BSc Computer Science vs BCA: The Ultimate Guide

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BSC Computer Science vs BCA

Advances in the field of computer technologies have not only accentuated the growth in disciplines of Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, and Finance but has also helped in making cutting edge research in the fields of the Particle, Nuclear and Space Physics. Further, more and more prospective individuals are turning towards pursuing degrees in Computer Sciences for lucrative career opportunities it offers. In particular, the BSc Computer Science and Bachelor of Computer Application degree programs. The following paragraphs delve into the specifics of both the courses and especially with the dilemma of BSC Computer Science vs BCA.

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BSc Computer Science vs BCA: Course Overview

The BSC Computer Science and BCA generally run for a duration of 3 to 4 years. This variation is based on the fact that countries like USA, UK, and Europe have different course duration. Both the courses relate to the field of computers in roughly similar ways teaching students about computer systems, foundational mathematics, and programming. Differences arise when the inclinations and objectives of BSC Computer Science vs BCA are compared. The BSc Computer Science syllabus provides an all-encompassing understanding of the computer science discipline. This includes designing computer systems, algorithms, artificial intelligence, visual reality, data science, and advanced programming. On the other hand, the BCA program dives into the niche of computer application development and deals with topics like network technologies, internet and mobile computing, operating systems development, database and modeling, and website designing. 

Category BSc Computer ScienceBachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
Duration           3 years 3 years 
Average FeesINR 20k – 60k/semesterINR 2 lakh to 3 lakh per year
Eligibility Criteria            Pass 10 + 2 PCM with a minimum percentage of 50 – 60% Pass 10 + 2 with minimum percentage of 50%
Average SalaryINR 6lakh p.a.INR 4 -8 lakh p.a.

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BSc Computer Science vs BCA: Topic-Wise Breakdown

When we talk about BSC Computer Science vs BCA in terms of electives offered, practicum training modules and optional research methods, the structure of both the courses remains more or less similar. The topics covered during the degree programs is where the differences arise. To give a more organized understanding, a course-wise topic distribution has been listed below.

BSc Computer Science

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Architecture
  • Systems Design
  • Information Security
  • Networking
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computing: Legal and Ethical Aspects 
  • Data Science
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

  • Computer and Mathematics Fundamentals
  • Website Development
  • Database Management
  • Designing of Applications
  • Web technologies
  • Statistics
  • Information Engineering
  • Programming
  • Advanced Internet and Mobile Development
  • Database and Modelling

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BSc Computer Science vs BCA: Universities

As for the universities are concerned, there are more institutions across the globe that offer a bachelor of computer science degree than a bachelor of computer application. Furthermore, the process of application across these universities largely remains the same with the SAT as an important element and English language tests such as IELTS/TOEFL/PTE required for non-native applicants. The application package includes a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, etc. Some of the universities you can consider are:

Name of UniversitiesCountryCourses
Edith Cowan UniversityAustraliaBachelor of Science in Major Computer Science
University of DerbyUKBSc Computer Science
University of GlasgowUKBSc Computer Science(Hons)
University of ReadingUKBSc Computer Science
La Trobe UniversityNew ZealandBSc Computer Science
University of South WalesUKBSc Computer Applications Development
University of TorontoCanadaBSc Computer Science
New York UniversityUSABSc Computer Science

BSc Computer Science vs BCA: Job Opportunities

We shed light on the career opportunities that await you amongst the career fields of BSc Computer Science and BCA.

For BSc Computer Science

The job roles are as follows:

  • Software Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Architect
  • Web Developer
  • Programmer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Program/System Analyst


The job roles are as follows:

  • Game Designer/Tester
  • Technical Support
  • System Specialist
  • Software Tester
  • System Maintenance
  • Programmer
  • Web Designer
  • System Manager
  • Network Administrator

Similar & Further Study Options

After a BSC Computer science or BCA, individuals can choose to pursue specialized as well as generalized postgraduate courses related to Computer Science and its allied fields of Economics, Data Science, Finance and Management. 


Is BCA is better than BSc Computer Science?

BCA might have more job opportunities whereas BSc graduates might need more training to work on-site.

Which has more salary BCA or BSc Computer Science?

BCA has comparatively a higher salary than BSc Computer Science.

Is BCA harder than BSC?

BCA requires similar kind of hardwork that BSc does.

We hope this blog on BSC Computer Science vs BCA was helpful in giving you an overview and the points of difference between them. Computer science is a growing field and offers an array of career opportunities. Whether you are looking to study abroad or in India, a carefully planned approach is essential in securing admission. Leverage Edu’s expert counselors can assist you throughout this daunting process so that you can sail through it with flying colors and build a rewarding career. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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  1. Wow really nice and helpful article
    All major points explained in good fashoin
    Thanks for sharing the information

    1. Hi Himanshu, great to know that you liked our work! If you can’t decide which road to take between BSc and BCA, let us be your guide, call us at 88262 00293 and get free 30-minutes career counselling.

  1. Wow really nice and helpful article
    All major points explained in good fashoin
    Thanks for sharing the information

    1. Hi Himanshu, great to know that you liked our work! If you can’t decide which road to take between BSc and BCA, let us be your guide, call us at 88262 00293 and get free 30-minutes career counselling.