students. Aspirants can apply for a variety of popular scholarship programmes offered by the Australian government and universities. Aside from that, Australia’s well-known universities provide a diverse range of scholarship options. These BBA scholarships are awarded mostly on the basis of the courses students want to follow, their previous academic records, university selection, and so on.

Popular BBA Scholarships in Australia Australian Universities Rewards 
MRS Queer Leadership ScholarshipMonash UniversityUp to 3500 AUD per year (INR 1.89 Lakh)
Monash International Merit ScholarshipMonash University10,000 AUD per year (INR 5.41 Lakh)
Business and Economics of India Excellence ScholarshipAustralian National University10,000 AUD per year (INR 5.41 lakh)
Business and Economics International Undergraduate ScholarshipAustralian National UniversityTuition fee waiver for international students
India Global Leaders ScholarshipThe University of Queensland5000 AUD – 20,000 AUD (INR 2.71 Lakh – INR 10.84 Lakh)
UQ Economics India ScholarshipThe University of Queensland50% of tuition fees
Deans Sir Samuel Griffith ScholarshipGriffith University24,000 AUD – 60,000 AUD (INR 13 Lakh – INR 32.52 Lakh)
Chancellor’s ScholarshipsGriffith UniversityUp to 22,000 AUD (INR 11.92 lakh)

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How to Apply for BBA Scholarships? 

Start preparing your documentation after you’ve discovered a study abroad undergraduate scholarship that you may apply for. The following is an example of a typical application process:

  • Apply for the scholarship by filling out an online application form.
  • Make sure you’ve gotten the confirmation email by checking your inbox.
  • Make an excellent SOP (if asked) or an essay for your application. There are plenty of models on the internet, but don’t forget to be unique with your own experiences and ideas.
  • Obtain formal documentation of your academic, athletic, and creative accomplishments. If required, translate the documents — which is frequently the case.
  • Alternatively, obtain and gather all the necessary formal documentation. 
  • Check for mistakes in all papers before sending them to the scholarship provider.
  • Submit the university’s admission letter (or an official document from the university confirming your admittance). You will not be awarded the scholarship unless you indicate that you will commence your studies.
  • Await the outcome. Congratulations on being chosen; you’ve received a scholarship! Throw a party, but don’t blow all of your scholarship funds on it. 

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Is BBA free in Germany?

Many German universities do not ask for tuition fees from students studying BBA. Although students have to usually pay semester fees ranging from EUR 140 to EUR 340 (INR 12,000 to INR 29,000).

Can I study BBA abroad for free?

The best way to complete BBA course abroad is to apply for fully funded scholarships that cover every educational expense of the student.

Which is the best country to study BBA?

Some of the best countries to study BBA are:
1. USA
2. Switzerland
3. Canada
4. Thailand
5. Spain

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