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In these contemporary times, technology and computer applications are both fields that play a vital role. The modern world which is tech-driven has a large number of scholars who have decided to work in a world driven by different branches of Science. Students of Science often face a perplexing decision when making a resolution about what to pursue in the future. BCA vs BTech is a common dilemma faced by tech-savvy students. Each course has its own intricacies and benefits and therefore it is of absolute importance that when making the choice, a person is aware of them. This blog seeks to present a vivid picture of the two courses and the features that essentially differentiate between the two. 

BCA vs BTech: Course Highlights

Duration3 years4 years
Future Educational ScopeMCAMTech
CostRelatively Less ExpensiveMore expensive
Emphasis OnApplications of ComputerTechnology
Jobs Software Developer, Website Developer, Software Tester, Software Consultant, Network AnalystIT Consultant, IT Officer, Software Developer, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Software Quality Analyst, Web Developer, Product Specialist 

What is BCA?

BCA is an undergraduate degree that primarily focuses on the information technology field. Its scope includes computer programming and software development. Computer science is its foundation and it teaches its learners about computer languages, programming, hardware and other associated fields. It emphasizes on various content associated with computers.

What is BTech?

BTech is another undergraduate programme that is a technical degree and its undertakers study a wide range of subjects related to engineering and technology. It has various options that it offers as specializations like mechanical, chemical, civil engineering, biotechnology etc. so that the students can pick a specialization they are passionate about. 

To make a better choice between BCA and BTech,
it is necessary to know the subjects taught in each of these courses.
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BCA course subjects and BTech Syllabus to know the same!

BCA vs BTech: Disciplines and Structure

Choosing between BCA vs BTech also requires a thorough knowledge of the disciplines included in the course. This helps the prospective students make an informed decision and ensures an unerring choice. Although BCA has a large number of subjects that form a part of this course curriculum but being a specialized course, it focuses solely on computer science and involves the following subjects as a major part of its course:

B Tech as a course offers various specializations to its students which they can pick from. Therefore the course syllabus varies for each specialization. Depending on the choice or scope of specialization, a student can decide to study one kind of BTech degree. Some of the kinds of BTech are enlisted below:

Course after BCA

Other than opting for the tried and tested MCA programs, a graduate of BCA can opt for either of the following programs as higher study options: 

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Information Security Management
  • Postgraduate program in corporate studies
  • Master of Computer Management
  • Master’s degree in Information Management

Course after BTech

After completing a BTech degree, a student can opt for the master’s program in their core engineering subjects as follows:

  • M.Tech / ME (Masters of Technology or Masters in Engineering)
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)

Here is a complete list of different Computer courses!

Top BCA Universities Abroad

The following are the top universities abroad to pursue BCA:

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
University of Texas 72
Stanford University 3
University of Edinburgh 15
University of Melbourne 33
University of Cambridge 2
University of Auckland 87
Columbia University 22
University of Canterbury 284
Duke University 50
Australian National University 30

Top BTech Universities Abroad

The following are the top BTech universities abroad:

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
Harvard University 5
Stanford University 3
University of Oxford 4
University of Cambridge 2
California Institute of Technology 6
Princeton University 16
ETH Zurich 9
National University of Singapore 11
University of California, Berkeley 27

BCA Top Colleges in India

Let’s take our look at the most prestigious colleges in India that offers BCA programs:

University/CollegeAnnual Fees Structure (INR)
Benett University, Greater Noida2,20,000
Christ University, Banglore1,19,000
Presidency College, Banglore1,20,000
Chandigarh University1,00,000
SRM Institute of Technology, Chennai85,000
Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research, Pune1,75,000

BTech Top Colleges in India

Following are the top-ranking institutes for the students planning to pursue BTech:

University/CollegeAnnual Fees Structure (INR)
IIT New Delhi2,20,300
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai75, 116
IIT Bombay2,28,000
IIT Kharagpur82,070
Chandigarh University1,60,000
IIT Kanpur2,15,600

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BCA vs BTech: Eligibility Criteria

Both frequently opted fields, both the degrees have certain eligibility criteria that aspirants have to fulfil to be eligible for the course. Both being undergraduate degrees, it is necessary that the students should have completed their 10+2 and attained the minimum marks mandated by the academic institutions. 

  • For enrolling for a BCA course, a student can have pursued any stream in their 12th however for BTech it is compulsory to have studied science. 
  • In India, for BCA some institutes conduct entrance exams but it varies from one institute to another. For BTech, candidates must clear national-level examinations like JEE.
  • Some countries have universities that require their students to appear for the SAT exam as a necessary condition for the students to be eligible to apply for BCA and  BTech.

BCA vs BTech: Cost

BCA as a course is relatively less expensive than BTech degree. The fees vary from university to university and from one location to another. Differences in the fees play a comprehensive role in helping a student decide which course to pursue based on their budget and financial circumstances.

Course Average cost of studying
BCA INR 15,000 – 1.5 Lakh
BTech INR 2 -15 Lakh

Career Prospects

An important aspect to be kept in mind while deciding between BCA vs BTech is the array of jobs both degrees open. While both degrees may be lucrative, it is recommended to look for future prospects before jumping into either. Here are some popular career prospects of BCA and BTech students:

BCA Career Prospects 

  • Software Consultant
  • Network Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Test Engineer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Security Architect and Security Director
Job Profile Avg. Salary
Software Engineer 6.25 Lakh
Programmer 4.73 Lakh
Videogame Designer 6.13 Lakh
IT Consultant 7.30 Lakh
Management Consultant 22.04 Lakh
Computer System Analysts 7.40 Lakh

BTech Career Prospects

  • Professor
  • Voice Engineer
  • R&D applications engineer
  • IT Coordinator
  • Data Security Officer
  • Process Engineer
Job Profile Avg. Salary
Quality Engineer 2.6 Lakh
Web Developer 3.0 Lakh
Software Engineer 6.25 Lakh
Computer Programmer 4.73 Lakh
Web Designer 2.9 Lakh
System Analyst 7.40 Lakh

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Advantages of BCA over BTech

Students can prefer BCA over BTech as it benefits them at different levels. Following are the advantages:

Particulars BCABTech
Duration 3 Years4 Years
Course StructureIn-depth knowledge of Computer language & its applicationsComputer & Systems
DemandPreference is given to computer language in IT firmsLess Preference
Job OpportunitiesAs the BCA is a course of 3 years, students get benefits from working abroad as the demand for technocrats with the knowledge of computer language is high.

BCA + MCA vs BTech

Credits – Ujjwal Kumar Sen


Q1: Is BCA equivalent to BTech?

No BCA is not equivalent to BTech. BTech is an undergraduate degree which is 4 years long in duration whereas BCA is a 3 years long in duration. Apart from this, the course curriculum varies to a great extent in these 2 programs.

Q2: Is MCA better than BTech?

It is difficult to compare MCA and BTech as both these programs are from different academic levels. MCA is a postgraduate program whereas BTech is an undergraduate program. Master’s degrees are considered more respectful and advanced in comparison to bachelor’s degrees. 

Q3: Is BCA an engineer?

No, a BCA degree cannot help you in becoming an Engineer. Engineer needs a lot of practical and technical knowledge which is widely provided by BTech or BE degrees across the globe. A BCA program cannot help you become an Engineer. 

Q4: Which is better BCA or polytechnic?

Pursuing a full-time course is better than a polytechnic. A BCA program will familiarize you with a wide range of programming languages and computer applications tool, which would not be a part of a Polytechnic course. Thus, pursuing BCA might take a little longer but will help you get better employment opportunities later!

Being a student comes with its own dilemmas of choosing the right course for the best career path. Choosing between BCA vs BTech is a well thought out decision and therefore needs time and understanding. Leverage Edu is here to guide you in your journey of choosing a perfect course. Register today for your free counselling session!

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  1. Sir, मेरे को कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा है कि मै 12th के बाद क्या करूं
    मेरा इंटरेस्ट technology and technical fild में है
    BTech, BCA, Bsc IT

  2. Bca is actually and affordable and job oriented programme , as BCA gives the technical knowledge to students in 3 years whereas the the engineering is 4 year course, BCA enables the students to shape their career in IT field. ,I have pursued BCA from Quantum University it offers students various certification programmes along with the degree which helps in overall development of students so that in outer world they compete well in IT field as they have concept of major and minor courses , and many passion programmes which they offers to students, its affordable fee structure and the infrastructure and high placements records is much more attractive thing that any university or college could offer .

  3. Quantum university is different from other university because in quantum university also focuses on interdiscipilnary program.

  1. Sir, मेरे को कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा है कि मै 12th के बाद क्या करूं
    मेरा इंटरेस्ट technology and technical fild में है
    BTech, BCA, Bsc IT