No Pain No Gain Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

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no pain no gain

The meaning of the idiom ‘no pain, no gain’ is that it is necessary to do hard work to attain success in any task or achieve progress in life. Nothing good can happen to a person without experiencing pain during the process of development.

No pain no gain refers to the pain experienced by someone who wishes to gain success in his/her life. Pain and gain happen to the person who pursues the task to create a difference in this world. 

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Usage with Examples

The idiom no pain no gain is used to describe that in order to achieve desirable goals in life, it is crucial to work hard. It could also be stated as you can attain progress or success only by dealing with difficulties and hardship. 

If you want to learn something in life and be the reason behind a positive change in the life or world then you have to do hard work. Sitting idle in life without doing any labour could not help you gain success. Likewise, students have to put effort into their studies to attain higher qualifications. 

Given below are some examples of where you can use the idiom ‘No pain no gain’’:

  • I’ve studied for hours for the entrance exam, but no pain no gain.
  • John humorously refers to the preparation part of the aptitude test as pain but he followed it by saying no pain, no gain. 

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Mentioned below are some synonyms and related words for no pain, no gain:

  • No effort no result
  • Fortune favours the brave
  • No guts no glory
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained

No Pain, No Gain Meaning Quiz

You will be awarded at your workplace if you

  1. Work hard, no pain no gain
  2. Sit idle and do nothing
  3. Moderate work 

Ans: a. Work hard, no pain no gain

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