Best Courses after BA LLB

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Top Courses after BA LLB

Every year, 50,000- 70,000 students take up the CLAT Exam to become lawyers making it one of the most competitive fields in India. Yet there is more to law than becoming a lawyer, the legal landscape offers a wide range of courses like Criminology, Cyber Law, and Social Work for law graduates. If you are a BA LLB graduate and confused about what to do next?  Keep reading because we will help you choose the best course after BA LLB!

Courses After BA LLB

Students have a list of courses to choose from after pursuing a BA LLB. Listed below are some of the popular courses after BA LLB: 

  1. LLM
  2. MA in Public Administration
  3. MA Political Science/Sociology/History
  4. MA Psychology
  5. MA Criminology
  6. MA Social Work
  7. MBA
  8. Masters of Business Law
  9. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  10. MA in Human Resources Management
  11. Masters in Management Sciences


LLM is one of the most popular courses after BA LLB, candidates who practice in a specific specialization in their area of interest can opt for the LLM program. Some of the most successful Indian lawyers like Fali Nariman, KK Venugopal, and Harish Salve have opted for LLM to gain knowledge, and build a strong background and foundation in their field of interest. LLMs help lawyers with research, mooting and training. After pursuing an LLM, students have the option for building a career as a legal professor by appearing for the NET Exam.

Given below are some of the specializations of LLM:

  • Constitutional Law
  • International Trade and Business Law
  • Jurisprudence
  • Criminal Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Human Rights
  • Corporate Law and Governance

Cost of Studying LLM Abroad

Country Average Cost 
United Kingdom GBP 19K – 44K (INR 19.65 Lakhs – 45.51 Lakhs)
Canada CAD 10K to 55K (INR 5.5 Lakhs -30 Lakhs )
United States of America USD 62K to 71K (INR 47 Lakhs – 54 Lakhs )

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Masters in Public Administration

Students can also pursue a Master in Public Administration which is a 2 years postgraduate program. The aim of this course is to impart knowledge of public affairs while focusing on policy analysis and design. Through this course, students get well equipped with the necessary skills and exposure to serve in executive positions in Government and Non-Government Organisations. This course includes topics on policy development and management, principles of public administration, and implementation of policies.

Cost of Studying Masters in Public Administration Abroad

Country Average Cost 
United Kingdom 19,000 GBP- 24,000 GBP(INR19.65 lakhs – INR 24.82 Lakhs)
Canada $17,067 -20,000 CAD (INR 10.36 lakhs – INR 12.14 lakhs)
United States of America $50,000 -$52, 130 (INR 37.40 to INR 38.99 lakhs)

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MA Political Science

After pursuing a BA LLB degree, students can go for a MA in Political Science which is a 2 years post-graduate program. This course prepares students for a career in political analysis, policy-making and psephology. This is a great course for students who wish to build a career in politics. Through this course, students get well equipped with the major events of the political world, history and gain a socio-political understanding of prevalent issues.

Cost of Studying Political Science Abroad

Country Average Cost 
United Kingdom £20K (INR 21.20 Lakhs)
Canada CAD 9K – (INR 11K)
United States of America INR 14.76 Lakhs – INR 36.25 Lakhs

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Masters in Business Law

Masters in Business Law have been designed for students who wish to specialize in this particular niche. The focus of this program is on practical difficulties experienced while meeting legal obligations and regulatory framework compliance. Some of the subjects taught under this course are Law and Social Transformation, Legal Education and Research Methodology, Legal Practice, Law of Industrial and Intellectual Property, Commercial Arbitration, Banking Law, Insurance Law, etc.

Cost of Studying Business Law Abroad

Country Average Cost 
United Kingdom 14K Euro (INR 12.77 Lakhs)
Canada 10K CAD to 55K CAD (INR 5.50 Lakhs INR-30 Lakhs)
United States of America 62K USD to 71K USD (47 Lakhs INR – 54 Lakhs INR)

Masters in Social Work

Masters in Social Work is a 2 years post-graduate program. It focuses on social development and the mapping of events for future happenings. With a legal background, BA LLB students can go for this course as it helps them serve society. This course includes specializations like:

  1. Criminal Justice
  2. Human Rights
  3. Gender Inequality
  4. Mental Health 

Cost of Studying Master of Social Work Abroad

Country Average Cost 
United Kingdom 17K GBP to 39K GBP (INR 17 Lakhs – 39 Lakhs)
Canada CAD 9K (INR 6.74 Lakhs)
United States of America 16K USD to 59K USD (INR 11.96 Lakhs – 44.13 Lakhs)


Students can also go for MBA as this widens their job prospects. With an MBA degree, they can work at management firms with sufficient legal backgrounds. Contrary to common belief, an MBA can be pursued by students from all the streams and not just with a commerce background. MBA counts as one of the top courses after BA LLB. For students who wish to start up a business of their own, this career option is considered to be a good choice as it helps them have a legal understanding of how businesses should be run.

Cost of Studying MBA Abroad

Country Average Cost 
United Kingdom £34K (INR 35.9 lakhs)
Canada CAD 34K (INR 20.65 Lakhs)
United States of America INR 73-74 Lakhs

Bachelor of Education

B.Ed is a 3- years program that has been designed for those candidates who wish to enter the academics line after completing BA LLB. This program is structured to develop teaching and learning skills in graduates. The BEd is ideal for those who wish to teach and curate courses like Legal Aptitude and Political Science at the school level. It aims to introduce the students to the curriculum and pedagogies, a critical understanding of creating an inclusive environment. The cost of studying BEd in India is INR 80K to INR 1.5 lakhs per semester.

Alternative Jobs After BA LLB

[BONUS] Career Alternatives

Students may also apply for national-level competitive exams after pursuing BA LLB. These include: 

Judiciary Exams

Judiciary Exams are considered to be one of the most prestigious exams of the country. These exams are conducted for the position of a Judge in the Legal Fraternity. Students after acquiring a BA LLB degree can sit for Judiciary exams like PCS (J) and HJS. Although this exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams to crack, with sheer dedication and preparation students can definitely get through this. 


One cannot ignore the numerous perks and benefits that come along with government jobs. These benefits have never failed to amaze us. To handle the leading official positions in the Government of India, there is a dire need for brilliant young minds who can effectively and efficiently tackle contemporary issues. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts national exams for selection of candidates for the prestigious posts that come under UPSC. A number of BA LLB graduates opt for appearing for the UPSC Exams.

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