ServiceScape Scholarship

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ServiceScape Scholarship

While gearing up to embark on your higher education journey, it is essential to consider a wide range of factors from choosing the right course and university to finalising a well-drafted application along with sorting out the overall budget. Scholarships prove to be extremely helpful for those concerned about the financial aspect of their higher studies. Amongst the popular scholarships for Indian students, ServiceScape Scholarship is a great option for those gifted with a writing flair and creative mind. Offered by the global outsourcing platform for freelancers across the globe, ServiceScape Scholarship rewards candidates on an essay topic thus helping them win a sufficient amount for funding their dream education! Read this blog to know all about the eligibility criteria, contest topic and other details about ServiceScape Scholarship 2020.

What is ServiceScape Scholarship?

Internationally popular as an online outsourcing platform for freelance editors, writers, graphic designers and translators, ServiceScape offers an exclusive scholarship for students aspiring to UG, PG or Doctorate programs. The ServiceScape scholarship is open to candidates from all the nationalities and rewards a whopping $1,000 amount to winning candidates. As per your choice and need, you can use the scholarship amount for tuition fee, books, supplies or for any other educational needs. 

Important Dates and Registration 2020

The application deadline for the ServiceScape Scholarship 2020 is 30th November 2020. The scholarship window opened on 1st December 2019 IST till 30th November 2020 IST and no application would be entertained after the deadline. You can visit the official portal of the ServiceScape Scholarship by clicking here and fill the application form as well as submit your essay. The topic for the essay for ServiceScape Scholarship 2020 is “How does writing impact today’s world?”

Eligibility Criteria 

To apply for the ServiceScape Scholarship, you need to ensure that you fulfil the following eligibility requirements: 

  1. The scholarship is only for those who will be studying or going to study at a university, college or trade school for the year 2020. The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Each candidate can enter the scheme only once.
  3. Timely submission of the application before November 30th, 2020 IST is essential.
  4. It is mandatory for the applicants to answer the essay question ‘How does writing impact today’s world?’ in 300 words.
  5. It is necessary to fill up the application form in English only (including essay). 

Scholarship Amount

Once you qualify to be a potential candidate and further get selected, you will be awarded with a scholarship amount of $1,000. This amount will be paid by cheque which will then be mailed within 4 weeks. The amount is non-transferable and the winners are also featured on the ServiceScape blog.

ServiceScape Scholarship: Selection Process 

After the successful submission of your essay and application, you will be notified through an e-mail in December 2020 if you are selected as a winner. Let’s understand the key parameters for evaluation and selection process of the ServiceScape Scholarship 2020: 

  1. Mainly, the contestants will be judged on the basis of their writing.
  2. The chosen winner, within 10 days of the notified email must submit a headshot photograph along with liability release, affidavit of eligibility and a public release. 
  3. The decision made by the ServiceScape authority is final and all the non-winner entries will be nullified once the winner is declared.
  4. Within 4 weeks of this process, the candidate will receive a check of $1,000 over e-mail. 
  5. Afterwards, the winner’s headshot photograph, essay, name will be displayed on the ServiceScape website.

Note: If the chosen potential winner fails to submit all of the above-mentioned necessities within the given time frame or cannot be contacted, then, a new potential winner will be selected for the ServiceScape scholarship. 

Thus, we hope that this blog familiarized you with the salient details of ServiceScape Scholarship 2020. Are you exploring such scholarship programs to pursue your dream higher education abroad? Get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu and we will guide you in finding the best scholarships to fund your chosen program abroad! Sign up for a free session with us today!

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