A Detailed Guide to Start a Career in Law


Want to learn everything about a career in law? Not sure where to start? Well, you are in the right place; stay tuned till the end and you will get answers to all your questions regarding a career in law.

Have you ever seen Men In Black?

No, not the movie, we’re talking about the legal lawyers. Yes, those legal lawyers who work as a coordinator under the government to bring justice in society. However, they said the law is a “Science of Justice” and the “Art of Justice.”

So what would you like to be? A scientist or an artist?

Just kidding!

Today, we are going to reveal the real world of Career in Law to you. So stay tuned till the last part.

What is Career in Law all About?

Here comes the part, that may open up your eyes a bit. As we all know that Law is required to accord justice in society.

Now the question is who regulates the Law? Of course, the government does. So basically whatever system government or the constitution of the nation has created for the regulation of law, it leads to the production of regulatory officials.

A lawyer represents and advises government agencies, businesses & individuals on legal disputes and issues.

A single lawyer can’t do everything alone.

So chief financial officers, law firm administrators, litigation support professionals, legal assistant, and so many other positions together tell us that Law career is just not about being that lawyer who directly appears in the court to win legal cases. It’s beyond that. Some people formed businesses, some work as an assitant, and some even teach law.

There are so many things about the law career in the later sections of this guide which are going to give you a lucid explanation of what law career is all about.

Pros of Choosing a Career in Law

If you too love to engage with challenges, problems, and arguments, this way would be the right way for you because of:

  • Prestige: Since ancient times, such a career has been always linked with the prestige because society pays attention to the impressive appearance, high salary, and legal power.
  • Diversity: In a process of setting up a legal system, the occurrence of diversities is a sure thing. So there exist a variety of legal career options for you ahead. From consultants, secretaries, paralegals, to mediators, judges, and lawyers. More and more career paths are evolving in Law because of the rapid changes.
  • Opportunities and Growth: For the last few years, meteoric changes have been taking place in the economy, social life, and political institutions. Such changes have proved to expand the revenue and profit of legal professionals. And you know what? It’s just the beginning.
  • No More Boredom: You will be the another Sherlock Holmes. Papers, sketches, shreds of evidence, so many things will hit you up. And once you start finding patterns for the guilty ones, boredom will never touch you again.
  • Secure Job: If you are working in an institution or for some sort of corporate, you won’t have a chance to lose the job.
  • Flexibility: Well, Lawyers are self-governing and they have the chance to make their own schedule, set their own price, and select their own clients. The Lawyer can also stay away from the office for a day in the name of research and personal matters.
  • Fun: The reason to have fun while working in this job is because of the perks we get. That means, some lawyers travel around the world in order to participate in depositions, trials, business deals, and arbitrations.
  • Power To Make A Difference: When we were just kids, we have always wanted to possess some sort of supernatural powers because, at that time, we used to compare ourselves to a movie’s superhero who had amazing supernatural powers to change the world. So being a lawyer, you can be that superhero.
  • Awareness of Rights And Duties: Although we have been taught in schools and colleges about the rights and the duties. However, who pays attention in the class? Right? So once you start your career in Law, you will automatically develop an understanding with the current rights and responsibilities. Next time, no one would be able to bother you legally.

Challenges of a Career in Law

On the way to enjoy your career, you may experience some disadvantages as well:

  • Enemies: Yes, you may end up making a few enemies in the process of fighting against criminals or corrupt part of society.
  • I Need You: Once you start excelling in your career, there will be an extreme demand for you and you will constantly hear the word “I need you.” Sometimes, you just have to fight many cases simultaneously.
  • Competitive: It’s not hard to get a job or a client but it’s hard to become competitive in the court to convince the judge.

Career in Law

Career in Law: Career Paths

Our Leverage Edu team have analyzed the career paths in Law and divided it into two halves:

  1. Lawyer Career Paths
  2. Non-Lawyer Career Paths

Career in Law- Lawyer Career Paths

  1. Law Firms

A law firm is just a business established by an individual or multiple lawyers to make a profit by practicing law skills. Such law firms tend to expand their geographical reach to capture more areas for more clients. Along with small firms, there are also huge firms that deal with acquisitions, corporate sectors, competition, finance, tax, banking, etc.

  1. Litigation

This career will make you appear in court every single day. Your earning will began on the very first day. Your work is to assist, draft, converse, type, and even much more.

  1. Banking & Insurance Sector

Banks & Insurance organizations tend to have their own independent legal departments. So the very initial recognition you may get in this sector is “Administrative Officer(Law)” or “Specialist Officer(Law).”

Insurance companies conduct examinations independently. Even freshers are welcome for such exams. At last, on the basis of merit and interview, candidates are selected and allocated to their respective positions in a bank. On the other side, there are also some banks who recruit graduates just through an interview.

  1. Public Prosecutor

This is an advocate appointed by the Government to embody state in criminal matters. State public service commissions perform examinations for appointing such prosecutors. This post will give you an opportunity to have a fixed monthly salary.

  1. Judicial Services

In movies, you may have definitely heard “Order-Order.” The appointing process of becoming a judge may vary among various countries. Anyway, the state’s public service commissions conduct examinations in most places. At some places, even freshers are eligible for such exams but at some, the experience is the key.

  1. SPY

So you don’t want to live life normally. Okay then choose this, you won’t regret. You will be assigned a secret project by a client. You will find a lot of unimaginable things coming in front of your door while working in this field. Being a lawyer, you will be able to face various governments, non-governmental authorities, police, FBI, informers, criminals gangs, etc.

  1. Criminologist

Is joker from the batman your favorite character? Who doesn’t like him? After all, he’s one of the best villains in the world. If you aspire to study characters like joker then why don’t you become a criminologist?

Criminology is a study of criminals, analysis of behaviors, justice systems, preventions, management of crimes, etc.

  1. Solicitor

A solicitor is an expert who drafts a list of documents and consults his clients. Such solicitor needs to appear in the court on behalf of the client.

  1. Military Lawyer

A military lawyer has to face wide tasks like environmental law, international law, civil personal issues, military issues, and operational laws.

Is “Teaching” your thing? Well, if you love it then you should opt for this. You can work as a full-time professor on contractual basis in an educational university. In order to get into Legal Academia, you need to accomplish your LL.M course first. However, the process may vary according to states.

Career in Law: Non-Lawyer Career Path

Now whatever you are going to read ahead is what you most probably have not heard yet about Law Career.

  1. Law Firm Administrator

Are you interested to achieve a high-skilled non-lawyer career? So as a Law firm administrator, you will have to attend the business side of law practices. Nothing more! And remember, Law firm administrators are also called executive directors, chief operating officers(COOs), chief managing officers(CMO).

  1. Chief Financial Officer

You can become a high-level financial manager who can deal with legal financial issues. Chief Financial Officers are usually Called CFO. So these officers are most likely to be seen into large firms, often the ones that are working on an international level. When firms make more than $1 billion in a year, financial management becomes the critical aspect of the firm.

Now this person is an administrative assistant who is well versed in engaging legal technology, legal terminology, and law office procedures. Legal secretaries mostly spend their time in scheduling conference rooms, typing, filing, answering the necessary phone calls, and many minor chores of attorneys.

Work of a legal receptionist is to greet guests, answer the phone calls, perform administrative tasks, and schedule conference rooms in a firm.

  1. Litigation Support Professional

They usually reinforce attorneys in the regulation of large-scale litigation. And yes, they design and contrivance databases to classify, register, regulate, and conclude large volumes of data produced every single day. Such professionals are in demand because of the integration of technology in legal services.

  1. Paralegal

A paralegal is a synonym of a legal assistant who works either in public law firms or private law firms. The work of paralegal is to perform various legal tasks for attorneys. Unlike a secretary, they indulge in major activities like arranging the preparation of hearings, meetings, trial matters, and communication with the clients.

Top Universities to Build a Career in Law

  1. Standford University

Stanford is one of the reputable private research university that was founded in 1885. The university is situated in California. The reason it’s so famous today is because of its wealth, proximity to Silicon Valley(Place where startups are invented), and academic strength. There are a variety of law courses. And data shows that Standford consists around 500K books. Law students from Standford have formed around 50 organizations.

  1. Duke University

This university has been ranking highly and has a tough admission process. Stats tell us that they only accept 20 percent of candidates annually. Duke University was founded in 1838 in Trinity but now it has moved to Durham. The Quakers and Methodists had together put great efforts to build this up.

  1. University of Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the reasons for the fame of the UK. The university was formed 810 years ago. The university grew tremendously when scholars left the University of Oxford due to townspeople dispute. However, the Squire Law Library in this university holds 180K volumes and considered as one of the three largest legal collections in the UK. Currently, there are faculties like Mphil in criminological research, diploma in international law, diploma in legal studies, and Mphil in criminology.

  1. Yale University

Admission process here is very selective. Do you know? Only 10% of candidates are able to get admission here every year. It’s a private research university which was formed 318 years ago in New Haven, Connecticut. The objectives of Yale University is not only to teach Law, but they also teach how to make an impact in the world with that law for good. Hilary Clinton, Gerald Ford, and Bill Clinton are in the Alumni of the university.

  1. University of Oxford

Who has one of the largest legal law faculty in the UK? Yes, that’s Oxford. Who has first rankings in the world in the Times Higher Education for 2017, 2018, 2019? Yes, you’re thinking right. That’s Oxford. We’re pretty sure that you have heard about Oxford many times. Oxford is the oldest university in the UK because some pieces of evidence prove the fact that teachers have been teaching there for 923 years.

FAQs for Career in Law 

Why choose a career in law?

Ans. A career in law is a rewarding experience and a smart career choice. This career comes with a sense of fulfillment in helping the citizens of the society, by making them aware and understanding about basic human rights. A career in law is a highly rewarding career in terms of financial benefits. It is quite a challenging feat in terms of staying ahead and intellectuality, but the self-satisfaction in helping those who have been wronged is unparalleled.  

What are the types of lawyers one can become when pursuing a career in law? 

Ans. There are different kinds of lawyers one can become by pursuing a career in law. Some of the types are:

  • Financial and Securities Lawyer
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer
  • Business Lawyer
  • Family Lawyer
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer
  • Employment and Labour Lawyer

Each kind of lawyer is engaged with a different section of the law and their responsibilities are a little different than each other.

What is the average salary for those with a career in law?

Ans. While a fixed salary for those with a career in law cannot be determined, the range of salaries can be discussed. While corporate lawyers earn around 11,00,00 to 8,00,000 Indian rupees per annum roughly. The salaries of other lawyers depend on the size of the firms they work in. For freelancers too, the salary depends on the number of cases and the kind of clients they work with.

Apart from a lawyer, what are the other options in a career in law?

Ans. When it comes to a career in law, there are several other options to choose from, other than lawyers. Some of them include:

  • Company secretary
  • Paralegal
  • Barrister
  • Licensed Conveyancer

These are some out of the many options one can have in a career in law. 

What skills are required to have a successful career in law?

Ans. A successful career in law requires a lot of pre-possessing skills on the part of the candidate. Some of these include oral and written communication skills, legal research patience and precision, good knowledge of legal laws and procedures, client servicing, etc. Securing good grades and having a tactful approach towards untold complications in the legal matters too are the additional skills one should build when it comes to a career in law.


Do Justice and Make An Positive Impact In The World

Having a career in law will definitely help you become adventurous, knowledgeable, and most importantly the one who can directly strike and scratch the world to make a positive impact.

“Imagine being the reason for someone’s happiness!”

Wait? What?

Need more information about building a career in law?

No Problem!

Feel free to connect with Leverage Edu to get assistance – +91-8826200293

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