Antonyms of Victim, Meaning and Examples 

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Antonyms of Victim

The antonym of “victim” is winner, victor, gainer or harmer. To make an impression and get well-versed in vocabulary one should know at least a few antonyms of general words like “victim.”

“Victim” is a word that is regularly used in general day-to-day communication. We come across this word at least once a day. Not just this we also use its antonyms quite frequently.

Meaning of Improve 

“Victim” is a word that is used in everyday conversation. However, to make things simpler for you we will explain the meaning of this word in short.

The meaning of “victim” is a person who is harmed, injured or killed in any crime, accident or action. 

8+ Antonyms of Victim

Mentioned below are some words that can be used as antonyms to the word “victim”:

  • Winner 
  • Victor 
  • Gainer
  • Harmer 
  • Killer 
  • Murderer 
  • Injurer
  • Assassin
  • Torturer
  • Troublemaker 

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Usage with Examples 

The antonym of “victim” is used to describe a person who is a winner or attacker, who does something with the intent of personal gains. 

Given below are some examples of how the antonyms of “victim” can be used in a sentence:

  • The killer is roaming around freely. 
  • He is the winner and won the first prize. 
  • The assassin was beheaded this morning.

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Antonyms of Victim Quiz 

Pick the closest word that is the opposite of “victim”:

  • Loser 
  • Prey 
  • Attacker
  • Underdog

Ans: Attacker 

This was all about the antonym of “victim” meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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