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insead scholarships

Every student who aspires to be in the corporate sector or has a business acumen has to go for an MBA and what better place than INSEAD which is known as the Business School for the World. It is one of the best colleges in the world and it is the dream institution for students all over the world. INSEAD has been making many efforts to ensure students get the education they deserve such as many scholarships.

INSEAD Scholarships

Famously known as the Business School for the world, INSEAD has three campuses in Asia, Middle-East and Europe. Students from all over the world attend INSEAD making their campus full of diversity, culture and heritage. Out of all the students enrolled for MBA in INSEAD, 19% can avail the benefits of the INSEAD scholarships.

The most sought-after source of financial assistance is the INSEAD scholarships. About 19% of students get the chance to use it, as stated earlier. On the basis of such requirements, scholarships are issued. Although there are 25 conditions for it there are primarily 2 main criteria:

  • Need-based Scholarships
  • Non-need-based Scholarships

Need-based Scholarships

Amount Eligibility How to Get the Scholarship?
INSEAD Alumni Association Scholarship Fund Up to € 25,000 (INR 21,95,750) This scholarship awarded on the basis of background, work experience, achievements and personal profile, contribute to the breadth and depth of ‘diversity’ at the school. In order to support this candidate, Need-Based Scholarship Application and essay questions should be filled and submitted in approximately 350 words to explain the candidate’s financial situation as well as cash flow forecast for the year.
INSEAD Alumni Fund Robin Hood Scholarship Up to € 20,000 (INR 17,56,600) This scholarship would be available for students who would be able to explain the difficulty of raising the funds for their studies.  They have to submit an essay along with it, outlining the ambitions of the candidate in 300 words for their future career and growth.
INSEAD Need-based Scholarship € 12,000 (INR 10,53,960) This scholarship will only be awarded to those who will be able to explain and demonstrate the tremendous challenge of raising appropriate funds for the MBA programme at this university. Although those with a marked socio-economic disadvantage will have some preference. The candidates must write about themselves in 400 words and their financial summary in 350 words, which should be authentic because it will be verified.
INSEAD Alumni Fund Diversity Scholarship €10,000 (INR 8,78,300) This scholarship will be awarded to those who are in a position to show and demonstrate the tremendous challenge of raising adequate funds for the MBA programme at this university. While those residing in emerging / developing countries will be given some preference. For this the candidates must write very accurately and concisely within 350 words about their financial situation and cash flow prediction of the year.

Non- Need based Scholarships

Scholarship Name Amount Eligibility How to Get the Scholarship?
INSEAD Admiral Scholarship €10,000 (INR 8,78,300) Anyone can apply for this scholarship. An essay giving a description of yourself.
INSEAD Alumni Fund Special Profile Scholarships €10,000 – €25,000 (INR 8,78,300 – 21,95,750) All applicants who are sufficiently confident to satisfy a particular or different category. An essay giving a description of yourself.
INSEAD Alumni Fund Women’s Scholarship €15,000 (INR 13,17,450) All applicants who are sufficiently confident to satisfy a particular or different category. Candidates need to answer the following questions in roughly 350 words:In the corporate world, women are still not fairly portrayed. What should be done about it?To tackle this issue, what have you contributed to date?In the future, what do you intend to contribute?In about 150-200 words, clarify why it would be important for you to have a female scholarship at INSEAD and describe any variables that you feel would differentiate you from other applicants.What amount of award do you think is suitable? Discuss. (Roughly 150 words)
INSEAD Andrew Horden Endowed Scholarship €10,000 (INR 8,78,300) Students who do not have a traditional MBA background Applicants must explain in approximately 350 words why you think your experience is unique, non-traditional or different and why you warrant a non-traditional background scholarship.As well as a cash flow outlook for the year at INSEAD (details of revenue set against all expenditures), candidates will need to provide a succinct but detailed summary of their financial circumstances. Explain how you intend your studies to be covered if you do not get an INSEAD scholarship or financial assistance. (150-200 words approximately)
INSEAD Forte Foundation Fellowship €15,000 (INR 13,17,450) Exemplary leadership in one or more respects should be demonstrated by candidates for the Forte Fellowship: academic leadership; team leadership; group leadership; innovative leadership. INSEAD will also look for observable academic and personal achievement, as well as inclusion in topics related to women’s advancement. Candidates need to explain in no more than 500 words why they should be a Forte Fellow in the INSEAD class. What sum of award is deemed acceptable by them? Discuss. (150 words approximately)

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These are just some of the scholarship options provided by INSEAD, there are various other categories that students can apply under. This is a great opportunity for students to get into their dream college.Follow Leverage Edu for more information on different scholarships for Indian students, universities and various other career options.

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