The Midnight Visitor Class 10

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The Midnight Visitor Class 10

The Midnight Visitor is the third chapter in the NCERT Class 10 English syllabus of Footprints Without Feet. The story is written by Robert Arthur who is a famous American author known for his mystery and thriller novels. Here we bring the summary of Class 10 Midnight Visitor, important questions, key themes and revision notes to prepare for this chapter.

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The Midnight Visitor follows the story of an unusual detective named Ausable and his companion Fowler. The story is set in France and one of the two protagonists, Fowler is a young writer in the story who is following the detective Ausable in hopes of finding a good story but Ausable’s unusual appearance and mannerism leave Fowler disappointed. The fat, American spy is nothing like a secret agent Fowler had hoped to meet. Here are the key points for Class 10 Midnight Visitor summary:

  • At the beginning of the story, Ausable chuckles about how Fowler’s plans of writing a good story about espionage and spies have been destroyed because Ausable’s work was uneventful and not worth recounting.
  • The two enter Ausable’s apartment to collect an important report the agent is expecting, only to be confronted by an intruder named Max.
  • Max is another secret agent who threatens Ausable with his gun and demands the report that Ausable has.
  • Ausable, using his wit and intelligence, tricks the intruder into jumping out of the window and saves himself and his companion. This remarkable escape gives Fowler an interesting story to write about.

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Here’s an easy way to remember the summary of Class 10 Midnight Visitor:

Questions and Answers

Who was Ausable in Class 10 Midnight Visitor?

Ausable is a detective and the protagonist of Class 10 Midnight Visitor. He is smart, fat and intelligent and usually talks in an American accent. He is a secret spy and deals with cases related to espionage.

What is the theme of Midnight Visitor?

There are various themes in Midnight Visitor Class 10 such as the theme of how appearances deceive. Fowler’s idea of a spy is completely different from how Ausable turns out to be and the story also breaks the stereotypes around detectives as we expect them to look sharp, slim and tall while they can fat and sloppy while also smart and intelligent at the same time.

How is Ausable different from other secret agents? 

Ausable is very different from other secret agents according to Fowler. Unlike other secret agents, Ausable was fat, noticeable and had a thick American accent which made him stand out in Paris. Even though he had migrated from America to Paris some twenty years ago, his French and German skills were average and his American accent was very prominent. Ausable was also self-aware and he even tells Fowler that he understands that he feels disappointed after meeting him because his life was not like other secret agents’.

Who is Fowler and what is his first authentic thrill of the day?

Fowler was the young writer following Ausable, the secret agent in France for an exciting story. Initially, the writer feels cheated and disappointed by Ausable and his dull work but when the two enter Ausable’s apartment to collect a secret report, the evening gets exciting. To Fowler’s shock, Ausable is threatened by another secret agent called Max while Ausable keeps his cool and manipulates the intruder into jumping out of the window and saving their lives. His authentic thrill of the day was when Ausable calmly tricks the other agent into thinking the police had come to check on the agent but it was actually the waiter Ausable had called.

How did Max got in?

Max was the other secret agent who broke into Ausable’s small hotel room on the sixth floor by using a passkey. Max is defined as a slender man who is of average height and had fox-like features.

How does Ausable say he got in?

Ausable claimed that Max got in through the balcony which belonged to the next apartment. This was the second time according to Ausable that someone broke into his apartment using the balcony. Ausable complains that this time, he will demand the management to do something about this balcony.

How does Ausable manage to make Max believe that there is a balcony attached to his room? Look back at his detailed description of it. What makes it a convincing story?

Ausable was a clever and calm secret agent who mentions the balcony to Max from the start in order to convince him that the balcony did exist and could be an escape route from his apartment. When Ausable states that the police is outside because he knew someone would threaten him because of the secret report, Max panics and decides to hide out on the balcony to avoid the police. Ausable created an extremely convincing story by explaining in detail how the balcony was a nuisance to him, how it was attached to this room and the original structure of the two adjunct rooms and the common balcony. All these details successfully convince the reader as well as Fowler and Max that the balcony is real.

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