UK Universities with Most International Students 2022

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UK Universities with Most International Students

UK has successfully gained a reputation as a country of learning and academia and hence it is not a surprise that students from many parts of the world are eager to study in colleges in UK. In fact, according to the Higher Education Student Statistics (HESA), in 2018-19, 4,85,645 international students were studying in the UK which accounted for 20.7% of the total student population in the UK. That is a great number indeed! Find out the names of the UK universities with the most international students through this blog!

According to UNESCO, the UK has been the second most popular destination for international students throughout the years. This may be attributed to the fact that UK education is quite intensive and shorter as compared to other countries which essentially means that you get to graduate sooner! Given below, are a few interesting growth trends of international students in the UK:

International Students in UK Growth Trends Over the Years
  • According to 2020/2021 statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, there are currently 605,130 international students pursuing their degrees in the UK. Compared to the numbers from the previous year, which included a total of 556,625 international students, the number has increased. Compared to the previous year (2019/2020), the number of international students in the UK has experienced significant growth. Specifically, an increase of 8.71%.
  • 2,751,865 students are now enrolled in higher education institutions in the UK, which includes all institutions. Compared to the total number of students enrolled for the 2019–2020 academic year, this is an increase of 8.7%. (2,532,385).Subsequently, both international student numbers, as well as total Higher Education student numbers, have experienced similar increases (around 8.7%), meaning they have progressed at the same rate.
  • In 2018/2019, the Higher Education Statistics Agency stated that there were 485,645* foreign students studying for degrees in the UK. In comparison to the numbers from the previous year, which included a total of 458,520, the number has increased.
  • According to data released by the UK government, 276,889 students received Sponsored Study (Tier 4) visas in the fiscal year that ended in September 2019. This represents a 16% increase from the prior year and also the largest number of Tier 4 visas awarded since 2011.
  • As of 2018/2019, there were 2,383,970 students registered in higher education institutions, including both domestic and foreign students from the UK. This has increased by 2% from 2017–18.
  • Two years ago, Chinese students made up 86,485, or 32%, of all first-year foreign students who were not from the UK.

UK Universities with Most International Students

Here are the topmost UK universities that have the maximum number of International students:

University EU Non-EU Total Non-UK
University College London 5,410 17,945 23,360
The University of Manchester 3,160 14,465 17,625
The University of Edinburgh 3,740 11,855 15,590
King’s College London 4,645 10,905 15,550
The University of Glasgow 3,095 10,150 13,245
The University of Sheffield 1,465 9,800 11,260
The University of Oxford 2,955 8,280 11,230
The University of Cambridge 1,485 8,970 10,455

University College London

Total Number of International Students – 23,360

University College London, also known as UCL is a public research university which is located in London. It is a multidisciplinary university providing a range of subjects from Medicines to Languages.

Facilities Provided

  • UCL provides a number of faculties to both its local and international students. For International Students, information on healthcare, banking, transportation is provided along with the social and cultural opportunities.
  • Guidance on Tier 4 Visa and short-term study visa application, Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs) and EU Settlement Scheme is also provided.
  • Resources about the academic life in the UK, including information about the academic system, module registration and English language support.

The University of Edinburgh

Total Number of International Students – 15,590

The University of Edinburgh is the most prestigious university in Scotland. It is ranked as one of the best universities for Art and Humanities as well as Law and Psychology.

Facilities Provided

  • The University of Edinburgh provided the facility of Global Buddies which helps new international students to get accustomed to life at the university with the help of the current students.
  • It also has ESN Edinburgh or formerly known as the International and Exchange Student Society. It was created to be a social and support group for all students, especially for abroad and exchange students.
  • The University also has a Student’s Immigration Service which is available for all international students who have any issue with immigration.

The University of Manchester

Total Number of International Students – 17,625

The University of Manchester is a historic institution and it is very well known for its brilliant discoveries and high-quality research with a global impact. The University of Manchester has 25 Nobel laureates among its past and present students and staff, the fourth-highest number of any single university in the United Kingdom.

Facilities Provided

  • The University offers a variety of accommodations to its international students and proudly boasts of having more than 8000 rooms in 19 halls. The accommodation is available as single or mixed-sex with the option of en-suite or shared bathrooms.
  • Although the facilities vary between halls, the students get to have their own libraries, social areas, music rooms and sports facilities.
  • Additionally, they also provide Visa guidance to all international students.

King’s College London

Total Number of International Students – 15,550

King’s College London also has an indisputable reputation in the Humanities, Law, Sciences and Social Sciences including International Affairs. It is also one of England’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

Facilities Provided

  • The university provides a number of clubs and societies such as the sports club, campaigning groups, student media and other volunteering opportunities.
  • Students also get the opportunity to automatically become a member of King’s College Student’s Union (KCLSU) and can apply for the TOTUM membership which gives students discounts on everyday essential, must-have tech and luxury items.
  • The university also has a number of clubs and cafes where the KCLSU hosts a variety of events such as curry nights, karaoke and quiz night.

The University of Glasgow 

Total Number of International Students – 13,245

The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. Its most notable alumni include Adam Smith, the father of Economics and Lord Kevin, a renowned Physician and Engineer.

Facilities Provided

  • The University provides visa and immigration support to all its international students.
  • They also provide dedicated advisory services to their students on the matters of finance, settling into Glasgow life and any other concerns that they might have.
  • They also offer support and activities to the families of the international students with the aid of the International Family Network.

The University of Oxford 

Total Number of International Students – 8,210

The University of Oxford is one of the world’s most prestigious research universities and it provides top-class facilities for studies and research. It is quite reputed in the subjects of Philosophy, Modern Languages, Geography and English Language and Literature.

Facilities Provided

  • The University provided a full-service library and reading rooms which is available for all students and members of Friends for Lifelong Learning.
  • A fully furnished and equipped self-catering flats and a licensed bar and common room
  • In-house technical support team, and a range of meeting and seminar rooms with hospitality and catering.

The University of Cambridge 

Total Number of International Students – 7,050

The University of Cambridge is ranked no.5 in the world and it is also one of the UK’s most prestigious universities. The students who study in this university are the most sought after by employees around the world.

Facilities Provided

  • The main university library contains a legal deposit library that holds more than 8 million books, journals and other documents ranging from ancient manuscripts to a wide range of electronic resources which are available for students around the world.
  • The university also has a language centre that provides a great opportunity to all students who either wish to learn a language or continue it. They also hold popular conversation exchange schemes with native speakers and conversation sessions for students to practice the languages.
  • There are also religion-specific places of worship in and around Cambridge for those who follow Buddhism, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Sikh faiths.

It is quite obvious why many students around the world prefer to study in the UK. With world-class facilities and teaching, the universities in the UK are well-reputed and recognised internationally for their creative and challenging environment that helps students to reach their potential.

  • Business & Administrative Studies, Social Studies, Studies Related to Medicine, and Creative Arts are the most popular courses for foreign students in the UK.
  • A degree in business and administrative studies was being pursued by around 127,335 international students in the UK in 2017–2018, per data. This makes this degree one of the most popular alternatives for students from other countries.
    Social studies had a total enrollment of 43,145 international students, while courses related to medicine attracted 22,045 foreign students.
  • According to figures for 2017–2018, there were 32,890 international students studying in the subject of the creative arts.

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