9+ Synonyms of Ephemeral, Meaning, Examples, Quizzes

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Synonyms of ephemeral include words like Transient, Fleeting, Momentary, etc. In this blog, we have discussed about 9+ synonyms of ephemeral with their meaning and much more! 

9+ Synonyms of Ephemeral

Here are some popular synonyms for “ephemeral”:

  • Transient
  • Fleeting
  • Momentary
  • Temporary
  • Evanescent
  • Fleeting
  • Short-lived
  • Brief
  • Impermanent
  • Short-term

Meaning of Ephemeral

“Ephemeral” refers to something that is short-lived, transient, or lasting for only a brief period of time. It describes things that are fleeting and temporary, often characterized by their fleeting nature. Ephemeral experiences, objects, or moments are here today and gone tomorrow, emphasizing the brevity and impermanence of their existence.

Synonyms of Ephemeral Usage With Examples

Following are the examples of synonyms of ephemeral:

  • Transitory: The beauty of the cherry blossoms is transitory, lasting only a few weeks each spring.
  • Fleeting: The joy she felt from the surprise party was fleeting; it disappeared as quickly as it had come.
  • Momentary: The momentary glimpse of the shooting star left us all in awe.
  • Temporary: His temporary job allowed him to save money for his future plans.
  • Evanescent: The evanescent rainbow appeared briefly after the rain but vanished as the sun emerged.
  • Short-lived: The short-lived popularity of the trend left many wondering what would come next.
  • Brief: Their conversation was brief but left a lasting impression on her.
  • Impermanent: The sandcastles they built on the beach were impermanent, washed away by the tide.
  • Short-term: They agreed to a short-term partnership to complete the project quickly.
  • Passing: The passing storm brought a refreshing breeze but was gone within minutes.

299+ Antonym Words You Should Explore!

Antonyms and Opposite Words of Ephemeral

Here are some antonyms and opposite words for “ephemeral” in various contexts:

  • Permanent
  • Enduring
  • Lasting
  • Everlasting
  • Stable
  • Persistent
  • Unchanging
  • Immutable
  • Timeless
  • Permanent

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Synonyms of Ephemeral Quiz

Question 1: Which word is a synonym for “ephemeral”?

A) Enduring B) Fleeting C) Permanent D) Timeless

Answer: B) Fleeting

Question 2: What is a synonym for “ephemeral”?

A) Lasting B) Transitory C) Unchanging D) Immutable

Answer: B) Transitory

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This was all about the synonyms of ephemeral meanings and examples. Hope you understood the concept and where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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