Article Rules

Article Rules

Everyone always assumes English is an easy language & misconstrue its importance. The basic rules that are taught at the primary level in school turn out to be a part of competitive exams. Article rules are part of this & even grammar nazis sometimes make these common mistakes. This blog will address Article Rules.

What is an Article?

Articles are words that help to identify a noun used in a sentence is specific or unspecific. There are two types of articles:

  • Definite article
  • Indefinite article

Definite Article

Definite Articles is the word “The” It restricts the noun & narrows it down to one specific thing. Definite articles are used with singular, plural, or uncountable nouns. 

Examples of Definite Articles

  • Can you pass me the red ballpoint pen?
  • Let’s go to the park.
  • What are your plans for the coming weekend?

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Indefinite Article

Indefinite articles are not referring to a specific thing but to a general idea. Indefinite articles are two words “a” ,” an”

Examples of Indefinite Articles

  • Can you please pass me an apple?
  • I saw an actor in the mall today
  • She has a collection of pretty shoes

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Article Rules

There are few articles that are easy to understand & will improve your everyday language as well. Here are some of the article rules.

Article Rule 1 

The very article rule is in front of specific singular/plural nouns that is specific in nature, always “the” used should be used before.

The kid is polite with elders.
Can you pass me the ketchup bottle on table?

Article Rule 2

When referring to a noun that belongs to large group of nouns & is not specific, then indefinite articles should be used.

I have been waiting for a reply from last night still there is no response.
I will ask a friend of mine to accompany me to my uncle’s wedding.

Article Rule 3

In conversation “The” will only use when listeners have information about the speaker’s topic.

Are you done with the sale report?
Was it a salsa night at the club yesterday?

Article Rule 4

When there is an uncounted noun in a sentence, “The” should be used always.

He dropped all the sugar on the ground.
He loves the chocolate her sister gifted on sibling’s day.

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Article Rule 5

When describing a group of places & not referring to any single place, “The” is used.

The United Kingdom
The united states of America

Article Rule 6

“The” is used before the things that are unique and uncommon.

The sun & stars lighten up my mood.

Article Rule 7

Always use the correct form of the article when forming a sentence, Correct form is article + adjective + Noun

The bungalow on the beach
An open kitchen is perfect for our new home

Article Rule 8

You should always use “A” before a constant word & “An” vowel sound. Sometimes there are alphabets that are silent in the word, in this case, go with the sound of the word and choose “A” or “An”

What an epic journey from Mumbai to goa!
I am planning to buy a big apartment.

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Article Rule 9 

Eliminate using articles in front of nationalities, names & languages

Hi I am Vijay, nice to meet you!
I learned Spanish in school

Article Rule 10

Do not use any articles when sentences are about a general idea elaborating a noun that is uncountable.

She likes swimming
My son is graduating from SRCC

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Practice Questions for Article Rules

  1. Vijay is _____ amazing athlete
  • The
  • An
  • A
  • No article

Answer – B

 2. _____ dog is a man’s best friend.

  • The
  • An
  • A
  • No article

Answer – C

3. My dad is ____ gynecologist.

  • The
  • An
  • A
  • No article

Answer – C

4. ____ desert was ____ amazing yesterday.

  • The, No article
  • A, an
  • A, the
  • No article

Answer – A

5. ____ curry was spicy

  • The
  • An
  • A
  • No article

Answer – A

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Do we use articles in real nouns?

No, we don’t use articles in real nouns.

How many variations are there in articles?

There are two types of articles
1. Definite article
2.Indefinite articles

Why is the not used in front of India?

India is a proper name & only referred to one country, the is used when referring to a group of places or countries.

Do we use articles in plural nouns?

No, articles are not used with the word that is a plural noun.

What are uncountable nouns?

Nouns that can’t be counted are known as mass nouns or uncounted nouns. For example – Music, love, happiness

Are article rules & prefixes the same?

No, they are both different things.

We hope this blog was helpful & now you know all the article rules. Article rules are not just useful in everyday life but also help to ace various competitive exams. Learn proper English with Leverage Live! If you wish to seek further guidance on your test preparation and your career, you can check out Leverage Edu today and schedule a free consultation session now. For more regular updates you can follow us on Instagram & Twitter

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