Precis vs Summary: Differences and Similarities

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Before knowing about Precis vs Summary, first, you need to know that Precis and Summary are types of writing strategies that come in use to encapsulate everything from a long passage, into a condensed and shorter version. Writing a precis requires retaining the language and structure of the original passage, particularly keywords. In summary, one must paraphrase and use their own words and a few words from the original as possible.

In this article, we’ll study the differences and similarities between Precis vs Summary and their features.

What is Precis Writing?

Precis is a short piece of writing that focuses on the main facts and covers all the important aspects of a passage. It refers to the extraction of the main ideas and giving the absolutely essential information by using the overall structure of the original source. Precis is more analytical than a summary and it should contain the specific keywords and retain the original data of the passage in minimal words.

While writing a precis, the writer must cover the logical premise of the source text. In the construction of a precis, a suitable heading and a conclusion are mandatory. It should be concise and ensure that the main theme of the passage is still there. 

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What is Summary Writing?

A summary refers to a condensed overview of any passage or article. It is a brief overview in writing, in your own words, that highlights the key points of the passage. The purpose of a summary is to give a shortened representation of the text and convey the author’s main ideas. Note that it should not include one’s own interpretations. It is imperative to avoid plagiarism while writing a summary. Its purpose is to provide an accurate understanding of the writer’s ideas in your own words, omitting the long illustrations used to prove the points in the passage.

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Precis vs Summary – Similarities

  1. Both precis and summary provide the gist of a long descriptive piece of writing, to prove that you understand the author’s facts and ideas, well enough to restate it in your own words.
  1. Whether it’s a precis or summary, it should retain the basic logic and the main idea conveyed by the author. It should not include any assumptions or opinions regarding the passage. There can be a little alteration in wording but the passage should not lose its core meaning.

What is the Differences Between Precis and Summary?

It must contain an appropriate heading.Heading is not mandatory
It is a piece of writing that contains the structure and keywords of the original passage.It is a brief paraphrased description of the article.
It’s imperative that the order and structure should be maintained.There is no need for maintaining the order.
It contains the main or essential points.It covers all the important points.
The tone of the speech should be the same throughout.It is expressed in terms of the reader’s own words.
The main idea has to be extracted.The idea is already extracted in the shortest form possible.
It should end with a concluding paragraph.It is not necessarily important to end it with a conclusion.

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Hope this article will clear all your doubts regarding the comparison between Precis and Summary. Don’t forget that regular practice can help you hone your writing skills and ace your exams. Keep checking Leverage Edu for amazing content!

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