CBSE Class 9 English Syllabus

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Class 9 English Syllabus

“Language is the Infinite use of finite means” –Wilhelm von Humboldt. According to leading research, the number of English speakers in the world are near about 1.5 billion, making it the choicest means of communication among the masses. Ranging ancient texts from the oldest civilizations to the latest scientific developments, all the information is available in the English language only. Considering its importance in the contemporary world, it has become an inevitable part of Education Systems across the globe. Being school students, especially in class 9th, you get to learn various essential elements of the spoken & written English. CBSE has made English a compulsory subject till class 12th. Through this blog, we aim to present a critical analysis of class 9 English Syllabus issued by the CBSE for the academic year 2020-21. 

Class 9 English Syllabus 2021-22

SectionNameTotal Marks= 80Weightage
AReading Skills2025%
BWriting Skills & Grammar2025%

The Class 9 English Syllabus 2021-22 is divided into two sections, internal (20 marks) and written (80 marks). The written exam comprises three sections which are explained below. 

Class 9 English Reading Section Syllabus

2 Reading Passages with total length of 600-700 words
Total Marks: 20
Total Periods: 50

The first section of class 9 English Syllabus will offer students two reading passages as questions which will be of 20 marks in total. Following is the detailed description of the questions:  

  • A Discursive passage with 10 objectives type questions (including the MCQs) of the word count 400-450 words would be of 10*1 = 10 marks
  • A 200-250 words discursive passage with 10 out 12 questions should be answered. These passages will test the analysis, evaluation and inference. There will be 4 objective type questions comprising some of the multiple-choice questions aiming to test the vocabulary. (10*1= 10 marks)

Class 9 Writing & Grammar Syllabus

Class 9 English Writing Syllabus

Total Marks: 10

The writing section of Class 9 carries a total of 10 marks and here are the major questions under writing:

  • Write a descriptive paragraph within 100-120 words on a diary entry or any person with the visual or verbal information cues given. [1 out of 2 questions needs to be answered] (5 marks)
  • Write a story within 100-120 words based on the cues given. [1 out of 2 questions needs to be answered] (5 marks)

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Class 9 English Grammar Syllabus 2021-22

Total Marks: 10

For the revised grammar syllabus for Class 9 English, you have to answer 10 questions out of 12. Here are the major topics under the Class 9 English grammar syllabus 2021-22:

  • Tenses
  • Subject-verb concord
  • Modals
  • Statements
  • Reported speech
    • Commands and requests
    • Statements
    • Questions

Here are some Editing Exercises for you!

The above-mentioned grammar topics will be tested through the questions falling in the formats like: 

  • Filling the gap with one or two words (articles, conjunctions and tenses)
  • Omission or editing
  • Sentence reordering or sentence transformation in context

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Section C: Literature Textbooks

Total Marks: 40
2 extracts out of 4 [10 marks]

4 out of 6 short answer questions [20-30 words] [8 marks]
4 out of 6 long answer questions [40-50 words] [12 marks]
1 out of 2 long answer questions from Beehive [100-120 words] [5 marks]
1 out of 2 long answer questions from Moments [100-120 words] [5 marks]

For every question in this section, there will be an internal choice given to the students. The total marks of this section are 30 which are distributed amongst for questions. Below is detailed insight about each of the question:

  • There will be one out of the two extracts from poetry/prose/ play for the reference to context question. It will offer 5 MCQs of one mark each on the interpretation of the extract (5*1 + 5*1 = 10 marks)
  • From the textbooks Beehive and Moments, there will be 4 short answer type questions. Candidates are expected to attempt 2 questions out of 3 from Beehive and 2 questions out of 3 from Moments. Word limit each question is on an average 20-30 words. (2×4= 8 marks)
  • Further, there will be 4 short answer questions of 40-50 words; 4 questions need to be answered out of 6 [3 questions from Beehive and 3 questions from Moments] (12 marks)
  • To assess and evaluate the creativity of the students, they will have to opt for 1 out of 2 long answer type questions from the textbook Beehive. Word limit of the answer will be 100-120 words (5 marks)
  •  From the book Moments, students will be expected to answer 1 long question  out of the 2 in 100-150 words (5 marks)
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Best Books

Given below are some of the best books that can be considered to get a great score in class 9 English:

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Beehive For Class – 9 Click Here to Buy!
NCERT Moments English Supplementary Reader for Class 9 (English) Click Here to Buy!

Download the Complete Syllabus Here


  1. According to Margie, in an older time, the schools were

(a) Big
(b) Brown
(c) Funny
(d) Stupid

2. What does the Happy Prince ask the little swallow to take to the poor lady?

(a) an orange
(b) a sapphire
(C) a ruby
(d) a bag of coins

3. Who made a collection of money for the author?

(a) the students in the new high school
(b) the teachers in the old primary school
(c) neighbours
(d) social workers


Q3. A

Thus, we hope our blog on CBSE class 9 English syllabus has helped you understand the syllabus in detail. If you are confused in choosing the appropriate stream after class 10th, contact Leverage Edu and our experts here will help you select the most suitable stream so that you can kickstart your career in the right direction.  

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