Omission Exercises

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Omission Exercises

Be it class 9 English syllabus or in class 11th, students are taught many fundamental concepts of English at the school level. It is important to be thorough with them as most of these concepts are applicable in English for competitive exams as well as throughout the career of an individual. Be it entry-level employees or top-level managerial positions, good command over language always sets an individual apart. Out of the many, one such concept is omission correction. Since it assesses your basic English grammar skills, it is important to practice as many Omission exercises as possible.

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Sample Omission Questions

To help you understand these concepts better, let’s put these principles into practice. Here are some sample omission exercises for you to attempt.

Q1: In the sentences below, there are omitted words. Insert the required word to complete the omission exercise.

Passage Before Omitted After
It is a well_fact that regular well fact
Exercise_several benefits but exercise several
Recent research_found that research found
Workout_positively impact workout positively
your memory_bone density memory bone

Q2: The sentences in questions 2 and 3 have a single omitted word. Insert the required word to complete the omission exercises. 

Passage Before Omitted After
Filled with_sense of with sense
pride_he will be representing pride he
his state_national level, Sunil state National
Is training very hard. _he has hard he
represented state before, _says before says
that_is always a proud moment that is

Q3: In the sentences below, there are omitted words. Insert the required word to complete the omission exercise.

Passage Before Omitted After
Three robbers broke__a goods shop yesterday. broke a
They found the cash-box__took it. cash-box took
But before they__leave the shop, Police they leave
barged in and arrested all__them. all them

Q4: The sentences given below have a single omitted word. Insert the required word to complete the omission exercise. 

Passage Before Omitted After
Researchers_proved that researchers proved
doing exercise_reduce heart risk exercise reduce
and lower the chances_a stroke. chances a
Be it any form_exercise, form exercise
It has a positive impact_your impact your
overall personality_confidence personality confide
While regulating your hormones.

Q5: The sentences given in questions 5 and 6 have omitted words. Insert the required word to complete the omission exercises. 

Passage Before Omitted After
Mahatma Gandhi_considered one Gandhi considered
of_most influential men to ever walk of most
on Earth. Through_principles of through principles
Non-violence_non-cooperation, violence non-cooperation
he won hearts not only in India but
also_South Africa.
also South Africa

Q6. Insert a well-fit word in the given blanks.

Passage Before Omitted After
Clocks_ a vital part of our daily clocks a
lives. Over time, it_undergone many changes
in appearance and
it undergone
Inner machinery. However, one_the
one the
popular developments_clock making developments clock
was the use_Quartz stone in
use Quartz
Production of clocks_watches. clocks watches

Q7: Insert a well-fit word in the given blanks.

Passage Before Omitted After
Due_global warming, polar ice caps Due global
are melting and_a result, the sea level and a
is rising. Islands_be submerged. Islands be
The ozone layer_becoming thinner day by day, layer becoming
resulting in the entering_harmful rays in entering harmful
the atmosphere,_causes skin diseases atmosphere causes

Q8: The sentences given below have a single omitted word. Insert the required word to complete the omission exercise. 

Passage Before Omitted After
Using alcohol regularly, even_small even small
quantities, tends_cause damage to tends cause
to the various organs_the body. organs the
It affects_liver, it weakens the mental powers, affects liver
and lessens the general energy_the body. energy the

Q9: The sentences given below have a single omitted word. Insert the required word to complete the omission exercise. 

Passage Before Omitted After
The man_forgives a wrongdoing man forgives
proves himself to_the superior of to the
the man who wronged him_puts him puts
the wrong-doer_shame doer shame
Forgiveness_even turn a foe into a friend, Forgiveness even
so_is the noblest form of revenge. so is

Q10: The sentences given below have a single omitted word. Insert the required word to complete the omission exercise. 

Passage Before Omitted After
Higher education is_important part of is important
the life of every individual. Be_any field of be any
work, the best professionals_always more professionals always
likely to hail_a rich educational background. hail a
Education not_provides essential job skills, not provides
but it also broadens_horizons of the mind. broadens horizons


  1. Known
  2. Has
  3. Has
  4. Can
  5. And


  1. A
  2. That
  3. At
  4. Although
  5. He
  6. It


  1. Into
  2. And
  3. Could
  4. Of


  1. Have
  2. Can
  3. Of
  4. Of
  5. On
  6. And


  1. One
  2. The
  3. His
  4. And
  5. In


  1. Are
  2. Has
  3. Of
  4. In
  5. Of
  6. And


  1. To
  2. As
  3. May/Would
  4. Is
  5. Of
  6. Which


  1. In
  2. To
  3. Of
  4. The
  5. Of


  1. Who
  2. Be
  3. And
  4. To
  5. Can/May
  6. It


  1. An
  2. It
  3. Are
  4. From
  5. Only
  6. The

Omission Exercises for Class 7

Q. Fill in the blanks.
(i) ________ knowledge is a dangerous thing. (Little / A little / The little)
(ii) ________ rice we have is enough to feed 10 people. (Little / A little / The little)
(iii) ________ knowledge of mathematics that he possessed proved very useful. (Little / A little / The little)
(iv) My cousin ________ two daughters. (is having / has / Either could be used here)
(v) Here ________ our leader! (is coming / comes / Either could be used here)

Ans: (i) A little
(ii) The little
(iii) the little
(iv) has
(v) comes

Q. There is ________ address on the envelope.
(a) a
(b) some
(c) an
(d) any

Answer: (c) an

Q. Could I have ________ cup of coffee?
(a) a
(b) an
(c) some
(d) any

Answer: (a) a

Omission Exercises for Class 8

Q. A reporter was interviewing a witness about
an accident. She him if he had seen (1) ______________
the accident taking. If he could tell (2) ______________
her what he has seen. The witness replied (3) __________
that had seen a car coming at a (4) ______________
very speed and hitting the scooter. (5) ____________
The reporter asked him the scooterist (6) ______________
was driving his lane. The witness (7) __________
said that he was not at fault (8) _________

Answers: (1) asked
(2) place
(3) had
(4) he
(5)  high
(6) if
(7) in
(8) at

Q. Celebrities don’t have the privacy that an
ordinary person. The most personal (1) ______________
details of their lives splashed on the (2) ______________
front pages leading dailies. Media (3) ____________
follows them wherever they are. When (4) _____________
they try to do things that normal people do, (5) ___________
like eating out or watching a football game, they (6) _________
run the risk of being interrupted thoughtless (7) ___________
autograph hounds aggressive fans. (8) ____________


  1. has
  2. are
  3. of
  4. go
  5. do
  6. a
  7. by
  8. or

Q. Consuming peanuts regularly helps (1) ___________
reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases (2) __________
without weight gain. Peanuts are rich (3) ____________
source mono-saturated fatty acids, (4) ___________
magnesium copper, arginine, and fiber, (5) __________
all of them have risk-reducing properties. (6) ____________
Peanuts are rich in the type of (7) __________
fats actually reduce cardiovascular (8) ___________
disease risk and its strong satiating properties.


  1. can
  2. the
  3. the
  4. of
  5. and
  6. them
  7. in
  8. that

Omission Exercises for Class 9

Q. There are four constituents of our physical world eg. 1. _______
the mineral world all inert objects; the plant 2. ______
kingdom; the animal kingdom finally, the 3. _______
human world. All worldly manifestations 4. ________
three distinct components of the physical body, mind, and intellect. 5. ______


  1. are
  2. of
  3. and
  4. have
  5. the

Q. We’ve known for a long time that when 1. _______
we fill minds healthy, positive thoughts, 2. ______
it affects our body and improves health. 3. _______
This is just another way repeating this truth 4. ________


  1. a
  2. with
  3. our
  4. of

Q. In the following passage, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the one that comes after it. The first one has been done as an example.

Animation is art where e.g. is an art there no limit to 1. ________
imagination. Making animation 2. _______
film, however, is so easy. It’s 3. _____
a long tedious task. 4. _______


  1.  no
  2. an
  3. not
  4. and

Omission Exercises for Class 10

Q. Happy is the man acquires the habit of (1) _______
reading when he is young. He positively (2) _______
secured a life-long source pleasure, instruction, (3) _____
and inspiration. So long he has his beloved (4) _______
books, he never feels lonely. He always a (5) ______
pleasant occupation leisure moments, so (6) _______
he never feels bored. He, the possessor of (7) _______
wealth more precious gold. The blessings (8) ______
which reading habit confers on its possessor are (9) _______ many.


  1. who
  2. has
  3. of
  4. as
  5. has
  6. of
  7. is
  8. than
  9. the

Q. A boy drowning in a river (1) _______
and he shouted help. A (2) ______
man who passing jumped (3) ______
into the river saved his life. (4) _____
As man was leaving, the boy asked him (5) _______
why he had risked his own life.


  1. was
  2. for
  3. was
  4. and
  5. the

Q. The king pretended to be a thief and he knew
where the keys the treasury were kept. (1) _______
While the diamonds shared, the honest (2) _______
thief felt pity for the king was losing (3) _______
everything. He asked his companion leave (4) _______
a diamond behind safe. (5) _______


  1. of
  2. were
  3. who
  4. to
  5. the

Practice Questions

Q. In British days, India was knowing (1)
like a country of Maharajas, snake (2)
charmers and beggars while a first (3)
two species is almost extinct, (4)
beggars are surviving perhaps on (5)
adopting Darwins’s theory of survival


  1. known
  2. as
  3. the
  4. are
  5.  by

Q. Marie Curie make history in (1)
1903 when she became a first (2)
woman on receive the Nobel (3)
Prize in Physics. She won that (4)
prestigious honour alongside his (5)
husband and Henri Becquerel for their
work on radioactivity


  1. made
  2. the
  3. to
  4. the
  5. her

Q.Music can takes us to ecstatic (1)
heights. Put your heart and soul in (2)
it and it fills your up with real (3)
happiness. All kind of music is divine. (4)
Any kind of music have the ability (5)
to uplift your mood and the power to recondition your mind.


  1. take
  2. into
  3. you
  4. kinds
  5. Has

Q. Global warming increase the (1)
rate of rise on sea levels and (2)
have led to a dramatic increase (3)
is coastal flooding risks. Much small (4)
islands like Maldives face the risk to (5)
getting submerged in the near future.


  1. increases
  2. in
  3. has
  4. many
  5. of

Q. CV Raman were born in (1)
Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu. Soon her (2)
family moved to Visakhapatnam at (3)
Andhra Pradesh and Raman pursued (4)
his education on Chennai Presidency College. (5)


  1. was
  2. his
  3. in
  4. but
  5. at

Q. Walt Disney was our hero. He (1)
left me a legacy that can (2)
be enjoy time and again. He (3)
knew who to entertain us so well. (4)
He developed a process in (5)
creating animated films.


  1. is
  2. us
  3. enjoyed
  4. how
  5. of

Q. Her duties for the day were over. (1)
She had scrub the floor (2)
of the kitchen, washed the vessels and (3)
put them on a shining row on an (4)
wooden shelf, returned the short scrubbing broom (5)
to it’s corner and closed the kitchen window.


  1. of
  2. scrubbed
  3. in
  4. a
  5. its

Q. After all a (1) sculptor’s labours had come to a end. (2)
He sat back, wiped the perspiration of his face (3)
and surveyed his handiwork in great (4)
satisfaction. As he looking on, he was (5)
overwhelmed by the image.


  1. the
  2. an
  3. off
  4. with
  5. looked

Q. The entire household was in the (1)
control for my mother-in-law. She (2)
was the majestic figure, (3)
very fair and very serious. She was (4)
rigid on her orthodoxy. No one (5)
dare to argue with her.


  1. under
  2. of
  3. a
  4. in
  5. dared

Q. It was the amazing sight to see and one I will never forget. (1)
A sight which no one present in the occasion could help (2)
admiring in spite of the trouble it has caused us all. (3)
The Gulmohar that I had mentioned earlier feel thirsty like the rest of us. (4)
I wish my friend Ranu was also with me. (5)


  1. an
  2. admire
  3. had
  4. felt
  5. wished

Q. One day a wonderful plate full in gold (1)
fell from Heaven into a courtyard (2)
of a temple at Banaras; so on the (3)
plate these words were inscribe. (4)
“A gift from Heaven to he who (5)
loves better”. The priests at once (6)
made a announcement that everyday (7)
at noon, all which would like (8)
to claimed the plate should come. (9)


  1. of
  2. the
  3. and
  4. inscribed
  5. him
  6. best
  7. an
  8. who
  9. claim

Q. Overeating is one of the more wonderful (1)
practices among those which think that they (2)
can afford it. In fact that is said that (3)
near all those who can get as much (4)
as he desire, overeat to their (5)
disadvantage. This class of peoples could (6)
save the great deal more food than (7)
they can save by missing one meal (8)
per week and also improving their health. (9)


  1. most
  2. who
  3. it
  4. nearly
  5. they
  6. people
  7. a
  8. could
  9. improve

Q. The road to success is no a bed of roses. (1)
Only those who wade on hazards and hurdles (2)
can achieve successful. Set yourself clear goals (3)
and define precisely what you wants to do. (4)
Goals provide direction for your behaviour (5)
and guide your actions or thoughts. Specific goals (6)
are better than general ones. Let every parts (7)
of your body is full of that idea. Winners do not (8)
do different things, they does things differently. (9)


  1. not
  2. into
  3. success
  4. Want
  5. to
  6. and
  7. part
  8. be
  9. do

Q. I went to the pool then no one (1)
was there. The place being quiet. (2)
A water was still, and the tiled (3)
bottom was so white and clean (4)
as a bathtub. I was timid for going alone (5)


  1. when
  2. was
  3. The
  4. neat
  5. felt

Q. People of diverse cultures lives (1)
together in India. There is many (2)
people who exhibit unity on diversity. (3)
They celebrated different festivals (4)
together. I love being an citizen of India. (5)


  1. live
  2. are
  3. in
  4. celebrate
  5. a

How to Solve Omission Exercises?

While attempting questions on Omission, you should keep the following points in mind. These tips are fundamental rules that apply to every question, helping you solve even the trickiest omission exercises within minutes.

  • Always look for subject-verb agreement in sentences. If you see any anomaly in the same, look for the best alternative among the available choices that fit the sentence.
  • Ensure that the tense consistency is maintained not just throughout the sentence, but the whole passage. As a consistent tense string is a trademark of grammatical correctness, it would greatly help you in solving omission exercises.
  • Look for pronoun-antecedent agreement throughout the passage. In case there is an omission of pronoun, it would be easier to spot by identifying if the passage is in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person. Similarly, the number of subjects is also crucial.
  • Often, the sentences omit articles used before a noun. These articles can be easily identified as a missing article makes a sentence feel incomplete.
  • Conjunction omission disturbs the sentence structure. Conjunctions link two sentences together, hence if there is a lack of punctuation or linking words between two sentences, there is a high chance of omission.
  • Read the whole passage carefully before starting with the first sentence. Often, this practice helps you in identifying any omission in the first sentence.


A typical omission question comprises a short paragraph or 6-7 separate lines of which, each of them has a missing word or phrase. The sentence is inherently incomplete and incorrect without that missing word. Keeping in mind the pronoun and tenses rule, you have to solve the questions. Here are some pointers on how practicing omission exercises can help you:

  • Improves grammatical and articulation skills.
  • For students who wish to pursue content or Creative Writing courses, omission exercises are really helpful in building a good foundation on how sentences should be structured.
  • It stays relevant not just throughout the academic career, but also in day-to-day activities.

If you are struggling with the topic, keep on practicing omission exercises and go through basic English concepts like tenses, modals, and prepositions. If you are planning to study abroad, then you must note that this topic forms an essential part of proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. Join Leverage Edu’s live online classes on IELTS and TOEFL and get access to a wide range of practice questions, dedicated doubt-clearing sessions, and last-minute tips and tricks!

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