LLB Distance Education

LLB Distance Education

A degree in law is a prerequisite to build a solid foundation to practice law. A career in Law is as exciting and reputed as any other profession like doctor, teacher, engineer, public administration, etc. Judiciary in the Indian democracy is known to be the third pillar of the nation alongside Legislature and Executive. Lawyers are ethical professionals upholding force behind them. For those who have great admiration for order and justice, an LLB degree is all you need to demonstrate your argumentative skills in the courtroom. A number of law schools around the world offer degrees in law. But if you are looking for a correspondence degree in Law, then you are at the right place to understand various LLB distance education programs for law enthusiasts.

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Validity and Benefits

A distance learning program is equally beneficial as a regular degree. For those who do not wish to pursue a regular course have the option of taking up a correspondence degree in the majority of disciplines. A large number of universities and colleges worldwide have come up with distance education programs to help people with time restraints to receive an education regardless of their age. This has led to many people, who otherwise would not have continued with their education, to pursue degrees they desire. LLB distance education program is one such option for law enthusiasts to keep their love for learning intact. A student enrolling for a distance program can choose to pursue a degree in a university from anywhere in the world. Online mode of teaching opted by many universities is giving students the liberty to study in the time period of their choice. This also allows the students to access a huge library of resources to supplement their learning.

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LLB Courses in Distance Education

With an increasing number of students opting for correspondence courses, a large number of universities worldwide are starting LLB distance education programs. The flexibility to choose your timing and mode of study makes it a huge success in the education sector.

Below is a tabular representation of various universities and colleges offering courses in law through distance learning:

University of Essex
UKLLB (Hons) Law4 Years
IUBH FernstudiumGermanyBachelor of Business
6 to 12
Nottingham Trent
UKGraduate Diploma in Law2 years
Open University UKLLB (Hons)3 to 6 years
University of London
Programmes in Malaysia 
MalaysiaBachelor of Laws (LLB)3 to 6 years 
University of Central
UKLLB in Law3 to 5 years
Cornell CollegeUSPre-Professional Program in

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LLB Distance Education: Job Prospects

With a correspondence degree in Law, you have as many options available for you as you would have while pursuing it as a regular course. It is always recommended to pursue a distance education program from a recognized university or institute. As a law graduate, you can choose to build a career in any of the sub-domains of Law. Some of the job opportunities after LLB distance education have been discussed below:

Legal Practitioner

As a legal practitioner, you can work as a legal advisor for corporates, firms and families. The legal system is complex to understand, and with the rise in businesses, situations like copyright infringement, mergers, lawsuits, etc are prevalent. Thus, to tackle such situations, companies need legal advisors.

Government Service

There is hardly any sector where legal services are not required. When it comes to government offices, there are a number of posts that demand skilled legal professionals. From Legal Advisors to Legislative Counsels, the government is filled with a great opportunity to showcase your legal expertise for numerous rewards in return.


Judiciary offers a wider scope for promotions for a legal professional. Starting from a Magistrate, depending on your experience and understanding of the law, you can be elevated to the position of a Sessions Judge or the High Court or the Supreme Court judges.


A wide variety of job options are available in the education sector if you have a knack for teaching. You can be appointed as a law professor depending on your qualifications, at the college or university level. Besides a degree in Law, you also need to qualify the mandatory eligibility test for the teaching profession. If you have publications in reputed journals to your credit, your chances are doubled. 

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Choosing whether to study a full-time law course or LLB Distance Education program can be a bit confusing at an early stage. Our counsellors at Leverage Edu are here ensure that such confusions do not come in your way of pursuing your dream career. Book a 30 minutes free consultation and take the first step towards your goal.

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