Editing Exercises

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Editing Exercises

Editing Exercises: As English has established itself as a global language, it is more necessary than ever to be thorough with its fundamental concepts as well as reading, speaking and writing skills. One such skill includes content editing skills. Through this blog, we are bringing you a worksheet of Editing exercises, helpful tips on how to solve them, fun videos and much more. Continue reading the blog article given below.

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What are Editing Exercises?

Editing exercises are included in English workbooks in schools to build a good grammatical foundation in students, preparing them for formal communication by developing sentence structuring and editing skills. Editing exercises generally comprise a short passage which is divided into small sentences. Each of these sentences has a misfitting phrase or word which requires editing. Students are supposed to identify and rectify the error, following the process throughout the passage.

Editing exercises can help you:

  • Build a habit of proofreading your written content efficiently and covering all aspects of errors.
  • Improves writing skills by giving snippets of content with errors in them, thus ensuring minimal errors when you try writing yourself.
  • Strengthen your grasp of English which can help in avoiding errors in both spoken and written communication.

Easy Editing Exercises with Answers

To guide you beyond simple tips and tricks, here are some solved practice questions on editing. In the given passages, there are incorrect phrases and words which require correction. Identify the mistakes correctly and replace them with the best possible alternative:

Read the passage given below and identify the words that are incorrect and correct them.

Once upon a time, there lived a very poor girl who had very big dreams but didn’t work hard enough to achieve them. One day she had enough milk to sell in the market so she thought if she could sell the milk she should earn enough money and move into the city and start a new job there. So she poured the milk into a large can and carried it in her head to a nearby market. While going to the market she started to dream about how she would earn a lot of money and make all her dream come true and if someone asked her for money, she would scold them and send them back. Just while thinking so, she jerked her head so fast that the milk kept on her head fell and all the milk spilled on the ground.


Incorrect Correct
Has Had
It Them
Sells Sell
Should Could 
Pour Poured

Take a look at the following passage and the incorrect and correct words:

Passage Incorrect Correct
Banana is an popular fruit and an a
An important part to our diet today. to of
It originally belonged in South Asia in to
Region where it using to grow wild using used
In the forests. In the years, proper selection in with
Yield the edible banana. yield yielded

For this editing exercise, go through the passage with each incorrect sentence:

Passage Incorrect Correct
Facebook, with more then 1 Billion users then than
Is celebrated its 10th birthday this year. celebrated celebrating
The company was launching by Mark launching launched
Zuckerberg at 4th February 2004. The site was  at on
Conceived in a Harvard dorm in a way in as
To connect student and let them build an student students
Identity for himself online himself themselves

Free Editing Exercises PDF

Editing Exercises for Practise

Select the word which should be edited from the following sentences to make them grammatically correct.

1. I have been living in Ireland there for two years.

  1. Have been
  2. Living
  3. There
  4. For

2. She did not want to do work today.

  1. Did not
  2. Want
  3. Do
  4. Today

3. Harry lent his book to me on yesterday.

  1. Lent
  2. On
  3. To
  4. Yesterday

4. Sherry, my friend, who is a writer.

  1. My
  2. Who
  3. Is
  4. A

5. I wanted to stay out away of this.

  1. Away
  2. To
  3. Of
  4. Out

6. I have wrote this song yesterday.

  1. This
  2. Have
  3. Yesterday
  4. None of the above

7. I would like that you deliver this letter for me.

  1. That
  2. This
  3. For
  4. Me

8. The office where I work at is very small.

  1. The
  2. Where
  3. At
  4. Very

9. She wrote to me this letter.

  1. To
  2. Me
  3. This
  4. None of the Above

10. I asked to him if he wants to go out.

  1. To
  2. If
  3. Out
  4. None of the Above

Other Editing Exercises

Q2: Solve the following passage by highlighting the incorrect phrase and mentioning the correct phrase in the next column.

Passage Incorrect Correct
Paper were first made by the Egyptians _______ ________
From the plant names papyrus. For  _______ ________
the long time, papyrus was used extensively _______ ________
as writing material before a Chinese _______ ________
perfected the processes. Demand of paper _______ ________
growing with the advent of books worldwide.  _______ ________

Q3: Find the incorrect phrases in this paragraph and put them in the columns:

Passage Incorrect Correct
Children are fond to mango. It is a _______ ________
juicy or citrous fruit, available in _______ ________
much varieties. Mangoes grow on a  _______ ________
tree over tropical and temperate climate.  _______ ________
One of the best place to have good mangoes _______ ________
was Andhra Pradesh, India _______ ________

Q4: Locate the incorrect words in the following paragraph and add them to the columns with correct words.

Passage Incorrect Correct
Ones there was a King who _______ ________
Thought only to himself. _______ ________
He only talked about her own charms  _______ ________
and conquests in a court all day. _______ ________
He wants people to believe his tales _______ ________
and talk about his great to everyone. _______ ________

While practising these editing exercises, don’t forget to check out Omission Exercises!

Q5: Solve the incorrect words in the following passage.

Passage Incorrect Correct
I had to went out despite the  _______ ________
Heavy rain outside to got some medicine. _______ ________
Although the symptoms was not as _______ ________
Pronounced as they were at the morning, _______ ________
the doctor had instructs me to  _______ ________
be regular with mine dosage. _______ ________

Q6: Find the incorrect words and their corrections and add them to the corresponding columns.

Passage Incorrect Correct
Commonwealth golds medalist Heena Kumari _______ ________
used to watch her uncle repairs all kinds _______ ________
Of guns in her neighbourhood and development _______ ________
a fancy for it. When she picks up shooting _______ ________
In 2006, her family did not thinks that she could _______ ________
Represent the country or win the medal, but she _______ ________
proven everyone wrong with her skills.  _______ ________

Q7: Find the incorrect words in the passage and correct them

Passage Incorrect Correct
It is true that a natural disaster was a natural process  _________ _________
and we cannot stop it, but through making certain preparations,  _________ _________
we can reduce the magnitude of the loss to life or property.  _________ _________
First of all, we would reduce global warming which is the  _________ _________
root cause from all the problems. We should  _________ _________
also have insurance policies such that we have _________ _________
sufficient money to rebuilt our lives after any such disaster. _________ _________

Q8: Solve the incorrect words in the following passage.

Passage Incorrect Correct
Although Martin Luther is considered to being an icon  _________ _________
for racial equal, his work exceeds far beyond that. _________ _________
As a pastor, he worked to human betterment, irrespective  _________ _________
of colour or creed. He believed in a word of the lord  _________ _________
and implemented his virtues like kindness on his daily activities. _________ _________

Q9: Find the wrong words in the passage and correct them.

Passage Incorrect Correct
Electricity is express by the amount of charge _________ _________
flowing through the particular area in unit time. Electricity _________ _________
is a necessity to modern civilization. It have invaded our _________ _________
lives or has become vital to many aspects of our society.  _________ _________
It is a medium for the transmission to signals in computers,  _________ _________
cell phones etc. In industries, manufacturing rely on electricity _________ _________
for drive virtually all moving parts. _________ _________

Q10: Identify mistakes in the passage and correct them.

Passage Incorrect Correct
Discipline is a structural and fundamental unit  _________ _________
of a success person. It is essential for us at home,  _________ _________
for soldiers on the battlefield, for students at school, for  _________ _________
players in the playground. A team of experience players  _________ _________
can also lose a match because to indiscipline in the team.  _________ _________
Every tough battle can be win by a disciplined army. _________ _________

Q11: Locate errors in the passage and rectify them.

Passage Incorrect Correct
Books help us knew more about our civilization.  _________ _________
Through books, we come in contact to great scholars, _________ _________
poets and philosophers. Book never misguide us. _________ _________
They help us in building their character. By reading  _________ _________
books, our knowledge is elevated. If us are  _________ _________
on a long journey, books gave us good company.  _________ _________
Everyone, therefore, should develop the habit to reading books. _________ _________

Answers to Editing Exercises


I. 3
II. 3
III. 2
IV. 1
V. 1
VI. 2
VII. 1
IX. 1
X. 1


Incorrect Correct
Were Was
Names Named
The A
A The
processes Process
Growing Grew


Incorrect Correct
To Of
Or And
The A
Much Many
Over In
Place Places
Was Is


Incorrect Correct
Ones Once
To About
Her His
A The
Wants Wanted
Great Greatness


Incorrect Correct
Went Go
Got Get
Was Were
At In
Instructs Instructed
Mine My


Incorrect Correct
Golds Gold
Repairs Repair
Development Developed
Picks Picked
Thinks Think
The A
Proven Proved

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Incorrect Correct
was is
through by
or and
would should
from of
such so
rebuilt rebuild


Incorrect Correct
being be
equal equality
to for
a the
on in


Incorrect Correct
express expressed
the a
have  has
or and
to of
rely relies
For  to


Incorrect Correct
success successful 
at in
experience experienced
because due
win won


Incorrect Correct
knew know
to with
book books
their our
us we
gave give
to of

Tricks Solve Editing Exercises

Solving editing exercises requires basic lingual skills, with an awareness of sentence structuring and articulation. However, there are a few tips that can help you out in answering editing questions quickly while checking all the boxes for grammar. Here are some of them:

  • Subject-verb agreement is paramount in editing exercises. If the verb and subject do not indicate similarity as singular/plural, there is an error.
  • Focus on sentence punctuation more as it would help you in determining the correct use of proverbs and conjunctions, also keeping in check the coordinating conjunctions. The apostrophe is one of the most crucial punctuation in editing.
  • Make sure that the tenses are in line throughout the passage. In case there is a discrepancy, make sure you edit the singular anomaly instead of correcting tenses in every sentence as it has a very high chance of being wrong.
  • Try reading the passage backwards too. Sometimes, it is hard to anticipate mistakes when editing while reading from top to bottom. Reading it in reverse makes the text unpredictable and helps the brain isolate every sentence, bringing out minor mistakes.
  • Errors in articles are frequent in editing exercises and are easy to comprehend. Just remember the vowel and special subject rule.
  • Check the noun and pronoun agreement throughout the text. There may be different number errors between the two or the pronoun used may be completely incorrect.

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What is editing practice?

In editing, students have to find the error in the sentence/part of the sentence. The error or wrong word has to be written in the space provided. Then the student has to identify the correct word that should replace the wrong word. This correct word should be grammatically correct.

What is editing omission?

Editing when we have to create a document then we see, sometimes we leave one or more words in a sentence or line then we have to recover it we must have edited in that place. OMISSION when we are in writing one or many sentences then we got one or more mistakes then we have to replace the mistake word to correct it.

What are the 6 rules of editing?

Murch’s six rules on editing consist of Emotion, Story, Rhythm, Eye trace, Two- dimensional Plane of Screen, and Three-dimensional Space of Action, which all have different values in order of importance for the cut

Hence, this article encapsulates the basic knowledge related to Editing exercises and how to solve them. Editing exercises are not only included in the school curriculum but can also help you prepare for English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. If you are aiming to appear for IELTS or TOEFL, sign up for our Leverage Live online classes and avail dedicated doubt-clearing sessions, best-in-class study materials, and tips and tricks to achieve your dream score!

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