PTE Syllabus- Know It Inside Out

PTE Syllabus

If you’re looking forward to an education in a foreign university, you probably know that you have to appear for a test proving your English language competency. This is when the PTE (academic) comes into play as it helps the university officials verify your English language fluency. The test is recognized by most universities and is considered one of the most equitable tests. Now that you’ve decided to appear for the PTE it is important that you know the PTE syllabus. The PTE syllabus can help you prepare for the test to the best of your abilities. The PTE Syllabus much like the PTE test can be broken down into three sections- speaking & writing, listening and reading.

PTE Exam Pattern 

The PTE Exam Pattern is majorly divided into 3 sections which test the English speaking, writing and listening skills of candidates. It is essential for universities abroad to know that the income candidate would be able to comprehend the medium of communication in the classroom, because of which language proficiency scores are mandatory. PTE Exam 2020 include the following: 

  • Reading 
  • Speaking and Listening 
  • Writing 

Speaking & Writing Section of PTE Syllabus 2020

Speaking and writing part of the test lasts for 77-93 minutes approximately. While working on this section of the PTE syllabus your focus and emphasis for the speaking aspect should be on how you present yourself, your pronunciation and your command on communicating in the language. The PTE syllabus involves:

  • Describing images
  • Repeating sentences
  • Reading aloud
  • Personal Introduction
  • Re-telling a lecture 

For your preparation on the writing aspect of the PTE syllabus, your focus should be on your grammar, punctuation and correct usage of words. The syllabus includes:

  • Summarizing written text
  • Essay writing within 20 mins 
  • Answering short questions

PTE 2020 Reading Section

The reading section of the test lasts for a duration of 32-40 minutes, it tests your proficiency in the language. While preparing for the test you must focus on your basic understanding of the language and your vocabulary. This part of the PTE syllabus is also broken down into reading and writing, and only the reading section. The reading and writing section of the PTE involves-

  • Choosing multiple answers and Multiple-choice questions
  • Re-ordering paragraphs 
  • Filling the blanks

The reading section of the PTE involves-

  • Choosing single answers
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Fill in the blank

Listening Section of PTE Syllabus

The listening part of the PTE test is spread over 45-57 minutes on an average. It involves testing your comprehension skills. The main area of concern of the test is to understand how well you follow the language, whether you are capable of following instructions in the language and whether on the basis of those instructions you are able to come to the right conclusions based on the instructions. This aspect of the test involves-

  • Choosing multiple answers 
  • Multiple choice answers 
  • Summarizing spoken text 
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Highlighting the correct summary
  • Selecting the missing word
  • Highlighting incorrect words
  • Writing from dictation 

Now that you know the PTE syllabus, you must be thinking about the ways in which you can prepare for the PTE. Here is a list of some of the books that even the official PTE site has listed to help you with your syllabus and aid the preparation process:

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic
  • Practice Tests Plus: with CD-ROM
  • Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2

PTE Exam Duration 

Apart from grasping the PTE exam syllabus, it is essential for candidates to practise regularly for the exam and learn the art of managing time. Finishing the exam on time is an essential part to have a good PTE score. If you want to know how to divide the overall PTE exam syllabus into different time slots to excel in the final showdown, Leverage Edu has already sorted it out for you! Here is a time duration matrix that can help you hit a high PTE score in 2020 Exam: 

PTE Listening 

Summarize Spoken Text10-11 minutes
Fill in the Blanks30 -60 seconds
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer2-3 minutes
Multiple Choice, Single Answer1-2 minutes
Write From Dictation3-5 seconds
Highlight Incorrect Words1-2 minutes
Highlight Correct Summary2-3 minutes
Select Missing Word1-2 minutes

PTE Speaking & Writing 

Section – SpeakingTime 
Personal Introduction      55 seconds
Read Aloud35 seconds
Repeat Sentence10-15 seconds
Describe Image25 seconds
Re-Tell Lecture2 minutes
Answer Short Question20-25 seconds
Summarize Written Text10-12 minutes
Essay20 minutes

PTE Reading 

Section Length of Text
Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer300 words
Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks300 words
Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers300 words
Re-Order Paragraphs150 words
Reading: Fill in the Blanks8 words

Best Books for PTE Exam Syllabus

The correct way to excel in the PTE Exam format 2020 is by rigorous hard word and following the right approach towards the same. One way to do the same is to seek guidance from coaching centres and other is to prepare on your own using the right reference books. Here is a list of some bestsellers that cover the PTE syllabus comprehensively: 

The Official Guide to the Pearson Test of EnglishClick Here, to get your copy!
PTE Academic 79 Plus | Two Full-Length Practice Tests with Answer Keys, Audio Scripts, More than 150 Examples with Sample Answers | Get Your Dream Score | First Edition | By Pearson Click Here, to get your copy!
The Official Guide to PTE AcademicClick Here, to get your copy!
PTE Academic Practice Tests PlusClick Here, to get your copy!
Conquer the PTE ExamClick Here, to get your copy!
Prep for PTEClick Here, to get your copy!

The admission process, with all the different aspects to it like tests which examine your English language competency, can feel extremely tough and challenging. With the help of Leverage Edu mentors and counsellors, this process can become easy and less taxing and you can achieve all your goals!

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