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ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich has qualities like freedom, responsibility, an openness to the world and an entrepreneurial spirit integrated into it. Also called The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, it is a STEM University (Science, Technology, Eng… More

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Are You Mr. KnowItAll ?

Somewhere on the coastal planes of the Indian Subcontinent, lived two fishermen. Well, to call them fishermen won’t do justice to the meaning i.e. the one who catches fish. But after all the hard work they used to put in, algae is everything t… More

Immersive Content and it's importance and usage - Leverage Edu
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Know all about Immersive Content!

Today, where the customer is blown away with content and information, in this age of fractured attention, brands have started focusing more on the forms of content that could target the customer’s immediate attention. That’s when … More