How to Become a PT Teacher?


One of the significant and popular career paths for individuals interested in sports and fitness is Physical Education teacher. They are employed in schools, colleges and universities. They work closely among students, training them in sports and related physical fitness, supervising sports activities within the institution, and organising sports events. One can aspire to be a PT teacher from elementary school to college level, based on their education, skill, training and achievement. The following blog will help you guide in case you are looking for a career as a PT teacher. 

Eligibility to Become a PT Teacher

There is no hard and fast rule that one needs to follow to be a PT teacher. Based on the level and institution, the requirements for the selection of a PT teacher may vary. However, this is a set of basic qualifications one should attain to become a PT teacher

  • Individuals who have pursued their Diploma in Physical Education is a 2 year program and should have 50%-60% in aggregate marks in 12th Class from recognized State Board is eligible for recruitment in various primary schools.
  • Individuals who have pursued their Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education(B.P.Ed) which is a 2 year program can apply for the post of a PT teacher in various schools and colleges across the country. 
  • Individuals who have pursued their Master’s Degree in Physical Education(M.P.Ed) which is a 2 year program are eligible to apply for university-level positions like the HOD (Head of Department) as well as higher-level posts in various government departments like the Sports Authority of India.
  • Age criteria: For one to become a PT teacher, they can either pursue Diploma in Physical Education or choose Bachelor’s Degree in physical education
    • Age Limit for B.P.Ed: The minimum age requirement to pursue B.P.Ed course is 19 years. 
    • Age Limit for D.P.Ed: The minimum age requirement to pursue a D.P.Ed course is 16 years.

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Entrance Exams 

There are several entrance exams conducted by various universities and states to get admission in bachelors and diploma in Physical Education (B.P.Ed/D.P.Ed). There are colleges that hold direct admission as well without any entrance exams. 

  • TS PECET: Telangana State Physical Education Common Entrance Test 
  • AP PECET: Andhra Pradesh Physical Education Common Entrance Test
  • MAH B.P.Ed CET: Maharashtra Common Entrance Test for B.P.Ed

Top Colleges offering B.P.Ed/M.P.Ed Courses 

Here are the top colleges offering BPEd/ MPEd courses in India:

  • Delhi University
  • University Of Mumbai
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Amity University Noida 
  • Chandigarh University
  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • Lovely Professional University
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • YMCA College Of Physical Education (YMCA BANGALORE), Bengaluru 
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences (IGIPESS), Delhi
  • Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education (LNIPE), Gwalior
  • S.E.S’S College of Physical & College of Education, Jalgaon

Other Courses (other than B.P.Ed) for PT Teacher

If you do not wish to go through the BPEd course or choose a specialization to become a PT Teacher: 

  • B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) Physical Education: This is a 3 years undergraduate program that helps students to understand scientific methods employed in physical activity, analysing the aspects of nutrition, physiology, body composition etc. 
  • B.A (Bachelor of Arts) Physical Education: The duration of this course is also 3 years. The program focuses on different principles underlying physical fitness and basic anatomy.
  • B.A (Bachelor of Arts) Yoga: This undergraduate program forms the basic ground of understanding and performing yoga.

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Salary of a PT Teacher

The salary of a PT teacher is highly dependent on the experience, and skills of the individual and the organisation they join. As a starting career, a PT teacher may earn 20-25k per month in a private school or college at a primary level. With time and experience, those employed at a senior level in private schools may earn about 40-50k per month.
Salary working in government posts would start from 18k per month. There is also scope for PT teachers to reach higher posts in colleges and sports institutes, and earn around 1 lakh a month.

Skills Required for a Good PT teacher

The work of a PT teacher revolves around motivating students to engage in athletic activities and maintain their physical fitness. They have to channelize their own enthusiasm for sports and exercise programmes among their students and establish procedures to teach them relevant skills like cooperation, teamwork, patience etc. A few of these characteristics are essential in making a good PT teacher. 

  • Patient 
  • Leadership skills to guide the team with authority
  • Empathetic and friendly personality to interact with students
  • Communicative skills to explain the complex procedures to students
  • Well-versed in school procedures and classroom management techniques
  • Management skills to plan and organise several sports events and activities
  • Able to teach diverse students with varied athletic interests and different physical abilities
  • A basic understanding of physiology, nutrition, and metabolism 

Apart from being PT teachers, sports buffs can also pursue these related career fields with similar eligibility criteria.

  • Sports Coach: A Sports Coach is the person who is responsible for training, instructing and directing the operations of a particular individual or a team to compete at a professional level. This is usually for a particular sport. 
  • Physical Instructor: A Physical Instructor is a professional who teaches various physical and stretching exercises to help people indulge in exercise activities.
  • Health Coach: A Health Coach is a mentor who is responsible for providing food and lifestyle changes to people to help them stay fit and attain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Sports Administrator: Sports Administrator plans, organises and manages sports and recreation programmes and events. 
  • Sportsman/professional Athlete: A professional athlete is a person who pursues a particular sport professionally and participates in competitive fields like tournaments.
  • Yoga Trainer: A yoga trainer is actively involved in the yoga and meditation training of individual/s. 
  • Personal Gym Trainer: A personal gym trainer is employed to check the physical fitness of a particular person from workout to nutrition based on the desired target.
  • Sports Therapist: A sports therapist works to check the mental conditions of sportsmen and help them recover injuries or mentally prepare themselves and tackle stress

PT teacher is a viable profession for many, especially the ones wanting to make a career related to sports and fitness, and are interested in teaching. If you are one such student, Leverage Edu can provide you with the required help and guidance. Connect with our experts today and have a rewarding academic career ahead!

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