Masters in Cloud Computing 

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Masters in cloud computing

Through the delivery of hosted services, including servers, databases, networking, analytics, and intelligence over the Internet, cloud computing is a virtual industry that fosters creativity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. It uses capabilities like data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and others as required by the sector, and has proven advantageous to both large and small and mid-sized businesses. You are prepared in all these areas with a cloud computing master’s degree.


Cloud computing has changed how files and information were previously saved. You no longer need to store your data on a CD, USB flash drive, or floppy disc because you can now access it from any terminal at any time thanks to cloud computing.

Duration1 – 2 years (Full Time)
Course LevelPG Degree
Name of the programMasters in cloud computing 
Average Fees INR 2.15 lakh

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Why Pursue a Masters in Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has gained enormous appeal due to its low cost; it is quicker and more effective than building equal resources from scratch. There has been a surge in the use of cutting-edge technology like 5G, AI, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. Cloud usage will soar because all of the existing technologies rely on its resources.

The adoption of cloud computing has also been aided by the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries were fully shut down, therefore offices were compelled to operate remotely to maintain production. The majority of the business has relocated to cloud facilities due to the flexibility of remote operations. In the latter section of the article, we’ll see more of it.


The syllabus for masters in cloud computing varies depending upon the curriculum decided by different universities however, here is an overview of the syllabus. 

Year 1 

Security in cloud Cloud performance tuning 
Cloud deployment model Cloud computing architecture 

Year 2

Storage technology foundation Introduction to cloud and visualisation 
Database management system Programming and data structures 

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Eligibility Requirements 

You must meet a few eligibility conditions in order to enrol in an international master’s programme in cloud computing.

  • A 2.5 GPA and an undergraduate degree are prerequisites, along with the equivalent.
  • If a student has a GRE score that is acceptable, they may be accepted with a GPA of 2.0 to 2.49.
  • If applicants complete 4.5 or 13.5 quarter credits of graduate study and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0, they may be admitted to the Institution on a probationary basis without taking the GRE test. This is the case even if they only have an undergraduate GPA between 2.0 and 2.49.

Score Requirements 

You must be able to pass language examinations like the IELTS if English is not your first language. The following is the typical result for tests of language proficiency.

Language Proficiency TestScore Requirements 
TOEFLMarks – 79/120
IELTSMarks – 6/9with no band lower than a score of 5

Documents Required 

A list of documents is needed while applying for master’s programmes in cloud computing. These are some of the important papers that are needed.

  • SOP
  • LOR
  • A passport-sized photo
  • A transcript of grades
  • Visa 
  • Additional documents 

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Top Universities for Masters in Cloud Computing 

There is an array of universities that offer master’s in cloud computing degrees with affordable fees and precise curricula. Some of the popular universities that offer Master in cloud computing degrees with excellence in education and teaching are as follows. 

Name of the UniversityName of the Course
Centria University of Applied SciencesMaster of Engineering, Information Technology, Cloud-Based Software Engineering
Arden UniversityMSc Project Management (APM) (CMI)
ITTI High Tech InstituteMáster in Cloud Computing
Middlesex University DubaiMSc Network Management and Cloud Computing
Campbellsville University OnlineMS in Cloud Computing
EIT Digital Master SchoolMaster in Cloud and Network Infrastructures (CNI)
Warsaw School Of Computer ScienceMaster of Science in Cloud Computing
Tampere UniversityMaster’s Programme in Software, Web and Cloud (MSc Technology), Computing Sciences
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyMaster in Security and Cloud Computing 
Three Points Digital Business SchoolMaster in DevOps & Cloud Computing

Best Universities for Cloud Computing in USA

Best Universities for Cloud Computing in UK

Job Prospects 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between 2019 and 2029, employment in the computer and technology industries will increase by 11%. They continued by blaming cloud computing services for the sudden rise.

A cloud computing certificate is an easy way to demonstrate that you have the fundamental and advanced skills that businesses want in IT professionals. On the other hand, cloud computing credentials are distinct. You may be able to land a job if you have solid cloud computing knowledge or appropriate expertise. Cloud computing is associated with a number of professions, including end-user assistance, network, IT systems, web development, application development, business survey, security, and others. Each role requires a particular set of skills.

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What are the subjects of Cloud Computing?

Database management, visualisation, cloud architecture, model services, and cloud security are the primary topics that must be learned in order to be proficient in cloud computing.

How is a cloud computing course useful?

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly necessary. It is necessary for both small and large organisations and aids in effectively storing data. A cloud is a collection of interconnected components that provide services to various computer systems. Cloud computing has several advantages, making it one of the essential technologies. Learning cloud computing can help you build a career in the field overall.

Is JEE required for cloud computing?

There is no admission exam necessary for the online and certificate programmes in cloud computing. To enter colleges, you must, however, pass the entrance exam. JEE, BHU UET, VITEEE, GATE, and JNUEE are some of the entrance exams.

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