Why Should You Choose to Study in Canada over India?

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Why You Should Choose to Study in Canada over India!

Canada has a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s top study locations. Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec are the most popular Canadian provinces for overseas students, as they are home to many of the country’s finest colleges. Along with these important factors, one that attracts many people to Canada is quality of life, PR opportunities and incredible ROI on popular courses. If you are torn between studying in Canada and not in India then here are some convincing arguments for studying in the land of immigrants!

Canada is the Best in Terms of Quality of Life

The argument between life in Canada and life in India has a clear winner. Of course, the cost of living in Canada is higher than in India, where everything is less expensive, from local vegetables and rents to real estate, cell phones, and even daycare. Residents in Canada, on the other hand, have a greater quality of life than those in India. The fact that Canada has a lesser population than the United States means that there is less strain on public resources and infrastructure. Simultaneously, pollution levels are lower, the weather is better, and the educational system is better controlled. Furthermore, incomes in Canada are more comparable to living expenses. Canada is one of the top ten countries in the world with the greatest quality of life. Another factor contributing to Canadians’ improved well-being is the country’s universal healthcare system.

Canada Tops the Chart for Quality Education

According to the QS Higher Education System Strength Ranking, Canada is one of the top five nations with a robust higher education system. In total, 26 universities from Canada have risen to the top of the QS World University Rankings. In terms of rankings, India, on the other hand, falls short, with their cherished IITs ranking in the top 200 to 300. The international rankings of the top 6 universities from both nations are shown in the table below.

Universities in Canada

University Name QS World Ranking 2022
University of Toronto #28
McGill University #33
University of British Columbia #47
University of Alberta #109
McMaster University #146
Universite de Montreal #149

Universities in India

University Name QS World Ranking 2022
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay #162
Indian Institute of Science #170
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi #172
Indian Institute of Technology Madras #264
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur #283
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur #295
Why study in canada and not in India
Source: Daily Hive

Advanced Higher Education and Perks like Scholarships & Bursaries 

Thousands of students move to Canada each year to pursue higher education. The country’s world-class and internationally known higher education system is one of the key reasons why students opt to study in Canada. As a consequence of Canada’s long history and reputation for academic quality and a high graduate employability rate, future student employability will be successful. Aside from that, a degree certificate from a Canadian institution provides perks such as scholarships and bursaries, particularly for students who are committed to completing their further education. The strong academic standards of Canada’s higher education system enable students to graduate from institutions and pursue their goal of studying overseas. Apart from all of this, students prefer Canada because the expense of higher education in Canada is lower than in any other English-speaking country. The sheer variety of alternatives is the reason why you should study in Canada and not in India.

Home to New-Age and Lucrative Careers Options 

Canada’s economy is booming and lively, with lots of opportunities for expansion and diverse career paths for students. International students who study in Canada can apply for a work visa during (work while you study) or after they finish their education and find suitable employment in the country. A student who graduates from a top university in Canada, such as McMaster University or the University of Alberta, works across the globe with the wealth of education and experience they have generated. Many companies prefer to select applicants who have earned a degree overseas and have appropriate academic scores and job experience over students who have done the same degree and have equivalent work experience in India. Canada is home to some of the unique courses such as bachelor in graphic designing, brewing sciences, music therapy, lighting design, video game design, online business management, that can launch exciting and new-age careers. This is another compelling reason to study in Canada over India.

Ground-Breaking Research Opportunities

For individuals interested in pursuing a career in research, studying in Canada might be the most life-changing decision they make. Canada is much ahead of what India has to offer in terms of facilities and finance. One of the key motivations for Indian students migrating to Canada to study is the government’s promotion of admittance to PhD and other research-based programs. Several government awards are solely for research students. The majority of research students finish their studies and continue as faculty members, while some return to India to teach or work in related sectors. The number of overseas students enrolling at Canadian institutions has nearly quadrupled in the last decade, from 66,000 to 124,000. 

When compared to the expense of education at various private colleges in India, more and more individuals are realizing that the cost of education abroad may be just as affordable, if not lower. Students are increasingly choosing to study in cost-effective yet safe countries overseas, thanks to reduced loan interest rates and a profusion of scholarships. This is one of the major reasons why you should study in Canada and not in India!

Easy Immigration Procedures for Students Traveling to Canada for Higher Education

Students are awarded a work permit as well as a study visa. Students can work here for two years following graduation, and after one year, they can seek to become permanent residents of Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made it simple for him to get a student visa and has provided assistance during his stay in Canada for further study. Students can work up to 20 hours per week throughout their education to cover their living expenses. Even inside institutions, there are several part-time options that are quite beneficial to students.

Canada is a PR-Friendly Country and Home to Thousands of Immigrants 

It may be a thrilling and life-changing event to relocate to a new nation. But it is not a simple matter, and making the major decision takes careful consideration and a well-thought-out plan of action. There are several aspects that influence your decision-making. Safe, affordable, and habitable – it also entails determining which nation provides a stable path to a better life. If you want to visit an English-speaking country where you may be comfortable and protected, Canada could be the right choice for you. The country is regarded as one of the most PR-friendly in the world. The United Nations ranks it as one of the greatest nations in the world to live in. The country has a liberal immigration policy and has provided safe passage to immigrants over the years. The country boasts a low level of crime and violence, as well as a good standard of life. All these points make it one of the most preferred destinations for immigration.

How to Choose between Canada or India? 

study choose canada and not India
Source: Canadianvisa.org

While “better” is always a subjective term, there are a few things to consider. To begin with, Canada enjoys a greater standard of life, as well as significantly more income and spending power. Second, in terms of education, healthcare, and public infrastructure, Canada outperforms India. Third, Canada offers a world-renowned and cutting-edge educational system, making it a popular study destination for international students. Fourth, Canada provides a globally varied environment with greater opportunities for innovation and a thriving employment market. For overseas students and professionals, these qualities make it a preferable alternative for future living.

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