Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship

Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship

In a world where one is born with unequal opportunities, the opportunity to come at par or even do better than others is always welcomed. Being awarded for your hard work and abilities is always motivating and scholarships all around the world are perfect examples of how to better your own situation through recognition for your own abilities. With the rising tuition and school fee clashing with the need to graduate from a good school or college with better opportunities. Scholarships provide you with the opportunity to earn your own education. Out of the countless scholarship opportunities, let us discuss the Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship details. 

What is the Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship?  

‘No Youth should be deprived and left behind from education”

This is the motto that the Modi Foundation believes in. This foundation invites students from across the country to earn as well as support the dreams of school students. The Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship program offers merit-based scholarships on the basis of the test results. The program offers students a 100% scholarship and promises to take care of the schooling needs of the student winner. The Scholarship aims at empowering students and help them with basic learning skills, educational and health care. Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship also extends support to the parents of the scholarship holders. Some of the selected students are also entitled to a special gift award. 

Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship Reward

Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship award amount is based on a number of rules laid down and does not cover the entire cost of studying. The scholarship awarded ranges from 5% to 100% waiving of education fee. This range of scholarship is determined on the brilliance and eligibility of the student. This scholarship is awarded only on the school tuition fee. It is meant for students studying in school. To avail the scholarship, the selected candidate must submit all the necessary documents as proof. The scholarships are meant to functions as motivation for students who want to work hard and get trained in different competitive exams. 

Who can Apply? 

The scholarship award is for school students and their needs. It is awarded to students from classes 8th to the 12th. It is only awarded to Indian students who belong to the regions of Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The candidate has to belong to the above-mentioned regions to qualify as eligible for the Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship. Those students waiting for their board results are also eligible to apply for the Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship. 

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Award Details

There are certain scholarship award specifications to the Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship that depend on the student’s academic abilities. They include: 

  • Students securing 1st position in the corresponding examination will be awarded a cash reward of INR 50000. This amount is awarded to a maximum of 25 students. 
  • Students securing 2nd position in the test are awarded a cash prize of INR 40000. This is awarded to a maximum of 50 students.
  • Students securing 3rd position in the examination are given a cash reward of INR 30000 and this is given to a maximum of 75 students. 
  • Students securing the 4th position are awarded 15000 as their reward. This is awarded to exactly 100 students. 
  • Finally, students securing the 5th position will be awarded a cash reward of INR 8000. This is awarded to a maximum of 250 students. 

These were the cash prizes awarded to the different students based on their performances.

Documents Required

There are a number of documents that the Foundation requires before awarding the Siksha Abhiyan scholarship to almost 500 students. Some of these documents include: 

  • Admission letter
  • Identity and Residence Proof
  • PAN Card, Aadhaar Card of the student and also that of the parent or guardian.
  • Passport Size Photograph (one that isn’t older than 6 months)
  • Income Proof of the Parent/ Guardian
  • Cost of Study Statement
  • Statement of liabilities and assets of the parent or guardian
  • Completely filled and signed loan application form
  • IT assessments or IT returns of the 2 previous years of the co-borrower

Hopefully, this blog provides you with all the necessary details about the Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship. The Foundation is working hard to ensure that each deserving student is given a fair opportunity to compete. Apart from this, there are numerous other scholarships awarded by different organisations and institutes all around the world.

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Many students tend to believe that studying abroad is an expensive affair but this is far from the truth. Many universities and organizations provide numerous scholarships to international students which makes studying in a foreign university a lucrative option. If you want to know more about these scholarships, the experts at Leverage Edu are there to guide you through the process so that you can come to an informed decision.

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