Top Universities for Supply Chain Management in UK

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Top Universities for Supply Chain Management in UK

From procuring raw materials to supplying finished goods and services, supply chain management is the backbone of every great organization. Supply Chain Management is one of the most popular courses in the UK with a huge spectrum of companies from diverse fields like aerospace, electrical, education, food management, fashion, and logistics hiring supply chain managers. The demand for an MSc in Supply Chain Management has grown tremendously among international students. Here’s everything about the top universities for Supply Chain Management to study in UK!

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What is Supply Chain Management?

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Supply Chain Management is the management of supply and stock of products/services. It takes care of the supply side of the business. From procurement of raw materials to shipping out final goods- the entire process is supervised by a supply chain manager. The supply chain has grown as a critical business function as it maintains the product of a business. Top universities for supply chain management in the UK teach their students these four parts of supply chain management in detail: 

  • Procurement 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Global Decisions on product and process selection

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While universities for supply chain management in the UK provide the subject as a degree, various specializations under SCM can be pursued independently. Let’s have a look at the popular supply chain management courses in the UK:

  • MSc Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management
  • MS Global Operations and Supply Chain Management 
  • MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA with Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management with Work Placement
  • MSc in Business with Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2 Years (With Advanced Practice in Second Year)

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Top Universities for Supply Chain Management in the UK

University QS World University Ranking 2024
Manchester University Not Specified
Bristol University 55
Warwick University Not Specified
Leeds University 75
Sheffield University 104
Nottingham University100
Lancaster University Not Specified
Exeter University 153
Bath University 148
Plymouth University Not Specified

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Top UK Universities for Supply Chain Management with Work Placements

  • Coventry University 
  • University of Northampton
  • Cardiff University
  • Northumbria University
  • Sheffield Hallam University

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Eligibility Requirements

Universities for supply chain management in the UK require Indian students to have fulfilled the following eligibility criteria to apply to them:

Although these are the minimum requirements for all universities for supply chain management in the UK, there might be university-specific requirements that you must check out before sending in your application. 

UK Universities that Accept Direct Application

How to Apply?

Applying to universities for supply chain management in the UK is similar to that of any university in the UK. The detailed step-by-step process is given below for your easy understanding:

  • Register to the UCAS portal and create your profile.
  • Go to your preferred university’s website and check their special requirements and submission deadlines. 
  • Attach the important documents and test scores to your application. 
  • Make sure that all the documents are in the English language to avoid any kind of reservation from the university’s end.
  • If required, the university may ask for an online interview as a part of its screening process. 
  • Once accepted, you can apply for the UK tier 4 visa for students. 

Applications for January intake have started and Indian students have started submitting applications to their dream universities in the UK. Still, confused about the process? Call our experts at 1800-572-000 and book your 30-minute counselling session now!

Affordable Universities 1.5 Hours Away from London

Cost of Studying 

The average tuition fee supply management course even in the cheapest universities in the UK is ₹15 to ₹29 lakhs per year. A usual course in supply management spans over at least 12 months. Apart from the tuition fee, there are two other types of costs you incur while applying to the top universities for supply chain management in the UK: cost of application and cost of living in the UK. 

The cost of the application includes the application fee, aptitude test fee, visa application fee, etc. 

Type of Cost Average Expense
Application fee (only applicable for certain universities)₹6200 
UK Tier 4 application fee₹35,960
IELTS ₹14,700
TOEFL ₹13,750
GMAT ₹18,700
GRE ₹15,930

The cost of living is the expenses you incur when you stay in the UK while pursuing a postgraduate course in supply chain management. 

Type of Cost Average Expense
Accommodation ₹41,320-₹61,980 per month
Food ₹4,130-₹5,165 per month 
Travel ₹3,205 per month
Utilities (Internet, mobile bill, etc)₹5,165 per month 
Entertainment₹10,330 per month 

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Job Opportunities 

If you have graduated from the top universities for supply chain management in the UK, you can apply for the job profiles in the following fields:-

  • Logistics
  • Operations 
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping
  • Business 
  • Sales
  • Military Logistics

Let’s have a look at some of the common supply chain management jobs:-

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Business analyst
  • Commodity Specialist 
  • Demand Planning Manager 
  • Director of Global Procurement
  • Director of Logistics
  • Director of Operations
  • Plant Manager
  • Sourcing Specialist
  • Import/export Specialist
  • Transportation Specialist/Planner

Supply chain management is one of the high-paying jobs in the UK in the field of management. The average salary of a supply chain manager is ₹40.91 lakhs per year. This figure depends upon your job-specific and soft skills as well. 

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Which universities offer Supply Chain Management in the UK?

There are many top universities offering Supply Chain Management in the UK such as Bayes Business School, Sheffield University Management School and Durham University Business School.

Which country is best for Supply Chain Management?

Countries like New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and Australia are best for studying Supply Chain Management.

What are the job roles after Supply Chain Management in the UK?

Supply Chain Management in the UK is high in demand. The top job roles for students studying Supply Chain Management in the UK are Supply Chain Administrator, Supply Chain Manager, and Supply Chain Coordinator.

We know how choosing the course is much more difficult than choosing the university to study in. If you want to know whether supply chain management in UK universities is the course for you or not, try our AI Course Finder or call our study abroad consultants on 1800 572 000!

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