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CBSE introduced ASL (Assessment of Speaking & Learning) as one of the best activities to keep students engaged, a modern learning method that will enhance the skills they will require in the future. In the year 2012 CBSE initiated an ASL and is mandatory for students of classes 9 & 10. In ASL, students have to prepare a speech on the given topic for a specific duration. In this blog, we bring you the secret of happiness speech for ASL in English.

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What is Happiness?

Secret of Happiness Speech
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1-2 Minute Speech on Secret of Happiness

Good morning everyone. My name is Raadhika & today I am going to speak on the topic of ‘Secret of Happiness’.

How would you describe happiness? A box full of chocolates, pretty roses, puppies, or any materialistic or luxurious thing. These materialistic things can give a moment of joy but it won’t be your eternal happiness. We can never find happiness in someone else or in a thing. Happiness is a state of mind, it is an internal immense feeling. Being happy is important if you want to lead a healthy life, reduce stress & basically if we want to live, we should be happy. It promotes a good immune system, heart health and even increases our life expectancy.

One of the first & key ingredients towards achieving happiness is focusing on positive vibes. Life is not a cakewalk & has everyone has its ups & downs but one thing that will help you get through the day is by focusing on the positive things in your life and in your day. Here’s what you have to do, Start writing a happiness journal. Every night before sleeping writes any 2 -3 things that made you happy. This will help you to attract more positive vibes and also change your outlook towards your day. Another most essential thing all of us need to start doing is to focus on the present, we spend our time worrying about the future outcomes & plans that we waste our present in stress. We should adopt the “Live in the moment” theory into our lives. This will help you to appreciate the present moments & reduce the constant pressure of the future from our brains. I hope you will try to implement these little changes in your life. Thank you and Have a nice day ahead!

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5-Minute Speech on Secret of Happiness

Good morning everyone. My name is ____ and today I am going to present a speech on the secret of happiness. All of us have different aims in life some of us want to become a journalist, some want to become a pilot, doctor, or grow a family business but the common goal for everyone is to attain happiness in life.  The definition of happiness is different for every individual, some might find happiness in wealth, some in health, some in luxurious brands, or any materialistic product, all these things will only provide interim happiness & not for the long term. Materialistic things are not the secret of happiness, sometimes a person might have wealth & still not be happy & in a similar case, a middle-class man with limited financial resources is happier than a wealthy man.

So, what exactly is the mantra or secret of happiness? Happiness is not an external feeling it’s an internal feeling. It’s a beautiful mixture of satisfaction, joy and a positive mindset. Gandhi Ji quoted “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

If we start to embrace this quote by having a positive outlook towards life, have an optimistic approach towards our thoughts & start loving what we do are the ultimate three secrets of happiness. 

Covid – 19 has shaken the world & we have been encountering negative news ever since then. At times like these, it has become important that we start to find a little positive vibe. This will help to maintain our health & also the health of our loved ones. At work & school, people are so engaged to complete the present work & move forward to another that often forget to take a deep breath or spare time for themselves. Meditation can help to bring peace,  increase your endorphins, serotonin level & reduce negativity. 

Open your mind to creativity & spare time for your hobbies. If you love to dance, paint, work out or play any musical instrument try to spare at least 30 minutes from your day & do what you love. Another thing you can try that might help you to achieve happiness is by spending time gardening or with your pets. Plants & Pets have been proven scientifically to boost the feel-good chemicals in our bodies. 

Lastly, stop comparing yourself to others. The constant comparison makes us feel low & dig up our insecurities. Remember your competition is not with others but with yourself. Focus on bettering yourself, try to be a better version of yourself. 

Only if we are happy only then we would be able to share happiness with others. I hope you will have a more optimistic mindset from today. Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

The Secrets of Happiness in 60 Seconds

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Best Speech for ASL in English

This was all about the Secret of happiness speech. We hope you liked this blog & will help you in preparing your speech on the Secret of Happiness. For the latest updates around study blogs, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and also subscribe to our newsletter. Leverage Edu wishes you all the best for all your future endeavours.

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  1. Thanks very useful.
    Also good to consider that supprting the needy if we can; also contribute to happiness

    1. Hey,

      Yes, supporting the ones who actually need support gives us happiness. Thank your for your valuable feedback.

  1. Thanks very useful.
    Also good to consider that supprting the needy if we can; also contribute to happiness

    1. Hey,

      Yes, supporting the ones who actually need support gives us happiness. Thank your for your valuable feedback.

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