LLB Syllabus

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LLB Syllabus

For those who wish to pursue a line of profession that demands high seriousness, adaptability, curiosity and dedication, a career in Law can be the right option for them. Among the most sought-after degrees, LLB is a multidisciplinary program that involves studying subjects from varied backgrounds like Economics, History, Political Science, Human Rights, etc. The students pursuing this 3-year long rigorous degree program are likely to get a solid foundation of the law which will enable them to be the champions of justice. Moreover, learners are given industrial exposure to help them progress as legal professionals. When it comes to career prospects, the law as a field has a great number of opportunities to offer, from a Paralegal to Associate to Senior Advocate, you have a plethora of options to explore. But before that, let us take a look the topics covered under LLB syllabus. 


If you are planning to study abroad, and LLB is what you want to pursue, then you must be aware of the eligibility criteria for the law schools abroad. Unlike other fields, there is no restriction on the subjects you have studied in your high school but a standardized LSAT entrance exam is a prerequisite to get admission in the law school abroad.

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LLB Syllabus: Semester-Wise Breakdown

The LLB syllabus covers a broad range of subjects from Humanities. The comprehensiveness and multidisciplinarity have made it one of the most sought after degrees. Below is the semester wise breakdown of the overall syllabus. 

Semester – I

The first semester of the legal degree is designed to give you an overview of the field covering the fundamentals and in-depth study of important laws. Some of the main subjects included in this are Family Law, Labour Law and Crime while other optional subjects available are International Economics Laws, Criminology, etc.

Semester – II

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The second semester of the LLB syllabus comprises the extension of the subjects taught in the first semester. As the degree requires the intensive understanding of the law, each subject is studied at length. The Semester – II besides covering topics like Family Law, Constitutional Law and Consumer Laws emphasizes on Professional Ethics and Conduct as well.


By the end of the year, you make the transition into the third semester of the degree program which marks the beginning towards the rigorous training in the legal profession. In this semester you delve into the intensiveness of the course as it covers the more specific subjects like Law Evidence, Arbitration, Conciliation Alternative, Human Rights and Environmental Law.

Semester – IV

This semester focuses on preparing you for the industry by giving you the required exposure. Major subjects covered in the LLB syllabus includes Property Law & Property Act and Jurisprudence. The Jurisprudence covers the sub aspects of the Law field. Apart from the main subjects, optional subjects are offered which includes Comparative Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Law, etc. Besides, Legal Aid or professional training also forms the component of this semester. 

Semester – V

The fifth semester mainly focuses on giving you professional knowledge and hands-on training in the field. The core subjects taught in the course include Civil Procedure Code (CPC), Interpretation of Statutes, Legal Writing, Land Laws and Administrative Laws.

Semester – VI

The last semester of the LLB syllabus marks the end of the academic journey for the degree and makes you ready for the courtroom. But if you want to pursue higher education, there are plenty of options to go for research and specializations in Criminal Law, Civil Litigation Law, Legal Journalism, Legal Advisory, Jurisdiction, etc. The sixth semester of the degree program mainly comprises of subjects like Company Law, CPC etc. Besides, it includes practical training which consists of Moot Court and Drafting. 

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Hopefully, you’ve become familiar with the semester wise LLB syllabus. Legal career offers a plethora of opportunities for the ones who have a fascination for courtroom drama and love for justice. If you are determined to study in one of the best law schools in the world, Leverage Edu can make that happen. Our career experts use revolutionary AI-technology to browse through the best universities in the world and let you choose the one suitable for you.

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