Executive MBA in HR

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Executive MBA in HR

The Executive MBA in Human Resources aims to cover the entire spectrum of human resource management at both the macro and micro levels. The program gives line managers a chance to shift to human resources. The course imparts existing human resource managers with the latest knowledge and practices based on research findings to help them advance their careers. Its objective is to cover both basic and strategic HRM issues. The program strives to address essential issues such as recruiting, retaining, and managing knowledge. This curriculum covers competency mapping, assessment center design, job evaluation, strategic fit analysis, and other critical strategies. The blog introduces the Executive MBA in HR course.  

Course LevelPostgraduate/Diploma
Full-FormExecutive Masters of Business Management in Human Resource Management
Duration1-3 years
Examination typeSemester wise
EligibilityValid undergraduate degree + work ex of at least 5 years
Admission ProcessEntrance exam + Personal Interview
Course FeeRs 3-8 lakhs (India)
Rs 20-80 Lakh (Abroad)
Average SalaryRs 17-25 lakhs
Top Recruiting CompaniesGoogle, Accenture, L&T, Amazon, P&G, Mondelez, KPMG, Wipro, PepsiCo, ABG, ITC, Colgate Palmolive, KPMG, Wipro, PepsiCo, ABG, ITC, Colgate Palmolive
Job PositionsHR Generalist, Compensation Manager, Executive Recruiter, Technical Recruiter, HR Training and Development

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About Executive MBA In HR

An executive MBA is a type of MBA program designed for working people who desire to upskill or re-skill in order to further their careers. The name “executive MBA” comes from the fact that entry to the program requires a particular number of years of work experience (as determined by the college) in addition to a valid Bachelor’s degree. Working professionals who want to improve/further their skills in the sector of human resource management might pursue an Executive MBA in HR, which is an advanced post-graduate credential program.


You must have the following qualifications to be admitted into this program:

  • At least five years of relevant work experience
  • Relevant bachelor’s degree or the equivalent of 3 to 4 years
  • IELTS score of 6.0 or above
  • A GPA of over 6.0 in the graduation program

Candidates would be called for a personal interview round depending on the requirements of the university. 

Executive MBA in HR vs Regular MBA 

ParameterExecutive MBA in HRMBA
Work experience requiredThe HR Executive MBA is for people who have worked for more than 5 years.Freshmen as well as individuals with 2-5 years of professional experience can pursue an MBA
SpecializationThis is a sub-specialization within the MBA.MBA specializations are available in a variety of fields, including human resources, operations, finance, and economics.
Admission ProcessOnly an entrance exam and a personal interview are required.An entrance exam, a group discussion, a personal interview, and a written ability test are all required for MBA admission.

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Executive MBA in HR Distance Learning

Human Resource Management is a field of excellence in which aspirants or professionals get to set policies and make decisions on a company’s internal management. They lay the groundwork for any firm, large or small, and ensure that the decorum is maintained. If you have the relevant experience, an Executive MBA in HR (Distance Learning) can help you become an HR Leader. The course imparts you the knowledge to assume a leadership position in Human resources in big companies.

Executive MBA in HR for Working Professionals

You might want to look into getting an Executive MBA in Human Resource Management because it has the following benefits:

  • In today’s globalized world, no one can deny the significance of human resources. Companies have transformed their mindset and now treat employees as valuable assets and change agents.
  • Managing personnel, their development, salary, training, grievances, and other issues have become critical in such a situation. 
  • Communication skills, leadership skills, analytical ability, creative thinking, and a variety of other abilities are just a few of the skills that can be developed during this course.

Top Colleges for Executive MBA in HR Abroad

Here are the top colleges in the world which provide Executive MBA in HR courses:

QS World Rankings 2023Name of UniversityLocation
04HEC ParisParis
13Penn (Wharton)United States
10IESE Business schoolSpain
01MIT (Sloan)United States
01Oxford (Said)United Kingdom
Source: QS World University Rankings: Business Masters Rankings 2023.

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Top Colleges in India For executive MBA in HR

Here are the top colleges in India which provide Executive MBA in HR courses:

NIRF RankingName of UniversityLocation
01Indian Institute of
Management, Ahmedabad 
02Indian Institute of
Management, Bangalore
03Indian Institute of
Management, Calcutta
04Indian Institute of
Management, Lucknow
05Indian Institute of
Technology, Kharagpur
Source: NIRF

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Curriculum For Executive MBA in HR

The syllabus and subjects that come under the Executive MBA in HR vary with every university. However, a sample curriculum for the Executive MBA in HR is shown below:

Year 1

Spreadsheet ModellingOperations / Optimization Models for
Managerial Decisions
Quantitative Techniques for Managerial
Marketing Management
Management AccountingMIS: Technical and Social Perspectives
Managerial EconomicsLegal Environment of Business
Managing Human Behavior at WorkIntroduction to Sustainable Development & Corporate Sustainability
Organization BehaviourHuman Resource Management
Managerial Ethics

Year 2

Performance Appraisal Management (PMA)HR Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions
Strategic ManagementTools and Techniques for Executive Development
Compensation and Reward ManagementBalance Score Card

Documents Required 

Here are some of the important documents that are required for international students who want to pursue an Executive MBA in HR:

Cost of Studying Executive MBA in HR

It can cost somewhere between INR 20 and 80 lakhs to study abroad, whereas it can cost anywhere between INR 3 and 8 lakhs to study in India. However, this investment provides you with some of the highest returns!

Career Scope: Placements & Salary

Job ProfileDescriptionThe average salary in INR (Glassdoor)
HR GeneralistDespite the fact that this is an entry-level position, one can advance to become the
firm’s HR generalist leader.
Rs 5,00,000
HR Training and
The position entails being in charge of employee training
and development.
Rs 7,00,000
Technical RecruiterThis job function entails shortlisting individuals
based on the job’s technical requirements.
Rs 4,00,000
Employee Relationships
This is one of the most
important jobs, as it entails managing the company’s and employees’ relationships.
Rs 10,00,000

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What is the duration of an Executive MBA in Human Resources?

The majority of elite universities provide the program for 15 to 18 months. However, some institutes offer this as a three-year program.

Is it necessary for me to have prior HR experience in order to enroll in an Executive MBA in HR?

No, because an Executive MBA in HR is a specialty within the Executive MBA program, prior knowledge is not required. All that is required is to meet the eligibility requirements and pass the admissions procedure.

What pay can I expect after completing an Executive MBA in Human Resources?

After completing an Executive MBA in HR, the average compensation is in the range of Rs 10-15 lakhs. Of course, if one has completed the course at a prestigious institute, one can expect to earn roughly Rs 25,00,000.

What is the best way to achieve a decent grade on an admission exam?

The most important way to do this is to fully comprehend the ideas and to take as many mock exams as possible. Practicing mock papers can assist you in better managing your time. Another important step is to evaluate the completed sample papers and determine the areas one should work on to excel the exams.

Is it necessary for me to have prior HR experience to enroll in an Executive MBA in HR?

No, because an Executive MBA in HR is a specialty within the Executive MBA programme, prior knowledge is not required. All that is required is to meet the eligibility requirements and pass the admissions procedure.

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An Executive MBA in HR can open the doors to leadership roles in Human Resources and Human Resources Business Partner positions in top companies in India and abroad. If HR is your calling, get in touch with experts from Leverage Edu and avail the FREE counselling session!

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