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Bristol is a vibrant city with a rich past and an innovative present. Interestingly, this city in the UK is the largest producer of hot air balloons in the world. The city’s rich student life, countless pubs, and Home to great personalities like Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor in the UK, JK Rowling, and IMDB creator Colin Needham, is known for academic excellence, and modernity steeped in brutalist architecture. If you want to study in one of the top 10 student-friendly cities in the UK, then here’s a guide on studying in Bristol!

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Why Study in Bristol?

Did you know that more than 35 cities worldwide are named Bristol? Yet there is only one true city of Bristol tucked away in southwestern England, UK. Here’s what makes this city unique and interesting:

  • Academic Excellence: Two of the top universities in the UK, the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England are located in Bristol. 
  • Greenest City in UK: Bristol has been declared the greenest city in the UK by property company, Good Move. 
  • Well-Connected: Bristol is well-connected to the beautiful countryside of the UK as well as the bustling cities of Bath, Newport and Oxford
  • Art and Culture: One of the biggest media centres out of London, UK boasts of one of the best music festivals and street art. All of the above features make study in Bristol a fascinating decision due to its lively community and eco-friendly structure. 

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Top Universities in Bristol

There are two of the major universities in the UK are situated in Bristol:

University QS World University Rank 2024 (UK)QS World University Rank 2021 
University of Bristol955
University of the West of England82701-750 

University of Bristol 

The University of Bristol is committed to making research a central focus of its courses. One of the top 10 universities in the UK, this university has an acceptance rate of 67.3%. Courses in the field of social sciences, humanities, finance and economics. This was one of the first universities to declare a climate emergency in the UK. 

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University of the West of England 

YouTube: UWE Bristol

The University of the West of England or UWE Bristol is a public research university in Bristol. In comparison to the University of Bristol, UWE has a larger number of students. The university offers courses in arts, education, applied sciences, environment, technology, business and law. Bear Grylls and Russell Howard are famous alumni of UWE. 

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Top Courses to Study in Bristol 

Since there are only two universities in the city of Bristol, the options for undergraduate as well as postgraduate studies are limited. Here’s a list of courses you can study at both the universities:-

Type of StudyCourses Offered
Undergraduate BSc Accounting and FinanceBSc Accounting and ManagementBEng Aerospace EngineeringBA Ancient HistoryBA AnthropologyBSc Applied AnatomyBA Archaeology and AnthropologyBSc Economics and AccountingBSc Biochemistry BSc Biochemistry with Molecular Biology and BiotechnologyBSc Biology BSc Biomedical SciencesBSc Business and Management BSc Cancer Biology and ImmunologyBSc Cellular and Molecular MedicineBSc ChemistryBSc Chemistry with Scientific Computing BSc Childhood studiesBEng Civil Engineering BA Classical Studies BA Comparative LiteraturesBSc Computer ScienceBSc CriminologyBSc Data ScienceBSc EconomicsBEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering BSc Education StudiesBA English and HistoryBA Film and English BSc GeographyBSc GeologyBSc International Business Management BSc International Social and Public  Policy LLB LawBA Liberal Arts BSc MarketingBA Virology and Immunology
PostgraduateMSc Accounting and FinanceLLM Advanced PracticeMA AnimationMRes Applied SciencesMArch ArchitectureMSc Biomedical ScienceMSc Building Management MSc Business PsychologyMSc Civil Engineering MA Career Development LLM Commercial LawMA Counselling PsychologyMSc Cyber Security MSc Data Science MA DesignMSc Digital Marketing MA Education MSc Environmental Management MSc Event Management MA Fine Art MSc Forensic Science MSc Health TechnologyMSc Human Resource Management MSc Information and TechnologyMA Journalism MBA Executive MBA MA PhotographyMSc Planning and Urban LeadershipMSc Project Management MSc Robotics MSc Risk Management and InsuranceMA Wildlife Filmmaking 

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Cost of Studying in Bristol

Bristol is a small city with a population of 440,000. 3 hours from the central city of London, it is one of the cheapest cities to stay in. The cost of education is also relatively low as there are only 2 universities in the city. Additionally, Bristol is also the greenest city in UK which means you won’t have to spend an extra pound on resources that are harmful to nature. So you save money while Bristol saves the world. 

This is an estimated break up of the cost of studying in Bristol as an Indian student:- 

Type of expenseAverage amount 
Tuition FeeUndergraduate- ₹13.61-₹18.01 lakhs per year
Postgraduate- ₹25-₹30 lakhs per year
Visa Application Fee₹35,767
Accommodation₹40,000-₹60,000 per month
Utilities ₹18,500 per month
Food and Travel₹150,000 per year
Other Expenses₹10,270 per month

Scholarships to Study in Bristol

The scholarships for Indian students to study in Bristol are the same as the scholarships offered to Indian students in UK. Some of the popular scholarships are:-

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Visa Requirements to Study in Bristol

If you want to study in Bristol, you have to apply for a Tier 4 student visa for UK, the same as other cities in UK. The application fee for the visa is ₹35,767. 

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Job Opportunities after study in Bristol

Multinational brands have their presence in Bristol. If you wish to work on a UK post-study work visa after your study in Bristol, you will have a plethora of career paths to choose from. Hewlett Packard has opened a National Research Laboratory in Bristol. Aircraft manufacturing companies such as Bristol Aeroplane Company, Rolls Royce, KPMG, Tesco and Aviva all have a huge presence in Bristol. And wouldn’t you like to work in Cameron Balloons in the city responsible for the largest production of hot air balloons? Bristol is bustling with opportunities for you after your graduation or post-graduation in the fields of aeroscience, information technology, media and journalism. 


How far is London from Bristol?

London is over 100 miles or 2 hours 44 minutes away from Bristol. 

Do I need IELTS/TOEFL for my study in Bristol?

Yes, you will need proof of English proficiency. 

Can I live in London while I study in Bristol?

If you are enrolled in an online course, you can live in London. But, in the case of offline courses, it is advised to stay nearby and avoid long commutes.

Is studying in Bristol cheaper than in London?

Yes, the cost of studying is way more expensive in London.

How is the weather in Bristol?

Bristol has a maritime climate with warm summers, chilly winters and a great spring season.

Are there Indian students in Bristol?

Indians make one of the largest ethnic groups in Bristol.

Difference Between September and January Intake in UK

Studying in Bristol can be described in three words- vibrant, pocket-friendly, and culturally rich. Want to study in Bristol this January? Sign up for a free session on 1800 572 000 with our Leverage Edu expert and plan your journey to UK!

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