7+ Best Idioms for Surprise and Shock [with Meaning & Example]

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idioms for surprise

Looking for expressive idioms surprise regarding a particular situation or moment? You are at the right place! Having an expansive vocabulary to express yourself and also adding a flair to your English speaking skills is an art. Let’s explore some idioms to showcase your expression of surprise effortlessly. Find the useful phrases or idioms for surprise mentioned briefly below with meanings and suitable examples. 

1. Blow Someone’s Mind

The phrase is used to express astonishment or greatly surprise someone.

Example: The magician’s tricks blew everyone’s mind during the show.

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2. Knock Someone’s Socks Off

The idiom is used to amaze or impress someone to the point of astonishment.

Example: The new restaurant’s food quality and service knocked our socks off.

3. Take Someone Aback

To catch someone off guard or surprise them unexpectedly.

Example: The sudden resignation of the CEO took the entire company aback.

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4. Out of The Blue

Out of the blue phrase is used when something happens suddenly and unexpectedly.

Example: She received a job offer out of the blue from a company she hadn’t applied to.

5. Drop a Bombshell

Drop a bombshell means to reveal shocking or surprising news or information.

Example: The CEO dropped a bombshell during the meeting, announcing a major restructuring.

In the blink of an eye can be used when something happens very quickly or suddenly 

Example: The car accident happened in the blink of an eye, and nobody saw it coming.

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7. Rip the Rug Out from Under Someone

To suddenly surprise or shock someone by taking away support or stability.

Example: The company’s decision to close down the department ripped the rug out from under many employees.

8. Dumbfounded

The idiom means to leave someone speechless or unable to respond due to shock or surprise.

Example: The astonishing magic trick left the audience dumbfounded.

Remember, idioms are expressions that convey figurative meaning and are not meant to be taken literally. They add colour and vividness to our language, making it more expressive and fun to use.

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