Advertisement Writing

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Advertisement Writing

Ever wondered why the CBSE board won the battle against other boards of India? CBSE syllabus is not focused on mugging up the topic, it is focused on the overall growth of students. Activities like Story writing, Notice writing, Article Writing, ASL and advertisement writing, amongst others help students strengthen their written and spoken communication skills as well as creativity. Here is a blog that will shed light on advertisement writing, types, formats and written advertisement examples.

What is an Advertisement?

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An advertisement is a promotional announcement calling the attention of the public and the masses regarding various products, services or offers through an attractive visual. They are generally paid public announcements. Advertisements generally have a format & word limit of 50 words. Advertisements can be done on various media channels such as print media, broadcast media, newspapers, magazines, outdoor and digital media as well.

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Things to Remember in Advertisement Writing

  • Keep it Short and Simple: The sentences must be kept short & simple to grab maximum attention for the subject. Long sentences are a big NO for advertisements.
  • Catchy Headlines: The headlines should be attention-grabbing for maximum benefits
  • Informative: The contents should be well informative and useful for the public to ensure promising benefits.
  • Identify and Channelize: Always identify the target audience and form the contents to deliver a message efficiently.
  • Language: Use clutter-free language. No abstract concepts, no jargon!

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Types of Advertisement

Advertisement Writing can broadly be categorized into two categories. Here are both categories with their advertisement writing format and samples:

Classified Advertisement

These kind of advertisement are found in the classified columns of newspapers or magazines. They are used by the general masses to convey the message in the shortest & simplest manner. Here are the features and categories of classified advertising writing:

Features of Classified Advertisement Writing

  1. Classified advertisement writing has a word limit of 50
  2. Advertisement writing such as To-let lost and found, sale and purchase, accommodation, tours, and travels are included in classified advertisements.
  3. Contact addresses or phone numbers are provided.
  4. Put the matter inside a box

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Categories of Classified Advertisement

  1. Situation Vacant: Name & no. Of post vacant, Provide employer name and address, Qualification desired salary & other perks, etc.
  2. To-let: accommodation type, no. of rooms available, location, rent amount, contact details, etc.
  3. Sale of property or object: Specifications of the subject, Price, contact details
  4. Lost & found: Description of the subject, rewards, contact details, etc
  5. Tuition: Subject offered, Class, Board, Fees, previous results (if any), location & contact, etc.

Classified Advertisement Writing Format and Sample

   House on Rent

Available on rent-basis a newly built house in XYZ colony, ABC area.  2-BHK with an attached bath and a balcony. Car parking facility available. Rent expected to be around 5000-7000 p.m. Family preferred. Contact mobile number XXXXXX1234

Here are important things to remember about the written advertisement examples and format of To-let classified advertisement writing:

  1. Mention whether the house is newly built or an existing one
  2. The number of rooms, floors, and other descriptions
  3. State whether independent or available on a rent basis
  4. Type of tenant like employee, bachelor or family, etc
  5. Location of the house
  6. Contact details

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Commercial Advertisement

When an organization is selling through product or services or simply promoting their brand, it is known as commercial advertisement writing. They basically display advertisements with large space occupancy and hence are more attractive. Here are the features and categories of commercial advertising writing:

Features of Commercial Advertisement Writing

  • Attractive with slogans or Catchy phrases and sketches or photos are included
  • Detail-oriented in a clear & precise manner.
  • Special offer, discount, and address for communication are provided.

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Categories of Commercial Advertisement

  • Outdoor Advertising: large hoardings or billboards including a visual representation of the product or services in an attention-grabbing manner
  • Print Media- Inside the box advertisement in the newspapers, magazines, leaflets, handouts, etc using bold headlines & colorful visuals
  • Digital Advertising: Basically used in the Browser platforms or through Social media
  • Public Service advertisement- Issued in the form of videos or photographs in TV or public places for creating awareness.
  • Commercial advertising: used for promotion of products
  • Social advertisement: used for creating awareness among viewers.

Commercial Advertisement Writing Format and Sample

Here is a written advertisement example:

Beat the Heat!

Enjoy the cool surroundings of 


Get up to 50% discount on


Packages starting from ₹4,999 per person

(Includes stay, sightseeing, food, free pick up and drop)

Indulge in Adventurous Activities

Fishing, Trekking, River Rafting, Paragliding

Contact Us!


112/C Sarojni Nagar, New Delhi-01, India

Here are important things to remember about the advertising format of commercial advertisement writing:

  1. Use a catchy headline.
  2. Bold out the offers.
  3. Use Alliteration or metaphors.
  4. Proportional fonts.
  5. Give name, contact and other details.
  6. Put the advertisement in a box.

Here are some more written advertisement examples for jobs:

job advertisement
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This was all about the advertisement writing. We hope you liked this blog & will help you in preparing your speech for your class 12 board exam of English. For the latest updates around study blogs, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & also subscribe to our newsletter. Leverage Edu wishes you all the best for all your future endeavors.

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