How scholarships can make studying abroad a reality?

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How scholarships can make studying abroad a reality

Super 30 fame Mr Anand Kumar from the state of Bihar, is a real-life example of modern time among all of us who, despite being a mathematics genius, could not fulfil his study abroad dream because of lack of money to fund his study abroad expenses. The scholarship is not a new term for us, it has very much excited all of us since our school and college days. When we talk about studying abroad, the way its charm and impact thrill us at the same time the heavy budgeting spoils our mood. In that situation Scholarships are one of the most convenient methods to ease the financial stress of students who plan to study abroad. 

What is a Scholarship?

Scholarships are the financial aid which is offered to some selected applicants to ease the monetary burden of their education budget. Students do not need to pay back the scholarship amount, so sometimes it is also called a one-time paycheck. Scholarships are offered to deserving candidates based on different criteria by multiple sources.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarships are majorly divided into two different categories Need-Based Scholarships and Merit-Based Scholarships. Merit-based scholarships are further categorised into multiple sub-sections such as academic merit-based scholarships, sports merit-based scholarships, performing and creative arts-based scholarships etc. Based on the amount of scholarship award scholarships are also known as full scholarships or partial scholarships.

Scholarships making Study Abroad Dream a Reality

At present time because of fierce competition and education inflation, scholarships indeed act as a ray of hope for those meritorious wings whose flight got hampered due to heavy study abroad costing millions of rupees.

Merit-based and Need-based scholarships to international students are offered by foreign universities, government institutions both at home and overseas, and corporates and philanthropic organizations both at home and abroad. It not only boosts the motivation of deserving and needy candidates but also provides immense relief to their family too. These scholarships are the backbone for the students in converting their study abroad dream into a reality.

In the case of merit-based scholarships, the disbursal of the scholarship amount is based on the marks scored by the applicant on academic and scholarship tests. In the case of need-based scholarship, the disbursal of the scholarship amount is based on the applicant’s family income. The purpose to include scholarship tests and income band parameters in scholarship awards is to maintain transparency and serve the needy and deserving only. Scholarships are an angelic move to support and nurture the bright minds of today for tomorrow.

List of some well-known study abroad scholarships

Here is the list of some well-known study abroad scholarships which are available for international students:

In this article, we discussed how scholarships are the backbone for the needy meritorious student in fulfilling their higher education dream from abroad. It is possible only because of the selfless contribution of government, corporates and philanthropic organizations. Financial aid in the form of scholarships not only covers the budget needs of the students as well as it is boosting the morale of the deserving unprivileged candidates. 

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